My Share2Steem dApp Review with Twitter Tips

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I have been using @share2steem with twitter for over a month and getting good results. I have consistently used it 5-6 times a week and will continue with that schedule. Many of you have asking me about @share2steem and how I do what I do.

Here is a progress report, review, and what I know about share2steem so far.


Why I use share2steem

How I use share2steem

Setting up share2steem

Steps I take with each post


Do you run a community?

Detailed Instructions

Plans for the future

= =

Why I use share2steem

@share2steem is a dapp. I am using dapps for all my posts on steem now. The qualifications I need to have to use a dapp are:

  • accessible from my windows laptop
  • gives regular upvotes to my posts when I use them
  • I can figure out how to use it
  • I have posts that go along with the needs/terms/requirements of the dapp

share2steem hits all of those points for me.

How I use share2steem

I only use @share2steem with twitter. They also support

  • instagram
  • you tube
  • twitch
  • medium

So far I am only using share2steem for twitter since this is where most of my social media promotion for steem is happening these days.

I only use share2steem once a day, since that is how often they support with an upvote.


I also use esteem, busy, ulogs and tasteem. There are many more dapps that are great, but some are only for a phone (which I do not use) others do not give an upvote, others have not worked for my content. And there are many more that might be good, but I just have not tried them yet!

Setting up share2steem

  • Join their discord so you will have a place to ask questions.
  • Go to the “tutorials” section on discord and find many posts to help you get set up. This is the one I used for twitter.
  • Go to and join the curation trails if you want bigger upvotes – not required for regular upvotes.

Steps I take with each post

The basic steps are these:

  • Find a steem post by someone else that I want to promote on twitter. This post is going to end up on my blog on steem, so I consider the topic.
  • Make a comment on the post. Sometimes upvote. Sometimes tell them I will promote with share2 steem.
  • Create the tweet text
  • Tweet
  • Check the tweet on twitter (Out of over 70 share2steem tweets so far, I have had to delete 3 off of twitter for various reasons of technical failure)
  • Come to my blog on steem and edit the share2steem post that has appeared
  • Double check my edit
  • Done!

The simple steps above take me no more than 10 minutes after I find the post I want to tweet.


In essence:

I am creating what seems to be a resteem on my steem blog. Instead of resteeming, I am tweeting, and basically come to the same result.

I hear you. What! I just want to tweet something and have it come to my steem blog.

Yes. You can do this. But is that what you want on your steem blog?

When I do my method:

  • I am promoting another steemer's good steem post on twitter. It gets link clicks back to the other person’s post, and hopefully more votes and/or comments for them.
  • I get what looks like a resteem on my blog. I get good interaction and goodwill from the other person.

When you do your method:

  • What are your results?
  • Is this a good tweet from the twitter perspective?
  • Is the share2steem a good addition to your steem blog? Do you get good upvotes and interaction?

I really want to hear from you about how it is going for you if you are tweeting random tweets onto your steem blog.

I have searched the tag often and do not see much I would click into if I was not doing research for this post. Maybe 30% of the tweeted share2steems look good and the rest are just a mess of hashtags.

Note for those of you who run a community:

You can share2steem as I am doing once a day INSTEAD of resteeming someone's post. Don’t do both or you will have the post on your blog twice.

Detailed Instructions

What follows are many screen shots to show you step by step how I am using share2steem. As you look, realize this takes less than a minute. Creating this post took forever in comparison! Enjoy!

I already found I post I want to share. This is for my @fitinfunfood blog and is a wonderful entry to a contest if you would like to take a look. It ended up winning, so I feel fulfilled :)

You can see the actual post on my blog here.

You can see the actual tweet on twitter here

What you see in the first screenshot below is my text document before I enter the tweet. Note all my hashtags are at the bottom of the tweet - not in the text. This is my 29th share2steem tweet for fitinfunfood and who knows why I am tracking that.

share2steem tutorial tweet text 3.PNG

Note that there are 7 hashtags including steem and steemit at the end. Both steem and steemit need to be in the tweet to gain attention for us. Neither should be on my steem blog post because this tweet is about food, not steem.

My first tag is share2steem because I want to see it in thumbnail so I know when 24 hours have passed. I do not want to use the tag before 24 hours has passed, and I do not want to get too far past that time either. I'm trying to run a tight ship here :)

The brackets around the first line make this text the eventual title when it gets to my blog. I do NOT want to see a steem blog title like this:

fitinfun's twitter Feed : 2019/03/17 18:28:23 !!!

Seriously. Don't do that.

Here is the tweet text copied into twitter before I tweet it:

share2steem tutorial compose new tweet 3.PNG

And here is the tweet after I tweeted. Nice! Tweeps can click directly to the post I am promoting.

share2steem tutorial tweet on twitter 3.PNG

Here is how it looks on my steem blog feed before I fix it. Hash tags = BAD!

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem thumb.PNG

And here is how the post looks when I click into it. Ugly!

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem looks horrible 3a.PNG

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem looks horrible 3b.PNG

You are looking at two screenshots above so I can even show you the whole thing. So what is wrong with it?

  • This is a steem link, so not external. Even if it was external, I don't want to have it look like this.
  • the url is uncloaked. Yuck!
  • The photo is so far down, you cannot even see it above the fold.

Now below, I am editing the steem post:

First I strip out the hashtags and the break. The hashtags are already in the post like normal and the break is not needed.
share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3a.PNG
Next, get rid of:

"External Link :"

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3b.PNG

Now, add the two brackets and first parenthesis so I can get the title cloaking the url:

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3c.PNG

Cut the Title Text

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3d.PNG

Paste the title text into the brackets


"- Steemit"

since steem is not steemit, and we are already here in any case.

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3e.PNG

Add the second parenthesis to the end of the url.

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3f.PNG

Delete the text after the "center" closure. That is another break I do not need.

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3g.PNG

Add the four pound sign header so steemers will know to click to the post I am promoting. Before I did this step, people thought this was the whole post and that it was me talking.

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3h.PNG

Update, and check my post. Close, but no cigar this time. See the asterisks around the post title? Those are supposed to be making it bold, not showing on my post.

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3i.PNG

Back to the edit screen. I had to remove the lemon. I now know you cannot have any special characters once you start editing in steem.

share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3j.PNG

Check my post again. Now I like it.
share2steem tutorial tweet on steem editing 3L.PNG

Whew! It's hard the first time, but now I can do all this in about one minute. I do it twice a day now, once for each blog. Once I find a post to share it goes fast. I try to notice posts during the day that I might want to share. If I have one already, this proces goes even faster.

NOTE: After doing this tutorial, I decided to start cutting and pasting the first lines of the original post BELOW the photo. I think this is better, and the flow is more natural.

You can see how this new idea looks on my most recent share2steem post.

Plans for the future

I am full speed ahead. I really like share2steem. I am helping promote steem on twitter, helping another steemer, and getting a nice upvote. Win, win, win.

I hope you like this post and it is helpful. I am tagging some people who have asked for this information, have been on previous twitter tips posts, or who have generally talked to me about twitter strategies. Please let me know if you are not intereted in being tagged in future.


And here are two other dapps I have reviewed:

Both are highly recommended!

= =

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How and Why to use kryptonia

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Curation Trails

Using Discord

And here is an update on @fitinfunfood. I just started this blog in Jan 2019, so you can fid out what I am doing to grow my new baby here:
@fitinfunfood Update Post

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Hey @fitinfun great review. Will definitely have to check out share2steem on twitter. I have heard about peeps using it on Instagram. I might just try it on twitter! Thanks again

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Mentioned you in my post left the example tweet, need to refine my long a.. signature.... don’t like having to go back and edit so may make a generic title graphic

Alright title 👍
Tags 👍
Use instead of resteem 👍

Wish it was better formatted without edit, I would love to help them on this!

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Thank you very much, @d00k13. I know you will get this to how you like it, and @share2steem has seen this and told me they will look into the issues I brought up. They are really good with support, in my experience. You should talk to them in discord.

I may do that, more control would definitely relate to more use in my case.

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Thank you so much, @davidke20. Your support means the world to me :)

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That's really informative to beginners how to use share2steem Dapps.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you very much! My first tries were very sub-par lol.

Thanks for the shout out and valuable information... I will look into this program later today... Have a Happy and Blessed Day Sister @fitinfun

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you very much @jeronimorubio. I'm glad you like it. I know you are one who can make use of this for sure.

A Happy and Blessed Day to you too, my friend.

Good strategy
I sometimes wonder if this will become spam... just sharing someone else's content and then being rewarded for it...
This is a good way of putting in your time into sharing :)

Thank you, @kaerpediem. I like my method (pats back) lol.

Check trending for this tag. Very interesting!

Ok, will check the trending :)

This is really useful!
Thanks @fitinfun 👍

Posted using Partiko Android

You're welcome @jeanlucsr! I'm still learning this dapp. There may be a part two later lol.

Well give me a time to digest part 1 first 😂

Posted using Partiko Android

Haha! This took only a week or so to get it together. You are safe as I go do other things! This post is a load off my mind!!!

I am using it from Instagram on a regular basis but should try from Twitter as well...

I have an unused insty. Give me strength!

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