You Don't Have to Like Someone to Respect Him...

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Asif Rangoonwala is a successful British Pakistani who has earned massive success and made quite a lot of wealth with his dedication and hard work. In a podcast on Connect.Inspire.Grow which is an amazing, new podcast channel, he said something that stayed with me for good and that made me a realize a very important thing. That's what he said,

'You don't have to like someone to respect him.'

When I heard this, I was like 'Man, this guy is so intelligent.' Often in life, we disrespect people, are rude to them and don't take their viewpoints into consideration. Why? Not because they are wrong or don't say the right things; but because we don't like them. This is quite a huge dilemma in the society and not just one, but sadly across the globe. If we don't like someone, we make it a point to say it to their face and let them know of our disapproval of them. We make certain to proclaim that how mean those people are to us and that we would openly disagree with them on everything. What we forget that time and every other time is that we don't need to like someone to give him/ her some respect. So what if we are at disagreement with someone, or if we are in conflict with another person, or if they have done something mean to us in the past. Yes, we have the right not to like them, but still I feel we need not be mean to them for no reason.


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If you don't like someone, it is best to distance yourself from that person. When you don't see him/ her often, you won't get the urge to spew your venom on them. However, if you do see him/ her, just be courteous enough to change your direction without blurting out anything rude. This is quite easily doable. I do that all the time with so many people I don't like one bit, but I know it is my duty to respect them.

Respect is something that is often not perceived the right way too. We think to respect someone, we have to shower all our love on that person. Respect is just about not being blunt, rude or mean to someone and to respect their viewpoint. You don't necessarily have to hug or kiss someone to show them some respect. Just be decent enough not to express your resentment out in the open and that is enough. If we start doing that just that, honestly I feel a lot of the world's problems and misconceptions would be cleared. What do you think about this one?

Also, if you are interested in listening to the full podcast, download it from here.

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That is very true! Showing respect to ppl you dont like shows a lot about you. Good job @sharoonysir! :)

This is very true, this post reminds me of someone I worked with, he's so good at what he does but due to our somewhat similar personalities, we clashed a lot.
He taught me everything he could in that industry and till this day my respect for him has grown
It's all about giving respect where it's due, your emotions aside.

Found your blog last night, interesting topics @sharoonysir.

I am so glad so many people agree with what I wrote. I have had similar encounters in life too. Thank you so much for stopping by. :)

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