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I am quite an emotional person and an expressive one too. However, for a long time I did not really know what it was to own up to your emotions or why was it really important to do that. But since the time I started working on different books related to self-acceptance and self-love as a ghost writer, my knowledge and understanding of your emotions and why you must own them has improved. This has really improved the way I think and feel about things and how I react and respond to different situations. In fact, now that I have started embracing and owning up to my emotions, I don't react to them instead I let them settle in and respond to them.

This week when I saw the @ecotrain's question of the week (qotw) on what it means to own your emotions, I couldn't have been happier. It was something I have been thinking a lot about and since I have been quite absent from Steemit lately, I thought the question was a great one to do a post on. Here is my take on it.

I remember as a child my siblings and I were often told not to cry much and if we did cry, we were told to wipe off the tears and if anybody felt angry or frustrated, they were told to calm down, but never guided on how to do that properly. Like my mother would tell me to stop sulking and smile, but even when I did that instantly, it never really helped me but at that time, I didn't know how to do that myself so I just did what she said. However, as I grew older I realized that there was a lot of built up tension and frustration inside me, but I didn't quite get the reason behind that. It was only when I started working for a certain client of mine and did several e-books for him on self-acceptance, self-love and embracing your emotions that I realized and understood the root cause of it. It was that way because I had never learned how to own up to my emotions and embrace them.

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Owning up to your emotions to me means to understand what you are going through, the feelings you are experiencing and then to accept them instead of disowning them. Like when we quickly try to cover up our frustration or guilt with a smile and do not address that emotion, we disregard and disown it. For me, it was always the emotion of jealousy and envy that I disowned a lot. I never really accepted that jealousy affected me a lot or even when I did accept that I used to be jealous of my siblings, I used to feel bad about it. I never owned my jealousy and that's why it kept getting bigger with time. However, when I made a move to accept, acknowledge and own up to my jealousy, I slowly got the courage to work on it positively as well. So when someone told me that I was a jealous person, instead of saying no, I accepted it openly and then the other person would tell me it is not a good emotion to nurture so I shouldn't proudly accept my problem as they called it and I would politely answer them that jealousy may turn into something negative if you let it grow bigger but it isn't a bad emotion. It is just an emotion and I am happy I own up to it because most people don't and that's what makes their jealousy grow bigger.

Owning up to your emotions is about embracing the emotion genuinely and completely so if a certain emotion strikes you, you do not shun it away or do not feel unhappy about it. Rather, you let it settle in and experience it in the moment. So if you are sad, you allow the sadness to take its time inside you instead of trying to push it out. Honestly, if you do not react to an emotion or do not hold on to it by thinking on it for too long, it does pass away quickly and that helps you respond to it the right way too. Embracing your pain, happiness, guilt, envy and every emotion that you experience is what helps you experience each emotion fully because honestly, now I feel every emotion has a beauty of its own. I did not think sadness was beautiful till the time I started accepting and owning up to it. Now I do that and I don't stay sad for too long and I also find it special.

So for me, owning up to your emotions is all about accepting the different emotions you experience and feel and not being upset about them. They are your emotions and a part of you so it is only right you own up to them. What do you think?

Love and light,


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I think we wrote very similar posts, to me it is all about accepting, honouring and embracing. That all has to begin with loving yourself and the rest can follow xxx nice to see you back on here lovely xx

Yes I completely agree with you. It is always good to be here. Miss you.

Great response dear.

This I feel is such a crux!

Like when we quickly try to cover up our frustration or guilt with a smile and do not address that emotion, we disregard and disown it.

Definitely this passing over doesn’t do us any favors in the long term- you’re right it just grows bigger. Thanks for sharing your incredible insight 😘

I love you! I have been so depressed lately, but writing this post and then seeing such great responses has definitely made me feel better.

In the Asian culture, especially for boys, they are always prohibited from crying, at least publicly. The usual sayings are like "Oh, real boys don't cry", or "man up". Over time, these boys tend to think that showing emotions is a sign of weakness, and suppress/deny their feelings. While it's good to stay objective and not let emotions jeopardize the results, self reflection and well being dictates that we should always at least be aware of the emotions (not being in denial of it), acknowledge it, and work on it. A life of quiet desperation is indeed a sad life.

Yes I agree with every thing that you wrote. Boys in Pakistan are told not to cry too and that often makes them feel suffocated later on in life.

Yup over the years i learnt that, acknowledging our emotions is the starting point of our journey in soul healing and restoration. Great post @sharoonyasir! :)

Absolutely. Thanks for your lovely insight. Means so much. :)

Nice to read Sharoon. I like that you do not feel ashamed of your jealousy and that you feel for as long as it lasts your grieve is special. Thanks for sharing!

Where have you been hiding? I hope things are going well for you and I see you back here soon.

Oh I have missed you and everyone on Steemit so so much. Writing a post on where I was hiding and why I was hiding. Love and respect for you.<3

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