Functioning on a Wounded Heart and Soul...

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He asked me if I was okay...

Picking up the pieces of my soul..

Seweing my heart together..

I said, Yes I am..

But when I asked myself if I was alright..

All I could hear were cries..

Tears never stopped trickling down..

And pain never stopped stabbing my heart...

With a heavy heart and soul, I just kept moving on..

I wanted to stop, lie down, cry and let the world know of my open wounds..

But sometimes darling, I said to myself, 'You have to function on a wounded heart and soul..

Sometimes darling, I said to myself, You have to endure the pain for a little more time..

Sometimes darling, I said to myself, You have to give just another chance to someone..

Because life my darling isn't a bed of roses...

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Been thinking about different types of pain and troubles for a while and this poem came to me. I hope you enjoy it. Lemme know your thoughts on this.

Love and light,


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Your poetry is just like you, awesome and beautiful!

And your words are just like you- wise and kind. :)

Such beautiful and powerful words hon. You are such an incredibly strong soul. Don't ever forget that! XOXOXOXOXO

I love you and respect you so so much. Thank you for everything!


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