My Home Town - Oamaru, New Zealand

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This is my Home town

Oamaru,New Zealand

Oamaru is a fantastic town to live in due to the friendly people, great architecture, and low crime.
It is also home to a very large artist community. A lot of artists come to visit but never leave.
The photo above is in the Victorian Precinct and is the location of a lot of movies. I’ve had a movie producer tell me that it looks more like Victorian England than England itself which is why they chose to come here to shoot.
We also have a large amount of Steampunk Sculptures dotted around the town as we are the birthplace of the Steampunk movement and Steampunk Capital of the World!
We are also at the ocean end of the Alps to Ocean cycleway and the Waitaki Valley is just up the road where there are lakes for fishing, mountains for skiing and plenty of places to tramp, camp, and fish
I moved here with my wife after the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch and I would never live anywhere else in New Zealand as this place is such a beautiful town to live in and and it rocks.
Below are a few more pictures of the sights around Oamaru which has a population of approximately 14,000
I hope you enjoyed my Oamaru review

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this post resteem by @mrbean1
thank you @markkennard

Great shots! My wife (@suitcasemama) and I love Oamaru! We were there in 2015 as part of a 4 week NZ adventure. Great playgrounds for kids too!

A lot has changed since 2015 @starthere. It’s really taken off. Tourism is booming, a huge amount of people have moved here mainly from Christchurch and because of that, house prices have shot up(although they are still relatively cheap). The council has developed the harbour area. There is a bike park for small children there now too which has been made to loo like Real miniature roads with stop signs and road markings. The coffee shop scene has really taken off too. They are everywhere. It’s grown so much that there is a huge visitor accommodation shortage too. You should come again. You would like it even more now I reckon

Yeah, I bet! Christchurch was a ghost town when we were there and Oamaru was super sleepy as well. Sounds like it's been a busy couple of year! We have a little boy now, sounds like a sweet as bike park! We'd love to come back, we're (kind of) in the neighborhood (Bangkok) so would love to get back there before leaving the region...

If you ever do come back to Oamaru do let me know. I may be able to give you some ideas on what to do or tell you the best time to come.

Will do, thanks for the offer!!! Same goes for you if you ever find yourself in Thailand :)

You are very fortunate to live in such a place. It seems as though the town is an adventure within an adventure! I wanna go so bad!

I think I am very fortunate too @foxyspirit. Maybe one day you will make it here with the help of steem

Oh how I would love that! I will travel some day ^_^

The serenity I see is appealing. Its the kind of place I'd like to visit. good post. I enjoyed it.

Hopefully you will make it here one day @kenneth1 you would really enjoy it. It’s the last preserved Victorian area in NZ I believe.

This is really nice Mark!!! It look so clean too :)

Thanks very much Dave. The council really look after the place and have strict rules about preserving the heritage of the area. There’s even a steam train that goes through it. It is $8 for adults and small children are free. The conductor is always dressed up in old fashioned clothes too. It’s a truly beautiful place as long as you aren’t into going to nightclubs as there are none in Oamaru lol

haha... I'm past my nightclub days... So it looks right up my alley :) ... Its very interesting to see and while I don't know if I will ever see it, its awesome to have steemit here to give me a glimpse into some really cool places!

The night club was a disaster. The doormen would let underage people in and it was a mess inside. The council shut it down thankfully. Never say never Dave. Who knows, you may make it here one day

Wow Mark, this is a very pretty place... I want to visit there now... You present it well and love the quality of our pics... I love the corner building!!!

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Hi @newbieresteemday. It certainly is a very pretty place. The corner building is a hotel which also has accommodation. It’s very original inside and is called The Criterion. In the Victorian Precinct some of the shopkeepers even dress up in Victorian clothes everyday. Quite a few famous musicians have also come from Oamaru. My wife is the expert on that. There’s a tiny place called the penguin club in the Victorian Precinct which has a bar and live bands would play there. Not sure if it’s still running. It would be shoulder to shoulder in the old days. So full that people would spill over into the street outside. That’s where some famous bands started out. It was the place to be seen back then. I’m glad you enjoyed my post

New Zealand sounds fun. Is it true you bring your own food containers to the grocery store to reduce waste?

There are some places where you can do that. A lot of people also take their own reusable bags to the supermarket to cut down on using plastic. Some supermarkets are also phasing out plastic bags and also have a drop box for people to bring plastic bags for recycling. You can still get a half gallon glass bottle refilled with beer at the off license and can also swappa crate which is where you take in a crate of 12 750ml beer bottles and get a discount on a crate of full ones

OK, I thought it was universal, thanks for letting me know. :-)

I’m sure it will be soon as that’s the direction we are heading in

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What a charming town! Reminds me of Bisbee, Arizona, USA, an old mining town turned artist colony. Resteeming this.

Thanks for the resteem @vanholio I really appreciate it. It certainly is an interesting town and is a nice change from the city where people are anonymous and community spirit is a thing of the past. Oamaru is a town where people look out for each other

Wow this looks familiar almost. I grew up in a Midwest town that was built on the railroad as well. We have a lot of the similar things.

I’m glad it brought back some memories for you

Yes keep posting pictures like this so you save me like $3,000 on a trip to New Zealand, lol.

Bahaha it’s always better in person but I will be posting more in the future