POETRY CONTEST - Write Me a Sonnet - Win SBD!

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Hark! poets of Steemit, heed my call!

A sonnet is delightful in the fall,
And since I bask in flatt'ring metered praise,
A contest I shall run for seven days.


To woo me is your goal, to win my heart

Through sonnet's classic high-falutin' Art.
The English style Shakespeare did adore
Is what you must employ, I must implore.

I'll give you a quick lesson if I must,

before my skills of verse begin to rust.
The sonnet I request is fourteen lines
Of iambic pentametric rhymes.

My post so far is couplets, rhymes of two,

So here is an example just for you:


A Sonnet

So in this first part I would say you're great,
And tell you all the reasons you're the best,
I'd list the things that I appreciate
About your face, your chin, your knees, your breast.

And then the second stanza plays its part,
I say what I would do to win your love,
Include some junk about my aching heart,
And stuff about the angels up above.

By now the subject should be fairly woo'd;
It never hurts to get down on your knees,
for light and quite romantic is the mood
And though you sing of flowers, don't you sneeze.

The final couplet some great wisdom finds,
The last line must forever blow their minds.


I'm welcoming to all your mockery,

When after all, I ask you write to me.
I don't ask for perfection, just for rhyme,
A puzzle upon which you can spend some time.

The winners will receive some SBD,

Amounts to be determined (TBD).
I'm hoping to find sponsors for this prize,
So all can be rewarded for their tries.

If I receive no entries, I'm afraid,

My prize of Steem-backed dollars can't be paid.


If for some reason you have difficulty reading in rhyme, here is a prose rundown of this contest. I'm looking for an English-Style 14-line sonnet. HERE is the dictionary definition for you. I would like to see true rhyme and metered verse, as I have demonstrated above. Those are the main qualities I will look for when judging entries. Content doesn't matter so much, as I'm asking you to woo me. I expect them to be silly if there are any entries at all. Humor and mockery are completely acceptable and encouraged, but serious poems are fine as well.

Rules, Deadline, etc.

Just make a post with your entry and throw it in the comments of this post! Edit: You don't have to make a post. You're welcome to, but I love poems in the comments! You can just share your poem in the comments

Obviously I'd love it if you could resteem this post, but I understand if you don't want to get your page all gummed up with contests.

Deadline is tentatively 7 days from now, the payout of this post. When that time comes, I will reward the SBD payout from this post (+ bonus SBD TBD) to the winner, and bonuses to honorable mentions as well.

Original Works Only

I've really been enjoying participating in all the great contests put on by my fellow Steemers. I've actually even been winning some of them, and I noticed my SBD are going up. I thought it was time to do a little contest of my own and give something back.


Of all the many writing contests I've seen here on Steemit, I have yet to see the poetic form I love the most: Iambic Pentameter. I'm a well-trained Shakespearean actor, and I feel that this beautiful form of writing is at risk of being lost to history. The percussive feet of a line of verse represent the heartbeat of a person; it's completely natural. For me, thoughts and words come out in this form all too often. I would love it of some of my fellow Steemian writers would dig out a little iambic verse for me. What can I say? Iamb what iamb.

Titania (Queen of the Fairies) and Bottom, from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Image from Pixabay.

That awesome cover image (featuring me) was created by @dksart for @papa-pepper's #WildNStrange Contest. Other images created using bitmoji.com

Thanks for reading! Now write me a sonnet!

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This is great!

I play with sonnets in my own style, but I kept this one purely Shakespearean for you!

Love Poems For Prizes

Who is this man I see across the block?
This one who offers prizes for my love;
He even claims it is fine if I mock,
The concept and the mastermind thereof!

I write for pennies, maybe twice a dime,
A vapor steam mist in this crowded storm;
So I will peddle, sell off my good rhyme,
Through metered verses that stay true to form.

I see you reading all these words aloud,
To hear yourself speaking my skillful art;
You might say now I sound a bit too proud,
But tell me, Roberts, did I win your heart?

This may get nothing, though if I'm denied,
I'll vote myself up to be satisfied!


I'm really quite enamoured with your rhyme,
The skillful lilt of language you employ;
Sincerely I must thank you for your time,
To host this contest truly is a joy.

Now as a poet you have earned my trust,
I'll follow you and upvote as I must.

Thanks for a great entry!

Chris, you're on!

I tripped over your very cool contest, thanks to a mention by @geke. (THANK YOU, @geke!)

Immediately fully upvoted and re-steemed...

I was just lurking around The Writers' Block Discord server, hoping to get some feedback on a sonnet I wrote some time ago...

Hoping now that I don't sound too needy, I would dearly love any comments you may have on this?

"Old Hands"

And, a question for you, good sir:

"I expect them to be silly if there are any entries at all."

My question is: Will you accept a serious sonnet? I'm sure I could write something silly, and I realize you've asked that I write to you - but if it were the generic you, truly Shakespearean, it might at least sound as if the writer had you in mind, no?

OK, I'm done... Please let me know.



I'll check that sonnet out and get back to you, and thanks for the resteem, etc!

I'm totally flexible on the topic. I may go back and amend the post, but you've got exactly the right idea. It's not like anybody here actually knows me. Generic You, or the mysterious you Shakespeare was addressing in most of his sonnets.

I think people can be as serious or silly as they want. I really just want to see some good verse.
Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for the clarification! :)

That is a really beautiful poem. Impeccable verse, with the only slight irregularity being the last two words, which fits perfectly. The build from sentinels to the end is superb.

You ought to be proud of that poem, it's a real achievement. A lot of feeling behind the words.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read it and respond!

You've given me some hope for coming up with a suitable entry for your contest...

Forsooth, I hope to write a sonnet that will eventually be "tucked into" one of my fictional universes, and possibly embedded in a story. ;)

Regarding the irregularity, do you mean in the rhythm of the last two words?

Thanks again, so very much, for your feedback.

I'm referring to the word become. Since typically the second syllable is emphasized, it comes out as extra-emphasized or more meaningful to go against the natural emphasis.

If you read every line out loud, cartoonily emphasizing the beats, the end of the last line is the only place that come out different. You know... da DA, da DA, da DA, da DA, da DA.

I think it's really interesting that you used one of the built-in directorial tools of this type of verse. For example, in a Shakespeare play, such an ending would indicate a slight pause either before or after the word "become." Probably after.

This stuff is pretty fun for me!

Hey, thank you so much for the detailed analysis!
While you're having a little fun, I'm learning a lot. ;)

I did it! I wrote you a LOVE poem!

Find the post HERE.

For Chris

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
First, your dark eyes, and those lashes so long.
That look that you give, that sweet loving gaze.
Second is how you can sing any song
Or write a poem to set to a tune.
Third, you must know, well, it's private, you see.
Hint, I reveal: It's delightful at noon.
Fourth on the list is your love just for me.
Each time a bird sings, I know it is true.
Fifth thing that I love, the way that you dance.
But why you chose me, I haven't a clue
It could be destiny or happenstance.
Whatever the reason, I still must cry,
"My life would be nothing without this guy!"

Hey, Chris! Definitely gonna give it a shot, but, is it supposed to be a poem to directly woo you or do you just mean we're to delight you with our iambic pentameter so that you're wooed by that?

I got on Steemit early on the morn',
To read some stuff, comment, resteem, upvote.
My sonnet with, your post I shall adorn;
Like you do with your bitmoji emote.

Exactly right.

You can write about whatever you want. It seems like the form is the real challenge here. You don't have to actually woo me. I just want to see some good verse! I know you've got the right stuff.

I'm just excited to be getting some entries. I'll probably add some SBD to the prize pool. I made a quick $300 the other night when SBD doubled. Woo-hoo! Bring on the verses, my good man!

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I am ALL OVER THIS! And I know some peeps in Poetry Workshop who'll be excited, too!

This is not my entry, but I just happened to write one this morning, so I feel I'm properly warmed up!

All boots and ankles, pranced on avenues,
they tramp department stores in purpled glow.
Their spree of spending hastily unglues
connection to the boiler room below

where tinkers toil for basement-ocean pearls.
A merchant fails his profits to withdraw
and votes away his stake to pretty girls
who write their regulations into law.

His corner store gains interrupted grace,
a grant to trade a claret for a clam,
while senators define his steeplechase.
Oblivious, he's lost a thinker's damn.

Economies of scale, they pit us all;
the government picks giant over small.

Yes! That's what I'm talkin' about! Thank you so much for sharing.

❤ I wish i could write poem like this! 😄 Love it!

thank you @dearjyoce

Chris - Here is my attempt at a sonnet entry for the contest. It may not be Shakespearean in the classic sense...but I hope you enjoy it and consider it, as writing is a love of mine. Thanks for your time and consideration.


Here I sit with pen and quill
And as the day has turned to night,
I ponder poems that I will
Will find the hearts of one's delight.

A sonnet sweet to her I love
My heart I serve upon a platter
In verses soft the kiss thereof
Angelic tones go pittter patter .

At her caress with passion still
Still speechless for the words to say
Our eyes once I's are we's that will
Will speak and dance the night away.

For know in verse my heart I write
Right now inverse, my love's delight.

A lovely poem! I'd be happy to accept it as an entry, if I've got your word that you wrote it for this contest. ;)

You used iambic tetrameter here. I'm a sucker for those five-foot lines, but the cadence of four is super
interesting as well. I really love the wordplay, "eyes once I's," "in verse - inverse," etc.

Great work, thanks for joining in!

Indeed I did write it for the contest my friend. Thanks so much. If there is anything else I need to do let me know.

Nice one! I agree with our host, your wordplay is lovely. Iambic tetrameter is a fun way to write as well, and I feel it comes more naturally than pentameter.

Finally! I give you, Man overboard!

To win your heart, your praise, your prize
The power of the rhyme I've channeled, Chris
Your readers, man, I will no doubt make sigh
Their hearts and yours I shall now fill with bliss!

Man, poetry sure is fun, I've seriously been missing out.

Enjoy my entry, and do leave a comment!

Your verses in the comments are well met,
For my reply shall now be twice as long.
Your poem, sir, no pirate could forget,
For in your rhyme sits feeling, sound and strong.

Impeccable, the rhythm of the lines,
His use of punctuation is superb;
It's fair to say that when @steemedchitty finds
His groove he knows his way around a verb.

Seriously, nice job and thanks for your entry!

Steem on it Steemians at Steemit

*What a wonderful wonder to be at Steemit.
After so long a time being in a wasteful wander.
This is the place when invited some still don't get it.
Lots of steem dollars to profit yet fiat money they do prefer.

Before this I do write posts as a Blogger.
Now it is a different offer here the joy of freedom.
Before hoping someday I can earn at least to buy a burger.
Now more UpVotes and I can build my own Kingdom.

Steemit.com is a networking platform with so much fun.
Steemians of all kinds and sharing a song of one heart.
Real people and Dumitriu the Resteemer plus Cleverbot and pun.
Chris Roberts' contest challenge and Sonnet is the art.

I pray for peace where no more war and people need not fight.
Let us at Steemit share heavy together the bright light.*

Zubli Zainordin

This is awesome! Thank you so much for your entry. I can't wait to see the other lovely sonnets.

Let Me tell You @chrisroberts please. You are awesome. Thank You so much for initiating this Sonnet Contest. I hope all entries will win...

Sharing information with You just for the deepening of Our knowing of each other. https://steemit.com/zublizainordin/@zublizainordin/we-can-upvote-yet-can-we-upnote

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Hi again, Chris!

I've worked long and hard on this, with some excellent help from The Writers' Block poets.

Here is my entry for your lovely contest:

"Surprised by Love" - A Sonnet

Thank you again for the challenge.



So challenging... I'll get to work.. I can write about anything... right??

Sure, as long as it's written specifically for this contest. Go for it!

Can I write Italian instead of Shakespearean??

Nah. I'd like English Style only. Maybe Italian next time around.

No fair! Lol. Okay tho. Three quatrains and a couplet it is... sonnet coming up, mister!!

Here's mine... hope you'll love it


Here is my entry friend :)

While the frames are accelerated
I dedicate my time in being static
these four walls stop the time
the power of the moment would be pragmatic

We are going to manipulate the matter
changing your double caresses
Loving us on deaf frequencies and fixed gazes
to surrender to the cycle of galaxies

If love entangles you in my sheets
and my defects leave you stunned
"The religions" you ran out in the morning
I hope that path is pleasant for you both
I'm sure that you will hear the calling

"Loving us on deaf frequencies and fixed gazes"

Blockchain Me!

As obsolescence seems to be
The fate of every human
Our challenge is immortality
Which requires substantial acumen.

We’re born, we live and then we die
spirits may outlive our flesh and bone
Beneath the ground our bodies lie
Beyond remains the memories alone.

Those worthy by their deeds prevail
To live yet by our thoughts
On Steemit they are known as Whales
immortality is earned not bought.

To be remembered forever, the safe bets
Enter the blockchain for it will never forget.


Thanks for sharing ,@yombo!

I started to appreciate how Shakespeare structured his sentences into adjustable phrases in order to craft the most poignant and metered manner. I am not sure that the pentameter is correct, though- or consistent. I really enjoyed the exercise and look forward to more if you do it again! Thanks, Chris.

I can tell the meter and rhythm are quite natural for you. A lot of people have trouble understanding the quality you just described.

Pentameter just means that there are five feet in a line. So if a line goes "da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA," one foot = "da DA." A foot is also known as an iamb.

Your poem is closest to iambic septameter, because it generally has seven feet per line. Pentameter (5 feet) is considered to be the most natural sounding, as the sound of an iambic line imitates heartbeat.

Once the verse structure makes sense, it becomes even easier to create verse than prose.

The best exercise in learning this type of verse is out-loud reading of Shakespeare. Nobody did it like him.

Again, thanks for your entry! Great job. I will probably have more form poetry contests, maybe even an out-loud reading contest.

Oh that is SO COOL! I have always felt that poetry is so much more accessible when it is heard versus read. But, of course, that means well read. As an actor it is so critical that the words we utter are coming from a place of understanding and connection. I love to bring archaic writing to life - when possible. Cold reading is a tremendous challenge for the auditioning actor for he/she has to own the language without knowing whats coming up and/or what went before. I think it would be a tremendous hoot to have a live cold reading challenge wherein the participants are tasked with recording content submitted within a matter of moments - or possibly even live. And the twist could be that the audience could provide specific directions which skew the reads for fun or humor - or dialect! What do you think of that?

You truly are a Shakespearean @christroberts!👏

So in this first part I would say you're great,
And tell you all the reasons you're the best,
I'd list the things that I appreciate
About your face, your chin, your knees, your breast.

Breast!!! 😂😂😂 @carrieallen cutipie, I remember you on this. 😘😘😘

LOL! It's just a normal word used in a sonnet that has been taken away and changed to mean something dirty. There are chocolate bars (can't think of the brand) that you can buy that have sonnets in them and MANY use the word breast. But somehow, it's always romantic, and not in an
"AOOOOOGAH!!!" eyes popping out your head sort of way. 😍

Also, yes. I have great boobs. 😎

Another often used word: gay. To mean the happiest. 😁

I not bother how it's used in sonnet. He writes it beautifully! I just feel sorry for myself. It doesn't exist. 😂

But no matter! You're beautiful! 😍

Hahaha yes both gay and breast are often used in poems. Since I have read a lot of them, I am aware of that. Sadly, I don't know how to rhyme or else I'd be easily participating in this.

I often use https://www.rhymezone.com/ .

It makes rhyming more exciting cause I'm reminded of words I would have NEVER thought of. 😍

UpVoted @chrisroberts this is a challenge so sweet, and a Sonnet shall excite those at Steemit, some may feel it is good also to invite those who regularly tweet.

Yes, done a Sonnet of one. For Chris Roberts' contest and for Me two.

here is my first attempt at a sonnet... Go gently LOL it is not a light one, but I did enjoy making the attempt.


Can I share it in my #freewrite prompt post tomorrow the freewriters tomorrow?

Absolutely! Thank you very much. I've been noticing all the #freewrite stuff lately and I've been meaning to join, but I'm super nervous to do that kind of writing for some reason. I'll jump in one of these days!

The beauty in a freewrite is that there is no right or wrong :) whatever comes out is good - even 5 min of writing "I don't know what to write....." over and over again. And if you don't feel like that you want your 5 min spill to be a post for all your followers to see, you can just post it as a comment to the prompt. Super easy. 6 min with correcting spelling :)
I'll post the link tomorrow and leave you a prompt. Maybe we get you to play with us :)

I an not into writing poetry myself but will resteem it to help with ore visibility

Cool, thanks! I may get some entries. I can't wait!

I hope you do :)

Great work!


Oooh I wonder if I can master this! Great challenge!

You can do it! :D Thanks!