Four + Four Free Tools to get more exposure for your Steemit Projects

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So you have your social and community projects around Steemit. Great! While you obviously have tried promoting them on the platform, but problem is, you need to get the attention of non-Steemians too.

Sure, while you can use some paid advertising to get more exposure and traffic for your projects, but as you know, exposure doesn't come cheap these days. Plus, if your projects are non-profit in nature, (like all of our #teammalaysia events*), wouldn't it be nice to shave off some of the ad spending and use some free tools instead?

*Yup, so far for all the offline events that @bitrocker2020, @danieldoughty, @wilsonkoh, @veenang, @davidke20, @elizacheng, @littlenewthings, @aaronleang, @joannewong, @karinzdailygrind, @coachmelleow and a lot more which I don't want to flood this post with, the events are either free, or the ticket prices are used to cover the cost of the events, and the extras are donated to charity. So we really have to keep extremely creative on marketing!

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#1. Event Sites

Resources: Eventbrite. Peatix. Eventful. Facebook Events.

If you’re running offline events to promote your Steemit Projects, check out these free event hosting sites. Provided that your events are free, those sites will not be charging you fees for hosting and managing the registration. The benefit of placing your events on them is to tap into their organic traffic, especially for Eventbrite.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that these sites can also be used for online events, like summits and webinars.

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#2. Ask Me Anything

Resource: AMAFeed

AMAfeed is an exciting platform where not only will you get exposure for your projects, but you may even get paid!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for an AMAfeed event around you and your Steemit Projects.
  2. You will then have one week where anyone of the platform (or even outside of it) can ask you any questions about your project, or yourself. It's advisable that you promote the AMA event like crazy across all your social media accounts too!
  3. Your job then is just to go in and answer those questions, which is where AMAfeed will pay you, provided the answers are good ones.

Not only will you be able to tap into AMAfeed's organic traffic from an international audience, but you can also even compile the top questions at the end of 7 days and produce a Steemit Post post about it.

For your post, while it’s great to hold it at your Steemit, remember that you can also tap on to free sites with amazing organic traffic like Medium, LinkedIn (Pulse) or even Facebook notes! Just beware of plagiarism and don't copy 100%. As a matter of fact, as all of those platforms are different, and attract very different users, you may want to angle your posts differently too.

If you want some more help defining your target audience, you can check out these two posts that I did.

  1. 8 Content Strategies to Excite & Engage your Steemit Followers (Jump ahead to point #1)

  2. 5 Awesome Strategies to Produce Social Media Posts that Get Your Fans Raving About (Jump ahead to point #1 and #2)

By now you'd figured that for exposure, it's all about leveraging on other people's traffic.

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#3. Email Marketing

Resources: Mailchimp.

If there’s one thing brilliant marketers will always tell you, is that your email list is your goldmine. Start building an email list from your existing supporters and keep them updated on a weekly basis on the progress and growth of your Steemit Projects.

Both Mailchimp and Mailerlite are free for the first 1000 subscribers, and they come with beautiful templates you can use right out of the box. As a matter of fact, with Mailerlite, you can even build a simple landing page to collect emails, and it has a powerful marketing automation tool built-in. Marketing Automation basically means that you are able to trigger specific emails from being sent when certain conditions are met, for example the time of the week, or when your subscribers click (or didn’t click) on pre-defined emails.

Many will tell you that email marketing don't work anymore, but trust me, over 93% of my businesses over the last 12 years started off with an email, sometimes a cold one to a complete stranger. Hint: How your craft your titles will determine the click-through rates.

If you want some help on crafting catchy titles, check out these two posts:

  1. Copywriting Magic for Steemit: "How To" Post Titles
  2. Copywriting Magic for Steemit: "List Type" Post Titles

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#4. Online Communities

Resources: Meetup. Facebook Groups.

If they can’t come to you, go to them! That’s where you can "crash” online communities hosted at Meetup and Facebook groups.

Now, it’s not about spamming them, because nobody likes a spammer. Instead, what these communities have done is to group people with similar interests together, so you can identify those that are aligned to your causes and projects. It’s like being invited to the country club where all the important people hang out.

Ask to join these communities (some of them are closed groups), and remember to create conversation and add value first. Don’t be too quick to jump right into soliciting support for your projects, because that just makes you look like you’re only there for personal gain. As a matter of fact, we would recommend you only to introduce your project when others ask for an introduction. That way, you are merely being polite by answering an inquiry, and sliding in a mini pitch too!

Though these four would have kept you busy for sure, here are a few more that we would like to mention mainly due to their high organic traffic:

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Put your presentation slides there and you will never know who will be going through them.

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Put your project videos up here. Need I say more?

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Tweet your project updates because you will never know someone prominent and influential may just retweet your content

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If you have recordings go interviews or even your regular podcast updates on your project, host it here


When it comes to maximising your exposure for your Steemit Projects, you have to adopt a hustler mindset, and these few free tools can help you do just that. Of course, don’t overwhelm yourself by spreading you and your team too thin over all these suggestions. Pick one, create a strategy around it, and commit to it for a while before jumping to the next strategy.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I mostly blog about Steemit Success Strategies, business, marketing, entrepreneurship, psychology, community and random thoughts.

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At least once a month, I run Steemit community events and training workshops with my buddies at #teammalaysia too. Some examples are:

  1. Steemit Bootcamp March 2018 - KICKSTART Your Steemit Success
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Great information, thanks! I especially like the Ama platform, I'll be looking into that now

I tip I got from my friend who has done it a few times is to keep your area between niche, since you can cover different areas over different weeks.

Yes yes yes! Awesome content and so many great tips that I didn't know about! Seeeee, this is why I need more bootcamps! ;-)

Wait till you hear what we cover in the Masterclass.

Oh yeah, if you have any friends who wanna know more about Steemit, do share with them that we're running a 100degrees Steemit Intro talk next Tuesday, 3rd April. More info at

I have so many friends who are interested! Only problem is most people are only free on the weekends!

We normally keep weekends for "action" work, like Bootcamps, Masterclasses and Boiler Rooms, hence keeping the intro events on weekdays because it's under 2 hours anyway :)

Got it! Makes sense.

we are organising an event ourselves, there are some things in here that we have not used, thanks for the hints

Great collection of resources, and free ones at that. Blogging can be difficult enough without even thinking about how to promote it and get decent exposure. But this is a decent list to start considering. Thanks.

You're welcome! Let me know how it works out for you. :)

Thanks for spreading this informatio, @maverickfoo
I always feel like there’s not enough marketing knowledge being spread here on SteemIt. There are so many options to get more traffic from other resources, still those are often ignored.
I’m always happy when I come across posts like this, in which people show other Steemians that they can increase their results by taking their content further than SteemIt alone.

Talk about thinking out of the box, eh?

this is great information! I've been mia for a couple months, but trying to get back into it and maximize my reach as an artist. Resteeming for future reference. thank you for sharing!

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I like this your ending notes @maverickfoo

"Yup, basically it's the very same thing you're doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc all along!

The only difference? For once you can earn a nice income on the side!"

Do all that you do already on other platforms and you get an opportunity to earn a nice income doing the same thing here.


You are really a rare gem to this platform, this article worth my time, as I've really gained a lot. A huge thanks from a minnow..... Cheers!

I definitely need to take these steps!

Plenty of useful resources!

key word is "free" :)

and what if i want to join to steemit blogger. whether this is a community. and whether I should ask permission first.

Hi @pojan, you may wanna check out @steemitbloggers.

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