An Up and Coming Steemian - Meet Mandy

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Introducing Mandy


Mandy is a new Steemian and while she has only made one post, Judging by the layout and great photography, I believe we will be seeing a lot more from her in the months to come.

This is Mandy


And here is a link to her introductory post

Mandy is in her final year at university studying food science and is also an amateur photographer and one day hopes to become a professional photographer

I’m sure we will be seeing her photography in some of the great photography contests here on Steemit

So let’s all show our support for Mandy!

She goes by the handle @eberenna. As you will know it can be very frustrating starting out. You write a great post and no one sees it. Its happened to us all

So please show your support by visiting Mandy’s blog and help her to stay in the game

Click here to visit her blog.

There’s not much up there at the moment but if we show her that there’s people out there who care and want her to keep posting some great photography then please give her an upvote and a follow to give her the impetus to carry on and achieve great things

note to Mandy - make sure to tag all of your posts with newbieresteemday and make contact with @davemccoy. This will help you get more exposure.

Also be sure to get some shares in #steembasicincome as that will guarantee you an upvote on every post you make. Be sure to check out how #steembasicincome works to get the most out of it and maybe you could start a competition to win some #steembasicincome shares as that will benefit you and someone else.


very good job Mark! I am working on something that may be up your alley... It fits right in with this!

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Thanks very much @newbieresteemday just let me know the details and I’m sure we can work something out

contact davemccoy on discord when you have the time ;)

Ok i will support you mandy!

what a beautiful smile she has ^^

She certainly has @hazem91 thanks for visiting my post

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@markkennard, what you did for "Mandy" was very neighborly and kind! I Commented, Upvoted and Resteemed her Intro Blog! She is an exquisite looking young woman! It will be great to see how her life turns out! She's got "that certain spark"!

Upvoting and Resteeming yours too!

Mandy looks stunning! <3

She does and I’m sure she will do very well, especially on some of the photography contests