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Let me introduce myself before we get started. Folks call me Lucky, here on Steemit and in my life outside of the platform, which is a nickname I earned for several reasons. I am a fellow Steemian who has worked tirelessly day in and day out to educate my community and fellow members, in hopes of promoting growth on this amazing social media outlet. During my time here on Steemit, I have seen the ups and downs of being a smaller member, or a "minnow" as we are labelled. Honestly, the lack of exposure and overall results from being a minnow on here nearly swayed me into ceasing to use the Steemit platform. I thought I was basically wasting my time and talent, dedicating it to something that would never appreciate it.

I was completely wrong to say the least. Because of the compassion some other members displayed, I have been able to significantly increase my exposure and rewards for producing quality content on Steemit. This random act of compassion not only rekindled the ambitious fire burning within me, it showed me first hand the proverbial "light". By observing their example with me, I witnessed first hand how we all can be successful on Steemit by working together as a community. It starts with you, the creator of amazing content on Steemit. It involves us, the more established members of the Steemit community who provide insight, wisdom and help to newer members. With all of us working together as a unit, we can significantly increase the publicity of worthy content and promote limitless growth within the Steemit community.

So what am I getting at? Keep reading.....



Yea, you read that right. It's not a typo or a scam, it's a legit opportunity for seven of my fellow community members to get your shine on. If you are the producer of quality content here on Steemit, then you absolutely need to enter into this contest event that I am hosting, This is a life changing opportunity that can give you the exposure and respect you deserve! You no longer have to be stuck in the "minnow mentality". We can break the cycle together!


See, lately I've come to realize just how blessed I am, not in terms of on Steemit, but really in my life in general. From having amazing friends and companions on this platform, to making relatively good profits trading crypto, I've recognized that I am truly a blessed human being. I am also a philanthropist and humanitarian, which drives me to always look for ways to give back to people who are deserving, hence my articles, if you've read any of them. In recognition of my blessings and in complete gratitude for how someone reached out to me, I decided to give to the Steemit community in hopes of seeing others grow with my help. If not for the fact @markkennard , @davemccoy and @cryptkeeper17 had shown compassion to my situation as a minnow and expressed appreciation of my content, I would not have broken the new ground I have today. I am where I am right now because complete strangers hopped in the trenches with me to help pull me out to stable ground. I am now returning the favor and giving back to my fellow Steemians!



The reasons to join in are honestly self explanatory, but I'll give a solid run down on this for all of you that are reading. If you are serious about increasing your exposure, your content quality and interested in generally building your Steemit account as well as the community around you, then this contest is perfect! If you are stuck in the "minnow mentality", take the time to join in, it could change your life for the better, forever!

Reason One - Sponsorship

First, you have the opportunity to win a sponsored membership to @steembasicincome. In case you do not know what Steem Basic Income is, take the time click on their name above and check out their profile here on Steemit. They offer a revolutionary way for new users with high quality content to get the exposure and upvotes needed to create a standard, regular income on Steemit that will continue to grow over time as the community does. This in itself is reason enough to join in on this amazing contest opportunity.

Reason Two - Great Prizes

Second, not only are you able to win a sponsorship worth 1 STEEM, you are entered in a "Grand Finale" contest IF you make the cut and are selected as one of the seven daily winners. From the seven daily winners chosen, one lucky Steemian will be randomly selected to win at least 50 SP in delegated power to their account, significantly boosting their progress on Steemit! This prize itself is worth over 2 STEEM and when it's all said and done with, will change one lucky Steemian's journey on the platform forever.

Reason Three - Exposure

Third, you can expect to receive a decent boost in post exposure at the very least. Simply by entering into this contest, you have the ability to showcase your best work to many others within the Steemit community. IF you win, then you can expect to receive a significant boost in exposure within the community, giving you the ability to grow tremendously. As a starving artist stuck in the "minnow mentality", this was the most important benefit for myself when things picked up. Any minnow looking to grow should utilize this aspect for their own personal journey on Steemit

Reason Four - Growth

Fourth, anyone entering this contest can expect to grow their account, following and quite frankly their confidence. Minimal growth will be acquired simply from entering, however, winning will provide you a significant boost in your account. You can expect to reach new heights you had never imagined possible if you provide quality content, work hard and stay true to the Steemit community! Remember, how quickly you grow, is not limited by obstacles in your way. The only obstacle stopping you from accomplishing your goals is the excuse you give yourself everyday to convince yourself that you cannot do something. Truth is, the power lies within yourself and the sky is the limit!

Reason Five - Camaraderie

Last but not least, the camaraderie one will experience from joining us in building the Steemit community is something you have never felt. There are a great deal of like minded, talented and compassionate members out here looking for a new addition to their circle every single day. You will meet amazing people, you will have an encounter with at least one Steemit Angel and you will personally see for yourself what a sense of community really is. This aspect changed my life for the better as it will yours!



This contest was designed to reward up and coming Steemians for their hard work, research and commitment to the Steemit platform. By providing quality content, you become an essential piece of the greater Steemit puzzle. Be mindful that this is a true curation contest, so make sure you have a quality piece to enter in order to possibly win. Every day for the next seven days I will personally select one entry that I believe is a truly deserving post, awarding the winner and welcoming them to some of the programs we utilize to help deserving members grow. Each contestant is required to comment on this post to enter. In this comment be sure to include a brief introduction of who you are, how long you have been on Steemit and most importantly the link to your article that you are entering into this contest event. Along with this, there are other guidelines and rules to follow, but beyond a doubt this is the most important one of them all!

*I'm going to go ahead and say this now before you read continue to read on. **YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL OF THE REQUIRED STEPS FOR YOUR ENTRY TO BE CONSIDERED VALID! *Please take the time to completely read the registration rules and guidelines before you hastily join in. I know it is exciting, I know you cannot wait to get engaged in this, but you must understand there is a method to my madness here. I want everyone to have a fair shot at this, so obey all of the rules!


RESTEEM this post to your feed. Share it with other deserving Steemians.


UPVOTE this post to bring awareness of this contest and provide for next week's event.


COMMENT your brief intro and the link to your best article on Steemit.


FOLLOW me @terminallyill and the community @steembasicincome


UPVOTE at least one other contestant's entry to show compassion and support.


SHARE this opportunity with other members. Spread the word to everyone you can!


RESTEEM one other contestant's entry. This goes a long way and can earn you one additional entry per day. So, you can go from one valid entry, to two of them per day, really extending your reach and ability to be noticed! Not to mention, it doubles your chance of being selected as a winner


So there it is my friends. The very first Lucky 7 Lotto. A curation contest of the people and for the people....

This contest becomes live as of 6:00 PM EST on 2/23/2018. Daily contest winners will be announced around 6:00 PM EST beginning tomorrow, 2/24/2018. The "Grand Finale" winner will be drawn randomly from a pool of daily winners and announced at 7:00 PM EST on 3/2/2018. Winnings for each contestant will automatically be applied by myself and a post will be completed on my behalf daily to announce the winners from each portion of the contest. This is the reason why you were asked to follow me, so you can stay in the loop with these announcements. Please refrain from entering any content that could potentially harm or otherwise offend other members of our community, such as posts promoting racism, acts of violence, sexual deviancy and so forth. I'm not saying you cannot post what you want, I'm saying to keep it within reason and be respectful of not just yourself, but other members of the Steemit community. Be sure to post your best contest. This will give you the highest possibility of being chosen as a contest winner and will give you exposure that you deserve.


To eliminate any form of confusion, let me explain how this works just a little bit more in depth. I am hosting a "micro-contest" every day of the week, totaling 7 days. I am also hosting a "grand finale" contest on the last day of that 7 day period, where from the daily winners the past 7 days, one winner will be randomly selected to win a larger prize. EACH INDIVIDUAL DAY is basically it's own little contest. Each Steemit member is allowed to enter ONE POST PER DAY and would benefit greatly from entering a different one each day. IF you complete the bonus entry requirements, you can post two per day. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN THE COMMENTS PORTION OF THIS POST. If you are selected as a winner, you cannot continue to post and enter. Limit is 1 daily win per verified winner. Daily winners are hand selected by myself based on two factors. One, the pure, raw content of the entry and two, the participation in all of the requested rules. IF YOU COMPLETE ONE REQUIREMENT BUT NOT THE OTHER, YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED VALID! All Steemians are encouraged to enter this contest, even members who are better off. You can use your prize to live vicariously through me and donate it to another Steemian who is a deserving member of the community. Each Steemian is also encouraged to continue to participate even if they do not win at first. You have seven chances to win, so utilize this for your benefit and exposure! Participants are expected to act responsibly and compassionately regarding their fellow community members. Any acts of violence, harassment or anything deemed inappropriate will result in a disqualification from this contest at the very least. I encourage unique material, but not so unique that it attacks another user's ethnicity, religion or any trait/mannerism. This is a quick road to disqualification. All prizes are paid out immediately and confirmed through a congratulatory post on a daily basis. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Remember, in life, we all struggle and we all end up "stuck" in valleys. At the end of the day it is ultimately our responsibility to find and travel the path that will direct us to our peaks. Sometimes, this path is staggered or daunting, and the journey cannot be completed without the help of a companion. When you struggle to travel that path to the peak, you may find yourself surprised to see how many are people walking the same direction as you that are willing to reach out to you and lead you in the right direction. Reach out and take a helping hand, let us all walk the path to the peak together. With that being said, let's get this thing in motion! Good luck my friends, I truly hope to see your entries in the comments portion of this contest!

Please be advised that I am not personally keeping any proceeds from the awards on this contest. Anything brought in from upvoting is going straight into the pot for next week's contest. That's right, I'm holding another event next week which I will announce later on through this contest event. Have any questions? Feel free to ask me on here or look me up on Discord @LuckyDev#1969


Visit my amazing friends over @steembasicincome and see first hand how they make a difference!

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Greetings fellow Steemians! My name is Colin and I joined Steemit in late December of 2017. My background is a bit long-winded so in order to keep things brief, I’ll just stick with the basics for now. First and foremost, I’m an ex-chef who left his career to pursue my newfound passion of geology. Over the past three years I’ve undertaken the daunting task of switching careers, becoming a full-time student and attempting to become entirely self-employed. To say the least, it hasn’t been easy. Yet, the challenge has been invigorating.

However, over the past year I’ve had a great deal of luck at a pivotal moment in my life. Through a strong will to seek out new and creative forms of income, I discovered two platforms that have the potential to change my life and make my dreams come true. Those two platforms are none other than Steemit and Merch by Amazon. For those of you who don’t know what Merch by Amazon is, it’s a program that Amazon offers to entrepreneurs and graphic designers. It allows individuals to create and sell designs on clothing directly on the Amazon marketplace. It goes without saying, MBA has the potential to be very lucrative. Though, like anything else in life, it takes dedication and persistence to see solid results.

Since my debut on this platform, I’ve found myself completely inundated by the level of support and acceptance that I’ve received from this community. Generally speaking, I write about topics dealing with geology, but for this contest I’d like my primary submission to be an article that gives you a finer insight into my prior life as a chef. It’s an older post so the opportunity to receive a reward has come and gone. Nevertheless, I invite you to comment on it! I was planning on joining @steembasicincome prior to this contest, but when I saw this post resteemed by @mountainwashere, it was truly serendipitous.

I upvoted and resteemed @sustainablyyours submission! It's a very informative article. I'm cracking my knuckles right after I post this. :P

I’ll be submitting the following posts today:

  1. Life as an Eggspert Chef: How to Cook Large Quantities of Hard Boiled Eggs Perfectly

  2. The New Madrid Seismic Zone in the American Midwest: Earthquakes of 1811-1812

Enjoy and good luck!

LOL! That post on cookin' eggs was the one that got me followin' you way back. Vanholio eats a lotta boiled eggs.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Haha! I thought it was an appropriate one to submit since it got the most feedback from the community while also being on the anecdotal side.

I will definitely be using that egg recipe! I eat hard boiled eggs all the time. The New Madrid post was excellent, as well. I live in Northeast Arkansas just a few miles from part of Crowley's Ridge (which is a really interesting geological formation by itself), right there in the extreme zone on the map in your post.

Thank you for sharing both of these great articles @keephy ! Thank you for joining in and being part of a great project aimed at growing our Steemit community in a positive way! Your entry is valid!

@keephy I am going to ask you to please, please continue to post more of your content as entries in this event. Your content is great and I see you having a brilliant future on this platform. Not only were your articles extremely informative, they were put together rather well :) Great job! I wish I could have chosen more than one of you for today, it was a daunting task to choose from so many incredible entries!!!!

Ladies and gents, please forgive me for not being able to keep up on the day to day winnings of this contest. Unfortunately, some life changing events bombarded my life over this past week that have required a healthy chunk of my time. In combination, my daughter has been ill with pneumonia, which has consumed just about every additional moment of time that life itself hasn't. I'm on and ready to rock today. I'm currently in the process of picking winners and will be announcing them soon! Thank you all for your participation and for your patience. This event has become a tremendous success because of all of you! I'm looking forward to launching the next round!

This is a really cool contest! Thank you for hosting it.

I have been on Steemit since June of 2017. I first learned about the platform from @mericanhomestead when they were just making the transition from Youtube over to here. I initially wanted to devote this blog to homesteading and sustainable living. My family had just put our house up for sale, and we planned on moving out into the country and starting up a hobby farm. Unfortunately, it has taken longer than we thought to get our house sold. In the meantime, I have been writing a lot about (what I consider to be) interesting science topics.

I still plan on doing quite a bit of homesteading content as soon as we get out of the city (which may be happening very soon!! But, I don't want to count my chickens.), but I will also continue to do some science writing.

My 2/23 entry into the contest is a small sample of some of my science content about why your knuckles pop and whether it causes any damage. I hope y'all enjoy it!

Thank you for joining in @sustainablyyours ! Great content! I wish I was able to leave the area I'm in to start a farm....that sounds like a dream honestly. I have dabbled in breeding of pet animals such as rabbits, so I had gotten my feet wet at one point. It was a very rewarding experience to say the least. Your entry is valid my friend!

My brother in Christ, I was completely astounded by your workmanship and am writing you right now to ask you to please continue entering :) I am very, very excited to see what else you are bringing to the table. If I could have selected more than one winner, you would be among them today!

Hello friend, I'm just stopping by to remind you that Day Three is officially under way in this contest event and you are invited to enter :) Please, take advantage of the many opportunities there are and please join in to support our efforts to grow the community in a positive way! Thank you, I seriously hope I get to see more of your work on here!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Vanholio here! Been livin' the vanlife almost 3 years now. That's what I blog about – REAL vanlife, not that Instagrammed BS.

On Steemit here and my longstanding blog,, I tell it how it is and give some advice to wannabes and other vandwellers. Plus sometimes I rant on politics and people.

Here's a post a mine that comes from the heart: Are You Homeless if You Live in a Van?. It's personal and political.

Thanks for lettin' me in on this contest. Lookin' forward ta diggin' through the entries ta find now folks ta follow.

PS: Upvoted @keephy for the contest rules. He told me about the contest, and I been followin' him a while. But I'm sure I'll upvote others once I dot all my I's and cross all my T's.

Hey @vanholio, I'm so glad to have 'stumbled' upon your post here! Your entry is enlightening for a lot of people I'm sure; and the 'rules' surrounding the idea of what actually is a residence are nonsense to say the least! When my husband got sick (cancer), we tried the chemo route, then dumped a lot of money into the natural route; needless to say, when you stop working to heal yourself, it doesn't take long to use up your savings. We ended up selling our place and buying a 5th wheel to live in, and the cultural and societal negativity surrounding our choice became very apparent to us. We eventually decided to sell everything and move to Mexico to simply enjoy life..and the cost of living here is awesome :) Cheers!

Sounds like ya'll definitely made lemonade outta lemons.

Yes definitely, or limeade outta limes ;)

Or margaritas ...

Bingo! You win haha

@vanholio very, very interesting and well done! I am looking forward to seeing more of your stuff on here! Thank you for taking the time to participate in this community project and contest event, it's because of the participation of people like you that this is going to be a ground breaking series of events. It's a pleasure to have you on board my friend!

Day Two's winner was announced a bit ago so I wanted to come by and personally ask you to drop an entry or two in for Day Three which is running currently until 6pm EST tomorrow. You have good material and honestly I'd like to see more of what you have to bring to the table! Great job, definitely keep it up!

BTW - I d not consider living in a van homelessness by a long shot. Hell, if I needed too, I would. NTM have considered it for the fact I could travel the country effortlessly. Great piece!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

For Day 3 of the contest, my entry is one of my most popular posts on the blog and here on Steemit, Is Living in Your Van Illegal?. (The photo is out for some reason, but that's OK. It's mostly for flavor.)

As a followup article for those interested in the legal issues: Did LA Federal Case Make Vandwelling Legal?.

PS: [Duplicate Day 3 entry to comment on Lucky Lotty 7 Winner for Day Two ... Wasn't sure where to post.]

Great piece @vanholio , definitely shed some light on the topic for me. I have seen folks get arrested for staying in their vehicle at WalMart, which is complete horseshit in my opinion. Why add insult to injury, you know? Thanks for entering and sharing this with the community! I'll be announcing winners soon, had a hell of a day that backed me up and kept me off of here for a while. Feel free to drop an entry in for Day Four while I'm working on everything. Thanks again my friend!


I have been on Steemit for a little over a month. My experience so far has been rather well. It at times feels overwhelming being here but for the most part it has been a pleasure. I quickly stumbled on the #dolphinschool which helped me to learn a lot. My plan is to share inspiration and positivity to everyone here on Steemit. I also enjoy photography which I share a lot of as well.

Here is my entry for day one -

7 Things Wrong With The World * Day 5 - Alcohol.


I only found out about @dolpinschool when they were already at day 7. such a bummer, because I would have loved to get in.

About your post: I couldn't agree more. Alcohol is the most vicious drug around, and you can buy it in every corner store...

That is a bummer! It helped me a lot. You can follow @dolphinschool if you haven't done so already. That way if the course starts again you won't miss it :) Thank you for telling me about #newbieresteemday too. I haven't had the chance to fully look into and understand exactly what I'm supposed to do but I would like to join in soon.

Alcohol is a vicious drug, it blows my mind how legal and deadly it is. Whatever makes the government money is cool though I guess (sarcasm).

I'm following the account, but I'm afraid to miss it. If I'm not mistaking, @markrmorrisjr said he would announce a new course in a week or 2.
I hope I'll be quick enough to enroll when he announces.
I tried to do the 'homework' parts by myself - but it's just not the same... :0)

Great article @magicalmoonlight :) Looking forward to seeing more of your content. Thank you for joining and doing your part as an upstanding member of the Steemit community! Your entry is valid!

Wow. That's a lot for anyone to deal with, let alone a thirteen year old kid. I used to party drink a lot but never did drink and drive. As drunk as I got, I still could remember all of the people I knew that were killed from drinking and driving. Thanks for the post.

The problem with alcoholics is after they receive a DWI in San Antonio, they just get an expensive slap on the wrist. Most of the time the have 3 or 4 convictions. If you have money you can get out of anything.

Thank you for sending me over here and recommending this challenge to me! Upvoted yours. :) And popped over to comment/upvote the original too. <3

Hi there,
I'm @bifilarcoil, a guy living somewhere in the Dutch mountains.
Winning is not my thing, and the post i'm about to share a link to is probably not my best post but it's one I just enjoyed to write.

My goal was to let people think, and to look deeper into their own soul.

To reach more people is the main goal to enter this contest.


Whistle blowing has a lot of uses especially for emergency response!

maybe safety helmets can from now on be fitted with a steem-flute?


We Dutch have mountains? Lol, you must mean hill. Hi hi, funny post.

:-D they are real, we even have music about them

I'm glad you liked the post @hefziba

Excellent article @bifilarcoil ! Your entry is valid. Looking forward to seeing more :)

Be careful what you ask for hahahaha

Today I launched a 'competition' about mobsters. Asking people to write a plot.
An interesting challenge, that might actually give people more insights in the matter.

This way people can find out how hard it is to hide the truth.

How long is the entry open for this one? I think I'd personally like to do a piece on this topic :)

I don't know if Steemit closes things, else , as there is no 'prize' as such i'd like to keep it open forever.
The sooner you enter the longer you are in hehehe and if everyone does a link to my article once they submitted an article then this could eventually go on forever.Depends on what people do, right? I'm just starting to explore what is possible, so lets see what happens.

Looking forward to see your brainwaves! :-)

My friend you are absolutely correct there. In fact, once it hits the blockchain, it is forever in the blockchain and can only be altered I believe up to the expiration of Steemit's 7 day post life. I could be wrong, but am pretty sure this is how it goes. Every single person on here is making history, they just don;t know it yet. Not to mention the unlimited potential for exposure and networking. Also, I already plan on using this initial contest as a design and example for many other projects. To my surprise, a couple of things I did, broke some new ground :) So this right here my friend is history in the making.

Scary stuff, i'm not even sure i want to make history.
But better to make real history then fake history.
And since this is all new, i expect it also has all new flaws so lets see what happens.

we need to keep the positives, but also try to find the negatives so that someone can try to fix them.

I'm with you on that. Everything is flawed in life. Thanks for everything, looking forward to talking with you more!

Oamaru looks like a fabulous place to live, you have great photos in your post. I just had to resteem it so my followers could also see the beauty of this town. Great post. 😎

It certainly is @wonderwop and it’s a very happy and friendly town too. Low crime and a real sense of community. Thanks for reading it and for the resteem

Awesome entry @markkennard ! Thank you for continuing to participate and provide us with such quality content!

Cool place! Resteemed your post, Brother. Gonna hit this place if i ever make it to Kiwiland.

You will love it. The most interesting place in NZ in my opinion

This post used the @earthnation tag.

Earthnation is trending and if you have new paradigm, conscious focused, humanitarian, spiritual, or solution-based content then consider getting supportive upvotes with our @earthnation-bot swarm service or by joining our community Guild @ensteemit to where you can interact with like-minded souls.

My name is Julian, but my friends call me juliangold, I joined Steemit early last month Feb.
During this period I have really learnt a lot from this wonderful platform STEEMIT..
Am a graphics Designer and I love arts .... My grapa was a wood art Carver ... My dad is an artist, loves portrait arts and painting, Now I grew up an I found myself still flowing with this art kind of disease... Just that I advanced mine mine Digitally.... Guess the art stuff runs in our family blood .... I over history and that's why and a great history writer and a super content creator... Using my art skills I know what's best 5o catch to eyes of an audience towards a content ... But seems am no really haveing this thing that I wanted since I joined cuz am still a Newbie ... Thanks so much for this opportunity cuz I now this is a chance to prove my great artwork and super history content creation... Thanks so much for this... I will really put my best in this contest and am goin to invite all my friends to participate in this contest... Resteemed and upvoted ..
Thanks for such an opportunity... I appreciate
Here is a link to my latest post ( PIRATES OF THE SEVEN SEAS ) ​

@juliangold thank you for sharing this entry in the contest. This is amazing work and personally one of my favorite subjects dealing with history :) Great job, I hope to see you join in on some of my future events as well!

Thanks for such a comprehensive article on pirates, I didn't know there were Irish pirates!

My name is Mark but my friends and wife and her family call me Jack.

I’ve been on Steemit since January.

I enjoy writing, stone carving and I love to help New minnows to get more exposure on this platform so that they don’t get dismayed and quit early on.

For the benefit of all I say as the more Steemians there are, the more upvotes are possible and it will also help the platform grow and stay relevant.

I upvoted and resteemed this entry by @renegadetrader as his story resonated with my beliefs.

Here is my first entry which is a post to help out a minnow and...

Here is my bonus entry which is a true story about my experience of the devastating earthquake in Christchurch in 2011. It’s a 3rd person narrative of my experience so if you enjoy a good story then please click through to it and let me know what you think.

My name is Gideon Nnakude. A final student of statistics department of The Federal University Of Technology Minna, Nigeria. I am a writer by hubby and love writing because that's the best way i can explain deep thoughts that spoken words cant express fully. I joined steemit about 36days ago.

Shary's Writing Prompt Contest #1 -- My Dream Wife

Excellent choice and duly noted my friend @inspiredgideon1 :) You entry is VALID. Make sure you follow all of the contest entry rules, someone will be checking up on that through the day.

Sure i will. Make a mistake in my link. Just corrected it now.

Hello friend, I'm just stopping by to remind you that Day Three is officially under way in this contest event and you are invited to enter :) Please, take advantage of the many opportunities there are and please join in to support our efforts to grow the community in a positive way! Thank you, I seriously hope I get to see more of your work on here!

My name is Charles Okeke. I studied Computer Science in School and specialized on wed designing and blogging. You can check out my tech blog here:
I belong to a family of 7 kids. I am kid no 2. The funny part? Kid no 1 is female. Kid numbers 3 -7 female. So am the only man in the house. You can notice that my username is @focusnow Let me tell you how this has become my enduring identification in every platform. After secondary school (High school), i started teching sciences in a private secondary school. I use to tell my students: Always focus on your studies. "Focus on your teacher during classes. Try to have a focus in your life". Because i always make use of the word "focus", my students began to call me "Unclefocus". It irritated me at first, but over time, i accepted it. The staff and everyone statrd calling me unclefocus. That was how it began and later, i added "now" to it to modify it a bit. So every account that i created online, if "focusnow" is available, that is always my first choice username. Finally, i love being an inspiration to people. Am just starting up in this platform ( I was approved 13 days ago) and so could do little so far. but i believe i will do much more with time. Please, if you are doing a website or would appreciate help setting up one, i will be privileged to be of assistance to you. thanks
Here is a link to one of my articles:

Pleasure to have you enter this contest @focusnow :) I thank you for your backstory, it shed a lot of insight into who you are and what you bring to the table in the Steemit community. I also enjoyed reading about how you built your name on here. Uncle Focus actually wouldn't be a bad pseudonym, in my honest opinion my friend. I would adopt it. It's rather catchy.

Thank you for entering in this event and providing me with your amazing material. I'm taking your entry as VALID. Remember, you can earn an extra entry every day to post another article of yours and double your chances of winning. All you need to do is resteem another contestant's entry and you're all set. Thank you again for entering. Good luck!

Really nice to read your reply. Thanks so much for your frank suggestion and i will think about it. Steemit is all about making connections and building relationships. I will resteem more than one entry from my fellow contestants. The golden rule is what i live by. "Whatever you want done to you, first do same for others" As much as i need exposure, ideas, contributions and assistance from others to grow here, my fellow contestants need such too. Thanks once more

Hello friend, I'm just stopping by to remind you that Day Three is officially under way in this contest event and you are invited to enter :) Please, take advantage of the many opportunities there are and please join in to support our efforts to grow the community in a positive way! Thank you, I seriously hope I get to see more of your work on here!

I appreciate your reminder. I am aware and would continue to do everything to ensure i made a very valuable contribution. I want us all to grow together and impact each other's lives positively through this medium. If i win the contest, that will be a positive addition as i have done everything required of contestants

Hello everyone, I have been around for a while now - joined Steemit almost two months ago, and so far so far so good it's been wonderful. I haven't attained the success i imagined, but I have connected with some amazing persons I probably wouldn't have ever known. One of the reasons I so grateful for steemit.

I like to believe I am a writer, so far my posts are mostly short stories and relatable articles.

I'd be sharing this particular one because this is an opportunity to share with an even larger audience, and I believe more people have to see this as it could be beneficial for all of us in the long run.

This is an amazing initiative by the way, and everyone is a winner. It doesn't have to be winning the steem; gaining a reader, follower and even an upvote, still counts :)


@debbietiyan thank you so much for not only participating but for seeing the bigger picture here :) Your article, was something amazing to say the absolute least. So good and informative in fact, I had to resteem it and spread this around. I am very, very hopeful I will see more of your work on here!

Day Two's winner has been announced, so I wanted to come by and thank you for your incredible contribution! Please, continue to drop your entries in, remember, if you resteem a fellow contestant's entry, you can earn an additional entry :) I thoroughly enjoyed your work and I really, really hope you enter in for this day's event, which is officially in motion as we speak. Thanks again!

Thank you so much! Your compliments mean so much than I can actually say.

Yes, you definitely will :)

Then I guess I am 13 hours behind schedule hops off to badger for the next bounty

And so the craziest thing happened, I got the link and totaly forgot I hadn't posted it yet. Left the poor thing lying in the clip tray.

Here is my entry for day 3 or 4 ;)

Thank you @debbietiyan, this is an awesome piece! Thank you so much for continuing to be part of this and for blessing us with your quality work! I'm running behind on announcing the winner for day three, so please continue to be patient. Thank you again my friend!

Thank you too for creating such awesome outlet :)

No rush, take all the time you need.

Hello, I'm @renegadetrader and I love to write and trade. My goal in life is to make enough money by various means that I quit my day job and write full time. Markets of all kinds fascinate me and I also strongly support individual freedom and privacy. Thanks for doing this contest! Here's a link to my entry post. My Rant On Changes At Grocery Store Targeting Homeless
Good luck everyone.

Great work @renegadetrader :) Thank you for entering! We also share some of the same goals. I'd like to get talking to you sometime about crypto, please stay in touch! Your entry is VALID!

Hello friend, I'm just stopping by to remind you that Day Three is officially under way in this contest event and you are invited to enter :) Please, take advantage of the many opportunities there are and please join in to support our efforts to grow the community in a positive way! Thank you, I seriously hope I get to see more of your work on here!

My name is Stella @charella. I'm a graduate of management from Nigeria. I'll say i'm a storyteller because most of my writing comes as stories hoping to inspire and give hope. For the first time i let people read my work without fear of criticism. It's been a great 5days journey on steemit and i am enjoying every moment of it.
Here is my entry, hope you enjoy it.

Hello Stella and welcome to this contest event. Very, very good work :) Your entry is VALID :) I'm looking forward to reading some more!

Thank you too for this opportunity.

Hello friend, I'm just stopping by to remind you that Day Three is officially under way in this contest event and you are invited to enter :) Please, take advantage of the many opportunities there are and please join in to support our efforts to grow the community in a positive way! Thank you, I seriously hope I get to see more of your work on here!

Thank you for the reminder. Here is my day 3 entry.

Amazing work @charella :) Keep it up! Looking forward to more of your articles!

Hello. I'm @demonsthenes and I joined Steemit in December of 2017. So for I've a has a few limited successes here but I am growing, almost at 200 followers! I'm a musican, writer and have a degree in computer networking. I'm also happily married to my wonderful wife @jmcrouse who is a talented artist and writer herself. Here is my most recent successful post, a "twist-a-plot" style that the next installment will be up March 2nd

Awesome post @demonsthenes! Thank you entering and doing your part in building this contest platform!

Thank you. I'm loving the Steemit platform although, you are right, it is very hard to be noticed on here. I'm trying though, almost 200 followers! 😀 Looking forward to growing here and becoming a true Steemian. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.


Screenshot (41).png

Great contest. Just one question should the submitted post be new and still befoe post-payout, or can it be an older article?

It can be as old as you'd like, after all, it's a showcase of your quality workmanship. I try to advise everybody to use newer articles, and if they don't win, try again the next day with a new one, solely because you can dramatically increase your exposure on here. Though you can enter an article of yours that is of any age, you cannot enter the same piece more than once. I hope that this helps you out. I'm looking forward to your entry :) Let me know if you have any other questions.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi there! I'm glad I stumbled upon this post. :-) This is a cool contest! My name is Filnette, but I'm Claire to almost all of my friends outside. I heard about steemit from my partner and I decided to try it myself. I joined this wonderful community last Jan. 10 of this year. The first three weeks had been okay but then the pressure started to creep in me: I was not gaining enough upvotes and responses. There were days when I stopped posting for the fear of rejection. It was when recently that I was able to get the wonderful support of @surpassinggoogle and @steemgigger that I got motivated to try and work better. There was also @purepinay, who never stopped supporting and inspiring me even during my lowest days. I started blogging last week about my travels in the past years and my love for food. Below is one of my travel blogs that I hope you'll like. Cheers!

Wanderlust Diary #03: A Date at Kawasan Falls

@filnette , I am glad your Steemit Angels were able to keep you motivated because you do great work :) This was a great piece and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's a pleasure to have you with us in this contest!

Hi there! I’m an artist, writer, activist, and creative business consultant based out of the Pacific Northwest. I came here 27 days ago (to be exact!) as a creator who is always making content that I’m not paid for. That is, until I found steemit: a platform that pays for high-quality content. What a revolutionary concept! And -- potentially life-changing for artists. My goal here is to help artists thrive, and to support projects and initiatives fueling high-quality, creative content. Thank you for creating this contest to do just that.

One of my personal projects is running an ongoing theatre program in a medium-security prison in Washington. This is one of my passion projects, and as I embark on the start of a 5-month journey to devise a new play about the root cause of unprovoked American violence, I’ve taken it on myself to write a blog series to go along with it.

For this contest, I’m sharing my latest post (about my first workshop in this process!) I have upvoted, resteemed, followed etc. I will go support another entry after posting this.

Hello @lilyraabe , thank you for entering in Day Three of this seven day event. It's a blessing to have such compassionate, talented individuals like you join in on this community initiative. I'm very eager to read your work :) Good luck. Looking forward to what the future brings!

I appreciate the support, the opportunity, and good luck with the rest of this contest. Great idea! :)

Hi there, here is my Day 4 entry (it’s a multimedia art contest--hey! maybe you want to enter?!).

@lilyraabe , this is great :) I'm definitely going to drop an entry in if I'm not too late! Thank you for sharing this with the community and for your amazing work! I'll be announcing Day Three's winner soon, been a loooooooong day. Thanks again for participating in this and for sharing the pieces you have!

Awesome, there’s still a few days, deadline isn’t until the post expires.

@lilyraabe could you possibly refer me to #thealliance ? I'm very interested in this and am not sure how to get on board. If you could help me out with that I would greatly appreciate it!

Heya! It’s not really a “referral” system, you have to write an application. :) Here’s what I posted, and there’s info inside to point you in the right direction on their page to get you started. You’ll head over to their Admissions Office on discord (linked in article) to get started!

Awesome, thank you very much!

Wow. This must be quite an experience. Hopefully life changing for those you are working with. That's very admirable :)

Thank you so much for checking it, definitely one of my passion projects. :)

I can see why. I wish you lots of luck with this project .


Screenshot (36).png

Hey everyone, my name is Chris and I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. We have a few animals around our small house and yard, and this is a story about some of the trials and tribulations of pet ownership.

Thank you for putting this contest on, @terminallyill, and I'd especially like to thank you for introducing me to Steem Basic Income. Even if I don't win, I'm definitely putting my next Steem towards a membership.

You are most certainly welcome @profanereviews :) I'm happy to have been able to help you on your journey! Your entry is VALID. Announcements are slightly behind today due to some unforeseen events, so please remain patient. Thank you!

Hello friend, I'm just stopping by to remind you that Day Three is officially under way in this contest event and you are invited to enter :) Please, take advantage of the many opportunities there are and please join in to support our efforts to grow the community in a positive way! Thank you, I seriously hope I get to see more of your work on here!

Thanks! I just posted another below.

This contest is really awesome! Thanks so much for hosting it! :)

Im @chiquikate. I've been a member of steemit for 4 months now. Actually, I'm really new to everything. I really want to be a blogger someday but I don't know how to start 😂 I want to share my experiences and travels with others hoping that I might inspire or help them in any way possible. I do really hope this will be a stepping stone for me :)

Btw, I'm a dentistry student in the Philippines. This post is about the awareness of the importance of dental hygiene especially to the kids. It's really important to educate them while they're still young, it serves as a practice to them as well.

Hello @chiquikate and thank you for your entry in Day Two's contest. Your article was very good I have to say. The fact that you guys have such outreach within the community and for the children speaks volumes for who you are!Very commendable, very well written and very well put together!

The winner for Day Two has been announced, but I wanted to personally come by and ask you to participate in Day Three which is officially in motion now. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you on board, keep it up!

Thank you so much for appreciating what I've written. :) Really means a lot especially that I'm quite new in here in Steemit. I will try again, hopefully one day I can be one of the winners in your contests. :)

We'll surely continue doing these kinds of community works. Hopefully there will be more services that can be rendered, if the resources will be enough. :)

@chiquikate , you are absolutely welcome. Don't forget to swing back by and enter in Day Four :)

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Hi I joined here in January and I'm getting to the point where I'm about to throw the towel in. I worked for a few hours yesterday to make a post that people could use to make a lot of money with and only a few people noticed.

I know I won't win but maybe someone can make a few bucks with my calculator in my post.

Thank you for joining in on Day Two of the Lucky 7 Lotto :) I'm looking forward to checking out your entry and getting to know you as a community member. If you ever need any guidance or have any questions, feel free to contact me. Some other great guys to speak to would be @markkennard , @cryptkeeper17 and @davemccoy .

Trust me my friend, just a week ago I was about to withdraw and power down. I was so demoralized by the lack of exposure on here that I was literally drowning in negativity. Those three guys I mentioned above, they essentially saved me from spiraling into a place I did not need to be. They truly don't even know the favor they did for me outside of this platform. Point being, I know your struggle and know your frustration. That is why I created this contest, so guys like you that provide something amazing to the community, can give it everything they have to network, get exposure and possibly win the membership. No matter how you look at it, the moment you enter this contest, you have already won, it's just to what length you are willing to take it.

I hope to speak with you more very soon @khufu . Stay in touch and please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us. It is our duty to see out fellow man succeed and grow!

Thanks for personal response @terminallyill (Lucky)

Thanks for the camaraderie & support too, it's very much appreciated.

I've followed you, so hopefully will stay in touch.

@khufu you are more than welcome my friend. Let me tell you, I enjoy your work and you need to keep it up. Do not give up on what you do, just remember when you feel so low that you can't get lower, the only way you can go is upwards from that point :) Please, keep publishing your work and participating in these types of events to strengthen your community.

Day Two's winner has been selected. I wanted to come by to thank you for taking your time to enter and for doing your part as a Steemian by participating. Please, do not let this discourage you, as we have 5 days left and more for the future. I hope I see more of your awesome articles posted on this contest for Day Three, which is in motion currently.

This was a very interesting read. I'm going to try this calculation spreadsheet the next time I go to the Horse races. I resteemed it so I could save it to my wall. Thank you. 😎

Thanks for the reply and the resteem @wonderwop !

I hope you do well with the calculator but remember horse racing is a bit of stacked deck so the calculator isn't guaranteed to make you win, it's just a way to hedge your bets.

Thank you, I won't go crazy on the betting, I need all the help I can get when I gamble. I can't pick my nose, when it comes to a winner.

Do you have any other references? This article was great!

Hello there !
I' m @memeitbaby im a big fan of your songs when you first started ! im from PH and right now i'm making haiku's, a micro poetry :) that first originated in japan. im also trying to help the other haiku poets to make a good haiku and im making haiku popular cause there's not many haiku writers :) here's a sample of my haiku's :)

It's about a broken relationship.
Hope you enjoy:)

Hello my friend :) @memeitbaby I'm glad that you decided to enter and get involved! Good luck, I really enjoy your haiku work! Not many people share this kind of art and honestly should. My Japanese heritage has always led to me to appreciate the haiku poem! Your entry is VALID. Good luck my friend!

Hello friend, I'm just stopping by to remind you that Day Three is officially under way in this contest event and you are invited to enter :) Please, take advantage of the many opportunities there are and please join in to support our efforts to grow the community in a positive way! Thank you, I seriously hope I get to see more of your work on here!

well i do have a fictional story/ haiku on my blog :)
here is the link:

Excellent job my friend!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Greetings of peace @terminallyill! This is @nickjon joined last December 2017, a Social Studies teacher my mission here in steemit is to rekindle Philippine culture and christian morality. I also wanted to promote public awareness of my students. I'am very thankful for this opportunity: So heres the link of my simple entry:

This is really an inspiring piece. God bless you for sharing

Thank you for entering and thank you for building with all of us on here @nickjon! Great piece, I'm looking forward to more! Your entry is VALID :)

Hello friend, I'm just stopping by to remind you that Day Three is officially under way in this contest event and you are invited to enter :) Please, take advantage of the many opportunities there are and please join in to support our efforts to grow the community in a positive way! Thank you, I seriously hope I get to see more of your work on here!

Here is my entry for day 2

My Supernatural Experience

I will also go through the entrys from today and resteem one :)



Let me go ahead and say that this story kept me on my toes from point A to point B. Not only was it put together extremely well, the story telling and detail left much for the mind to materialize! I am very excited to welcome you into Steem Basic Income @magicalmoonlight and more than thankful for having you participate in this contest to help build the Steemit community. Please, keep up the amazing work and always remember to do your part within the community to promote growth and more than anything, compassion!

Everyone else who entered, do NOT be discouraged from entering your work as a contest entry. You all have a maximum of two entries EVERY DAY for the next 5 days, so take advantage of this amazing opportunity to grow, network and possibly win one of these incredibly beneficial prizes. Every entry that I read over the past 2 days has been of great quality and in my opinion has been quality content. When I had started this I had failed to image what it may be like to find myself in the position to have to narrow down so many talented works to just one winner every day. It is indeed a hard decision to make. I honestly wish I was able to sponsor everyone! Still, you all should remember to look at the many positive aspects of this contest and still push forward by continuing to enter. We have 5 days left and Day Three is officially in motion, so let's do this! Thank you for your amazing work @magicalmoonlight and @simplymike. I'm beyond thrilled to have brought you to Steem Basic Income and to have had the opportunity to not only read your work, but speak to both of you personally, getting to know more about my fellow Steemians

Good luck everyone! Don't forget to drop those entries in for Day Three, directly on this post!

Thank you so much! I will be doing my part in giving back to Steemit by still engaging in the participants post everyday. I will also be giving them resteems. Good luck to everyone else! You are all doing amazing. You as well @terminallyill, this is an incredible way to give back to Steemit.

It's my absolute pleasure :) Please keep up the great work. I hope this membership serves you well!

Great article :) Your entry is valid!

Screenshot (33).png

Holy cow. That's a lot of stuff. So many explanations as to why. Ultimately I think you're sensitive to those energies and your own energy attracts those energies.


I am Sco, a research toxicologist, father and bookworm.
I'm blogging about science, in particular toxicology, and I've made myself a small fan base with posts that are debunkung BS and wide-spread scientific misinterpretations.
I'm also engaged with the steemSTEM community, and recently started a german-language STEM curation effort, called de-STEM, to give german science authors the opportunity to gain steemSTEM votes in their mother's tongue.

The post I want to enter the contest with is this recent bilingual article about some myths around the "unhealthyness" of table salt. I'm not even sure it's my best work, but it's a good one that has cost me a lot of time to produce it, especially with researching.


Pleasure to have you on board @sco! Your entry is VALID and is a great piece. Keep up the awesome work!

Hello friend, I'm just stopping by to remind you that Day Three is officially under way in this contest event and you are invited to enter :) Please, take advantage of the many opportunities there are and please join in to support our efforts to grow the community in a positive way! Thank you, I seriously hope I get to see more of your work on here!

Hey everyone, I just concluded the pick for Day One and processed over their new membership. I have to say, all of you did an absolutely amazing job, and for just the first day I can say that the community really has come together more than I had expected for a positive and uplifting cause. Everyone who did not snag today's prize is invited to enter again as of now for Day Two of the seven day event. I was blessed to have such an outcome and completely blown away by the content all of you provided for this contest. Please, for the community and for yourselves, join in for the next round. DO NOT GIVE UP.

It takes a lot of pressure to make a diamond. Remember that. See you guys on the winner announcement post in about an hour :)

P.S. I'm not trying to be a douchebag by not upvoting all of your entry posts. In all honesty, like a moron, a couple of days ago found myself sitting pretty with a sizzling hot 20% voting power. Needless to say, all voting had to come to a halt. However, the good news is I will be completely recharged by the close of Day Two's event and will swing back through to give everyone the upvote they deserve. This is my word. I have all of you in mind and actually in schedule as soon as she peaks back up to 100%

What a great contest idea! I especially like the idea of a newbie being able to re-post some quality content that perhaps was missed based on their lack of followers; AND the idea that if you resteem someone's entry, you can post two of your own...very clever indeed! In the end, anyone who gets an opportunity to showcase their work on someone else's page and get the chance to win a membership to @steembasicincome is a winner in my books!

I joined steemit in mid-December and soon met @davemccoy (actually, I think we started about the same time:) and became a part of @newbieresteemday. I was a English/History high school teach for years and love the opportunity to be helping people learn once again. I later owned and operated a restaurant and personally trained my employees, focusing on the tasks, but more importantly, the idea that we were a team and that although I was the "boss", it was more important to me that we all worked equally together for the benefit of the restaurant and our customers. I realised a long time ago, that if you are fair, helpful and honest with people, they eventually want to show their appreciation by working hard to please you in return; but also they learn to treat and teach new staff in the same regards. It's like the idea of paying the learned behaviour forward...and all of that is something I've seen countless times on steemit!

My two favourite posts both revolve around the love of my life, @briancourteau. He unfortunately has cancer; something we have both blogged about here. My first entry is a poem I wrote in response to his pain and my second entry is a response to a poem he posted about his feelings that he is losing his battle to cancer.

I chose @vanholio's post here to comment on and resteem...and of course I'm resteeming yours as well!

Thank you again for this opportunity! Cheers:)

Thank you for your kind words and for this entry @lynncoyle1 ! Steemit needs people like you on here, so please, keep releasing great content to the community and you will grow to heights you cannot imagine. The entry is something that touched me personally, as I have had a battle with cancer in the past and am lucky to even be sitting here. My battle was with incredibly aggressive skin Melanoma that had taken a liking to my back and neck and was not caught until nearly beginning the third stage, nesting in over my spine and important organs. I know the feeling your husband feels, and I know his battle, this fight took everything I had mentally, emotionally, physically and more. It is scary, it is draining and it will take all hope from you, leaving you vulnerable and in a place you wish you never were. I thought I was gone and that it was purposeless to continue trying. I would kiss my child goodbye daily as if I wouldn't see her in the evening, and my wife never really understood the severity of the situation because of my fear of disclosing the full bit. I kept a good deal from her to keep her from worrying too much, which was selfish on my part in hindsight and also made the battle more my own than that of having to fall back on support. What gave me the fight and drive to carry on was my legacy and my unwillingness to allow something to drag me into the ground unless it was myself. I had found that when I allowed cancer to win and accepted defeat, it would indeed win and take me from the world. It took me a while to realize that as a human being, it was my responsibility to fight as hard as I possibly could, that I have spent my entire life fighting, so why should this be any different. In the end, after many peaks and valleys, after many moments of contemplating just dying and ending it all, I ended up winning and putting the beast to rest (though remission and not eradication is a pyrrhic victory). I chalked it up to sheer luck, but many people say the fight and resilience is what made it go into remission, that we control the fight if we believe we do. I don't know, but I just wanted to share this with you, I felt compelled to. Please, remind your husband to fight as hard as possible, even when he feels there is no purpose in it. Tell him to fight, to always fight and never give up, even when hope is so far lost we sometimes contemplate doing cancer's job for it and removing ourselves from the world. I know the mental and emotional battle is something most people will never understand, but he has to keep going and hold his ground!

Thank you for sharing this. I'm sorry for the little spiel, but something made me want to type that. I really appreciate you entering this event and for providing this entry. It was a pleasure to read and is great work!

Please don't be sorry for your "spiel", it was so thoughtful and kind of you to share it with us; by us, I mean that I had Brian read your response. He was 'amazed', partly because someone else understands exactly what he's going through, and partly because you prove that there is always hope. He said to tell you that he hasn't given up, although there are days he would like to. The similarities are striking in the way you and my husband tried to hide it and not tell your respective wives all the details as well!

I am so glad that you are here to tell your tale! I do believe in the power of positive thinking and the human will to live. Combined they're a powerful force.

I'm also thankful that you enjoyed my work; it came from the heart, and I believe anything authentic like that often comes across well.

Thanks again for running this contest...the prize is a wonderful one!


I was worried about delving into something I wasn't personally invited to, which I'm glad was received with open arms. I know it sucks to be in his position, but like I said, the fight goes on IF you allow it to. If he let's down his will to endure or his guard, he's giving ground to that horrendous abomination and giving it an opportunity to press forward. I, like him, had felt days where I just wanted to cease existence because it is overwhelming and even sometimes a victory still felt like a loss. It's a raw deal and nobody deserves to go through it, for a while I wondered "why me? why would God let this happen" tested my faith, it tested my will to move forward with anything in tested the very foundation of my sanity. It was one of the toughest things I had to do in life, and I'm fortunate to be here telling you both. I am beyond happy to have him tell me he has not given up. The last thing he should do is that, regardless of what may come in the future. If he has a strong will to push through this and does not let this consume him, you guys may be surprised what could come of it. I wish him and you nothing but the best of outcomes with this situation, and even if you guys are not overly religious, I will be praying for his recovery and his strength during this. I am also going to recommend him to several prayer chains and groups that will do the same. Just know, his support has now reached new levels. If he ever needs to vent or ask me anything, he is more than welcome to contact me via email here - [email protected] It would be a privilege to help in any way I can, especially support.

The poem you wrote your husband was very touching to say the least. Not as many people are fortunate enough to have the support that he does with you, that is for sure. It not only was a great piece, but shed light on the type of workmanship you are giving the community. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see this and engage in it. Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your artistry in the future :)

I think you'll eventually see that I am near impossible to offend:) I try to focus on intentions, and it was very obvious that yours were good. And I appreciate that!

I can't even add to your feelings about all this because they mirror mine and Brian's perfectly. It really does make you question almost everything you thought you knew; and in the end it's a big rip-off, but complaining won't get us very far, so I try to stay positive and look for solutions instead. Thank you for your email; you may eventually hear from Brian. He is very thankful as well.

We are not overly religious, but we are believers, and regardless, appreciate all the thoughts and prayers you send our way.

I also want to thank you for your kudos to my writing/posts. I work hard at them and believe every single one is a first impression to someone; I would never post anything but my best. It's the teacher coming out in me...I taught high school English/History/ESL for years :) That's one of the reasons I love @newbieresteemday (Dave and I started about the same time and I joined with him as soon as he and mudcat came up with the idea). There are plenty of opportunities daily to help people here and it doesn't even have to be in the form of a post. There are many times I leave helpful advice to 'newbies' who I can tell need it.

People helping people; that is and always will be my thing :)