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Life is as easy or difficult as you want it to be. This is something I truly believe in. That said, there do come certain instances and turning points in one's life where you just don't know what to do, when nothing makes you happy, when nothing seems to head in the right direction and when no matter how much you try to simplify things, they keep on twisting and become more complicated.

You aren't the only one involved in your life, are you? There are lots of people you meet, interact with, build relations with and choose to live with. All those people and the different interactions, experiences and episodes you have with them and the different experiences you have solo shape your life and you cannot always control all of that. Because of that lack of control, you do feel frustrated, helpless, hopeless and lost in life, and you know what, that's okay. That's okay love, it really is. Feeling dismayed and even a sour loser sometimes is fine. It is a part of life. You do go through good times and bad ones, and it isn't always in control.

However, you are in your control. No matter how much you deny, your thoughts and actions are in your control. Sometimes, you have to take a bold move, but that too is in your control. However, trying times do make you think that even you have lost control over yourself. Yes, sometimes, the situation gets so tough that you start to doubt your own self and don't think you can stop yourself from hating on someone, wishing bad for someone or doing something haring to yourself. In all those times, breathe and that too, very deeply.

I have believed in the power of deep breath, mindfulness and meditation since quite some time, but it is only the tough times that reaffirm my faith in this power. It is when I actually take deep breaths, feel my breath for real and use it to hang myself on to the moment that I understand how powerful my breath is. No doubt, Allah (God) has given us a lot of power and that just isn't in our mind, but also in our breath. For when I breathe deeply, I feel better. The chaos in my mind calms down a wee bit and even with that little calm inside me, I think a little clearly. When I think clearly, I am able to look at the different angles of an issue and that gives me better perspective of things. That helps me find a way out of the problem I am in or find some hope that makes me think that even though hell has broken loose right now, things will be better one day and that one day isn't too far away if I keep trying...

I am doing deep breathing exercises a lot these days and that is one of the things that is keeping me sane. When I take a deep breath in and exhale, I let out a lot of my frustration and inhale peace. I am not just writing it. I feel it. I believe it and I have faith in it.

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So if you are going through a hard time or just stressed out generally, try taking a few deep breaths and you'll surely feel better. What do you think?

Love and light,


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Great perspective @sharoonyasir! We are so easily influenced by the trivial moments of each day, and the not-so-trivial people around us. So important to take the bad moments in stride and keep a level head when we're on the upswing as well!

Thanks a bunch for taking a moment to write on this important topic when too many people voice themselves based off of knee-jerk emotions and reactions. Gotta take that moment to breathe, indeed! Great stuff!

I love your comment because you said the same things I did in a much cooler manner and gave me new ideas to write on too. Loved this:

So important to take the bad moments in stride and keep a level head when we're on the upswing as well!

So cool!

I really like your philosophy. It is so true that we beat ourselves up about things that we sometimes have no control over. We worry unnecessarily and that often leads to ill health.
I agree with you in that when we take the time to breathe, reflect and focus it can certainly put perspective into our lives and help us cope with difficult situations with strength, allowing us to make better decisions.

Yes you described it beautifully. Deep breathing gives me a chance to reflect and calms my racing mind. Thank you so much for the meaningful comment. :)

thanks for this @sharoonyasir :)

i totally agree with this and with your philosophy. also, i am using the breathing exercise everytime i'm stress or can't think properly because of the chaotic environment.

You are welcome and I'm happy you found this useful. Thanks for being here :)

you're most welcome. :)

im feeling you dear sharoon!!! <3

Thank you @eco-alex. Coming here and showing support- that's so kind of you and makes me feel so much better.

life is dynamic and it always change from good to bad and from bad to good, but actually we could do something to turn bad into good. the key is accept it and look at positive side of any thing. it does work for me

wish you all the best @sharoonyasir

Good advice! Thanks for stopping by. :)

You are most welcome @sharoonyasir

Wow. I love your philosophies. There is always a lesson and a new insight. Kudos.

How nice and kind of you to say that. They all come from routine life experiences. Thanks a lot. :)

No matter how much you deny, your thoughts and actions are in your control

This is something a lot of people forget dear. Thank you for sharing.

Yes, even I forget that as well when I let my mind slip into negative thinking and rehashing the past so this piece was a good reality check for me too. Thanks for stopping by :)

Really thought provoking article @sharoonyasir. The idea of control that you explore is an interesting one. I think that it can be a tough question when considered in the context of mental health disorders. Definitely for the most part, with most people they are in control of their actions/thoughts even if they deny it, but in the case of people with mental health issues I think the lines blur a little. It depends how bad they are and what psychosis/condition they suffer.

I have believed in the power of deep breath, mindfulness and meditation since quite some time, but it is only the tough times that reaffirm my faith in this power.

I really like what you say here about meditation, and in fact, I think this is one of the best ways to settle emotion down and find a place of understanding where emotions don't rule the roost but we rule our emotions.

Great article. Anything that gets me philosophizing bets the big thumbs up from me :-)

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I think this can be helpful a good deal of the time, but also sometimes problems are bigger.

Yeah you are completely right. Sometimes, the problems are really huge and deep breathing alone cannot help you fix them, but deep breathing does help you calm down a bit so you can then find more appropriate ways of dealing with the issue. And you already know of all this cos you're an expert in the field. Happy to see you hear. Missing your poetry so heading to your blog now :-*

I'm a firm believer that the trying times end up teaching better lessons than the easy times. But we do need a way to weather the storms. Meditation and breathing is an age old proven method of finding a center. I also enjoy music to aid in the return of a stable breathing pattern. :)

Yes music is helpful too and you are completely right. For me, deep breathing and chanting helps a lot. Chanting soothes me and deep breathing clears my head and I gotta give a shout out to @eco-alex for encouraging the @ecotrain members to start chanting.

A good breathing exercise can clear away most of the problems for you. Problems are all in the mind stored up from life experiences cluttering our mind and creating blocks for anything new to seep in. Hence a good breathing and meditation practice allows to clear this clutter.
Wonderfully written post Sharoon

Yes you are absolutely right and you already implement all of this so you know it well. Miss you. Thanks for the support <3

Seems like the harder things get, the simpler the solutions are.

Oh yes sometimes the solution is right there but we don't see it cos we don't wanna see it.

sometimes it's so hard to take that first step.

Breathing is like a key to understanding ones self and comprehend the powers we have, the will and the mind!

Thanks for sharing! With breath we're connected!

So beautifully said @spellmaker. Thank you :)

Yeap, sometimes we forget the positive feeling of just holding still and taking in deep breaths. Not only does it grounds ourselves, but it also removes emotions from our mental state so we can think better.

Thanks for the reminder, @sharoonyasir.

Yeah absolutely!

We are not our emotions, feelings or thoughts because we can make or break them. Anytime we feel frustrated or hopeless and we dwell on it, we breed the wrong feelings,emotions and thoughts. But whenever we put in effort to get over our frustrations and hopelessness, we break them.
And one of the ways we can break them is taking a deep breathe.

I love this deep breathe therapy!
Thanks for sharing this!

Oh I really need to remember this, it is so simple but sometimes I let things escalate, trying to catch myself before hand and take a breathe. So many of us today don't even take deep enough breathe's, it crazy how many don't breathe probably and just take it for granted. Thank you beautiful for sharing your wisdom xxx

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