The Mobster Collective: How to 'get rid' of opponents.

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Today i'd like to invite everyone to write mobster plot's.

But there is an extra challenge it has to be about some questionable real life event.

For instance:
John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King killing in the USA
Theo Van Gogh stabbing in the Netherlands
Questionable suicides of well known people
Accidents, car crashes, plane crashes, medicine, drug overdose fatal illnesses.

Or any other killing that made the news (or managed to stay out of the news).

I'm curious if people can find obvious oddities that can uncover strange facts.

The goal of this post is to share the articles here and 'cross pollinate' and connect more people together by brainwaves.

I'm a newbie myself, i don't have much coins to give away, but if everyone reads a few articles that are submitted, give a few upvotes, and discusses the various plot's, then still everyone benefit's from it.

This 'contest' will never end. If you find this post 10 years from now, then you are still invited to join in.

Let those keys rattle like a machine gun!

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this is totally being added to my to-do list !! as far as IFC round 11 I don't think it lines up BUT I think this is exactly the same idea behind his championship and I hope he does a conspiracy/mob-murder related round because this stuff really is interesting!

cool! looking forward to read your plot.
Would also be great as IFC spams the next round here then. :-)

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