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Upvotes of the Week is a weekly curation post - presenting Sndbox fellow content and highlighting creative / impactful work by the greater Steemit community. (Part of the SBD earned from this post will be split among the authors highlighted in this post.)


This technology will change everything! A look into Magic Leap

@design-guy: If you haven’t been paying attention to tech news or investor news for the past year plus, this will be an exciting development for you. If you have, you’re well aware of the powerful new technology that will very soon be available to us as consumers, customers and also to designers and developers. The technology I’m talking about is currently being developed by a company called Magic Leap. The company name stems from the concept of creating the leap from reality into virtual reality, augmented reality and a term coined by the founder of the company called mixed reality.

어둠에 끌리는 여자 A woman drawn to the darkness

@tata1: Do you feel the disadvantages of people?
It's a habit of being attracted to the dark.
You feel the darkness of others -
Is it light or dark?

The wrong forecast of analysts and the new societies growing around us

@paolobeneforti: What is going to happen in the crypto-world in the next months? No one can tell you.
During 2017, the best analysts around the world lost their faces trying to forecast the development of crypto prices.

Getting Back at Le Corbusier : Spray-painting the Villa Savoye

@erb: In 2009, I participated in an architecture studio lead by starchitect Daniel Libeskind. The concept of the studio was daunting for a third-year architecture student like myself: to sum up all architecture in the creation of a book-object, and inspire my entire future career in the process...Almost immediately after being assigned the task of creating the "sum of all architecture," I knew my book-object would be an exploration of Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier. For the entire duration of my studies at Cornell's architecture program, my professors had been pushing the importance of this building, and I felt it was time to express my opinion about it.

Daily Food Photography - 5th January

@howtostartablog: What's up guys. Today's judging was much harder considering the number of entries and some fresh faces. As i couldn't pick all i decided to just vote on some of the entries and it may well be better than the prize!

[Illustration,Happy Steem Year!]스팀 가즈아!

@soyo: Illustration of steem's historical price rise.
It paraded the old school animation 'Heavy Metal' (1981).

Winter Wonderland (Part 2)

@osm0sis: Walk with me through rural Burgundy to discover my Winter Wonderland. Most often photographed in the warm Summer months, this part of France will surprise you with its frosty vineyard landscapes and quaint villages which seem frozen in time.

Public Projection on Le Corbusier's Building Facade / 르코르뷔지에 건물, 공공 프로젝션

@mintvilla: Well here we are again friends - the beginning of a new year! The first and fresh week when we share our motivations and goals to achieve for the year. As for keeping up with my postings, I am going to continue writing about public projects in the architectural realm to establish an archive.

Mga Bagay na Maiging Gawin para Umasenso sa Steemit

@themanualbot: This post talks about the importance of having followers and being a follower. It also gives some tips on how to get more followers in steemit and the benefits you can get when following someone with so much influence in the platform. It is written in native language, Filipino for more diversity of language used in steemit.


Guide On Converting SBD to Steem and Power Up

@aaronleang: Simple guide for new comers who not really sure what to do, how to do it and why do you it with your STEEM DOLLARS, STEEM and STEEM POWER.

Three Questions I Ask Myself Before Posting On Steemit

@jaff8: Steemit is a bondless social network, so it is easy to find thoughts of individuals here. This is both good and bad, because it would be unwise to post what one would regret posting later. Despite anything can be posted on the blockchain, one should think carefully before posting and limit oneself. There has been several complaints on Steemit about some individuals raping the rewards pool, but with deep thoughts before posting such situations can be avoided.

Nihilistic Camp: A Trumpist Memeplex for the Naughty (Accelerate or Loop? No. 5)

@spectrums: At this point in the series, I hope it’s increasingly clear that I am writing towards a unified theory of information for the left on the (Steem) blockchain...This sort of identity politics at play is a genre of fascist laughter that one might call nihilistic camp. Nihilistic camp deserves an independent, essay-length treatment, but here it will be my shorthand for an exemplary mode of the chaos being wrought by alt-right memetics on the body politic.

Lesson planning and writing on steemit: Tips and tricks

@alvinauh: This post draws a comparison between writing on Steemit and lesson planning. This post also writes of different tips and tricks that can be applied in writing on Steemit as well as lesson planning. Examples are given on Steemit posts that use similar methods found in the tips and tricks provided.

Highly Practical Information Science – How to Effectively Search Using Search Engines

@fingersik: Welcome to the sidechain of my Information science series. Whereas the original chain is rather theoretical and its main aim is spread the overall awareness about Information science and aspects it’s trying to deal with, the sidechain will only contain highly practical skills learned through the Information science itself. In the first sidechain’s article I’ll try to explain how to effectively search through search engines such as Google (for I bet that most of us are not scientists that would want to search through scientific databases).

Amazing world of insects / Dung beetles; Protectors of the ecosystem

@myego13: In this post of our insects series, I want to introduce you the hidden heroes of the ecosystem closely. Even their duty is a dirty thing for most of us, even they aren't doing this for the sake of our or the natures wellness, they are helping all the living in a way that is way more than their bodies can take. Yes, our heroes are Dung beetles...

Virtual Reality – Future or Fad? Developer insight

crypto3d: I remember watching numerous TEDx videos describing how VR will change the world, how it will affect our lives and the ways we express ourselves. Everyone thought it had so much potential in industries varying from architecture and gaming to even therapy and psychology. Most of those videos are over 2 years old now, yet to most people (non-gamers) VR hasn’t really changed all that much. Why?

Does social media make our life unsocial?

@kenan1989: I wrote about how social media effect our life. we all know that the internet controls everything we do. I tried to explain disadvantages of social media and advantages of social media.

4 Reasons To Avoid Steemit Drama

@jrswab: In my short time in the Steemit community I've seen a few big 'whale wars' and drama around certain topics. We are not going to talk about any of them in this post. Instead, we will be looking at how taking part in the drama affects us and our blog.

Freedom Comes with Responsibilities

@GuyFawkes4-20: Freedom seems like this shiny thing at the end of the tunnel that everybody talks about, and everybody wants to taste it, but most of the people have no idea what it is. Freedom, as any other thing in life, comes with a price, comes at the expense of something else.


2017년 Bree가 블로그에 올렸던 영어강좌 및 독후감 정리 (feat.2018년 블로그 로드맵)

@bree1042: It has been 6 months since I've joined Steemit. In this post, I'll show you what I've written last year, and also map out what I'd like to write this year. To set goals makes it easy to achieve. I really wish to contribute to Steemit community with valuable and quality contents and at the same time to achieve my personal goals. Bring it on, 2018!

CURAZAO /// Live Spanish Curation N. 13 – All SBD’s earned in this Post to Share – Todos los SBD’s de este Post son para compartir contigo

@leotrap: Supporting Live Streaming Curation for the Hispanic Community - All SBD earned with this post, will de shared to great users that deserves recognition via Streming at DLive on January 13th.

Musicians On The Blockchain' Series : #5 | Step By Step Guide | Open Your Musicoin Account & Upload Your First Song & Extra Tips

@djlethalskillz: Musicians on the Blockchain Series Guide #5

Steemit and English Education

@teachblogger: Steemit brings lots of good things to our lives. While teaching English, I use this great platform as a source of motivation. Steemit really touches our lives deeply.

☕World’s Largest Starbucks Opened in Shanghai // 全球最大的星巴克门市在上海开幕

@abroadlife: Who says Chinese people don’t like to wait in line?
On December 6th, 2017, the world’s largest Starbucks (over 30,000 square feet) opened in a gigantic building across the street from the Nanjing West Road subway station. Even a month later in 2018, Chinese people are willing to stand in long lines in order to experience these large-scale stores they call “Starbucks Reserve Roasteries” (this is the second after the one that opened in Seattle earlier this year). According to the security guards who manage the queue, the average customer spends about $45 there in one sitting.

World Music Pioneer -- Yusef Lateef's Eastern Sounds

@roused: Think back to a time more than fifty years ago, to the days portrayed on the TV series Mad Men. In 1961, John Kennedy and Billboard's Easy Listening Chart were inaugurated, a freedom riders bus was fire-bombed in Alabama, Rock Hudson was on the big screen, and Doris Day was selling albums.
At this same time, saxophonists Yusef Lateef and John Coltrane were pioneering an approach to music that transcended convention, cultures, borders and labels; concomitantly, Robert E. Brown, a young professor of ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University, coined the term "world music."

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Resume articles that are all interesting. However, I give more attention to the @GuyFawkes4 posting about the freedom to attend to the responsibilities of Steemit, amidst the multitudes of people who just want to enjoy freedom and forget responsibility: I hope that article makes us redeem the meaning of freedom in Steemit.

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A rich collection of useful information. I particularly like the write ups on effect of social media, war in Steemit circles, and other topics under ideas and History. This is practically a good library for a researcher. Thanks.

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