Copywriting Magic for Steemit: "How To" Post Titles

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Want to know how to craft sexy title that readers love to click on?

This is gonna be a series of posts to help you craft catchy titles for your Steemit posts.

The easiest one is the How To type of titles, but for you to learn how to use this hack, you must first master the art of identifying benefit statements.


I think giving you a few examples would be an easier way to illustrate:

  • Increase your email open rate by 203%
  • Develop long lasting relationships with your spouse
  • Impress a girl so much that she will be asking for your number instead
  • Coach a non-performer into a superstar
  • Decrease your marketing spent by 54% in just a week
  • Create a masterpiece in record time
  • Design an app with only MS Word
  • Improve your health with this 5 minute exercise
  • Generate business without picking up the phone
  • Fortify your mind against the negativity around you

Ok, I think you got the drill.

Yes, benefit statements are simply simple phrases that are supposed to highlight the benefit of using your products or services. It's recommended that you use verbs in front to make it easy, and if you can add something measurable, like "by 203%" or "in just a week", it will be even better. Of course, not all benefits can be measured in units, which is fine.

If you need help creating benefit statements, check out this nifty template that I created. I'm not creative, so it's just called the Benefit Statement Constructor. You can download it as a PDF and use it too.

>>> Download PDF template here.

Oh yeah, if you need help with the verbs, I have also listed my cheat sheet of 114 Benefit Selling and Action Driven Words. Yup, in it, I have recorded all the words I have used (or gonna be using) to craft benefit statements for my marketing materials.

>>> Link to Post

Ok, now that you have created a few benefit statements, let's get into crafting those killer titles.


Here are a types, and I've included the examples in each too.

#1. How to [benefit]

Ok, it doesn't get easier than this. Just take the benefit statements you've created in part 1, and add a "How To" in front of it


  • How to increase your email open rate by 203%
  • How to impress a girl so much that she will be asking for your number instead
  • How to improve your health with this 5 minute exercise

#2. How to [benefit 1] and [benefit 2]

Just because two benefits are always better than one, this is the doubling effect that causes the readers to be psychologically more intrigued.


  • How to Win Friends and Influence People (By the way, this is only one of top selling books in human history!)
  • How to score Straight As and get that prestigious scholarship
  • How to Get That Promotion and Spend More Time with your Family

#3. How to [something trending] to [benefits]

In the age of technology, we’re bombarded with information every second. Yet, there are some contents, ideas or keywords that are getting more attention than others, and we call that “trending”. This requires you to watch the news a little, use Google Trends or research your Facebook timeline.


  • How to leverage on Snapchat to win more millennial consumers
  • How to use these tips from Kevin Hart to be instantly more likable
  • How the recent goals by Liverpool can give us a tip or two on leadership

#4. How to [something unexpected] to [benefits]

Curiosity is the key here, because amidst the noise and clutter that is your readers’ feed, anything slightly unexpected or even controversial will never fail to capture their attention,


  • How to use ordinary table salt to increase your smartphone's battery life
  • How to use traditional emails to reach out to new markets
  • How to think like a lazy ass and still get all your work done before everyone else

And of course, you can always drop the word “to”, and it will still achieve the same attention-grabbing results. As long as it sounds right and nice to the ears, it's probably gonna work just fine.


  • How one lemon a day kept this celebrity looking ten years younger
  • How the unschooling method is creating more independent teenagers
  • How Oprah Winfrey use this breathing technique to boost her charisma


So, am I pulling your legs on this hack? How can something so powerful be so simple?

Let me give you two good reasons.

#1. Direct value proposition

In just a glance, the reader knows they are going to learn something from the content of the post. “How to” is a strategy question that we normally ask to solve our problems.

#2. Everybody loves a useful tip, quick hack or cheap trick

You and I are constantly on a lookout for better, more efficient or more effective ways to get something done. Guess what? So is everyone else! Anything that can help them save time, money and energy is worth a quick read and exploration. That’s one of the reasons why self-help books are always selling like hot cakes, and readers will just continue buying more and more of them!

But don’t take my word for it. (Even though over the past 10 years, “How to” blog posts and emails still get me one of the best results). Try it yourself in the next Steemit and let me know how it works.

Wait, why's Mav posting on Steemit nowadays?

Well, unlike other blogging and social media platform, Steemit is the only platform that allows me to earn cryptocurrency when I engage with it. Yup, one Steem is about USD6.50, and you, too, can earn Steem Dollars every time you:

  • Create content (articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos, photos)
  • Upvote (like) other people contents
  • Comment on other people's posts
  • Have discussions, share opinions etc!

Yup, basically it's the very same thing you're doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc all along!

The only difference? For once you can earn a nice income on the side!

Sign up for a free Steemit account, and you can thank me by coming back and upvoting this article. And guess what, you will earn Steem too for doing that! #awesome



Click bait tutorial? Lol

Same thinking m8!

But it's no substitute for good content. The click bait may lure the readers in, but if the first paragraph itself does not show promise, then it may even back fire.

True that, Here in steem it is more difficult for click bait to succeed, good content is needed to generate true feedback and upvote.

I think a combination of quality content, witty title and shameless promotion is the key, haha. I struggle with the third. :(

Yeah, it was nice to see a well written piece filled with good content after clicking the title. Great job, Mav.

Guilty as charged. :)

nice informative article

We can't go wrong by doing what Dale Carnegie teaches. Warren Buffet learns from him after all!

I never knew "HowTo" is a part of copywriting. In fact, up until today im still confused as to what copy writing actually is and what coy writers write about.. care to share?

Haha. Actually a copywriter's job is to make an article/post/ad interesting to the target audience. They don't necessary write. Usually the client will give them something that's already written, and it's their job to find a better way to communicate the content.

Ahh... Now I understand. The phrase "copywriting" itself has a very interesting etymology which is why I was confused at first.

Haha. Some people think copywriters will just copy and write. That's actually an article spinner - you give them a few keywords, maybe a few articles to "emulate", and they will create a few versions of the articles for you.

Owh so those are article spinners? there's even a name for it it haha seriously! Im very to the writing industry and there's obviously alot for me to learn and get my head around.

I was always under the impression that copywriting was sales writing. That's how I was trained, that's what I do.

Content is an entirely different beast, and I don't feel the two are compatible.

Hmph, my take is good copywriting improves the readability of any content. A copywriter is essentially a storyteller that takes an otherwise boring piece of info and make it into something engaging.

An example that comes to mind is the movie Inception. For years Discovery Channel and gang had been trying to explain dream psychology and the subconscious mind, and they only manage to educate a small group of enthusiasts. But when Christopher Nolan spun a suspenseful story with interesting characters and engaging plots, suddenly all the movie goers started understanding those deep concepts, and I'm willing to bet they would them research further on the two topics.

I've been experimenting lately with titles for my blog, and I have some rough ideas that might be able to catch readers attention. But after reading this post, it became much more clearer now.
"Everybody loves a useful tip, quick hack or cheap trick"
I can really relate to this part, as a beginner in Steemit, these are the type of blog titles that I always look for. Thank you for sharing this @maverickfoo. I really do appreciate this. Good post 👍

Thanks @beverlyjoe, and welcome (slightly delayed) to the Steemit family.

Glad to know that you've found this post useful. All the best!

Thank you, and many thanks for the return upvote 😁

This is yet another awesome post. Thank you so much for the lessons @maverickfoo

Thanks for your support, sir. Hope you have a great weekend.

Good stuff @maverickfoo. Honestly, I see this lacking in a lot of Bloggers here at Steemit !!

I enjoy reading blogs here but quite honestly when I read the Titles and deciding which ones to open...well a majority I just skip because the Titles do not speak to me or catch my eye

This Post could definitely help some of them :)

Let's work together to elevate the quality of the contents of Steemit. :)

Nice post.. continue spreading this,you are doing good bro... Kudos to you

Wow, thank you! Was googling exactly the same theme couple of days ago! Will wait for your next post on this!

Yes, researching on it and probably over the weekend too. :)

Yeah, these headlines are sort of a "one-liner briefs", apart from it being a How To.

Also, can I know how we can use ordinary table salt to increase our smartphone's battery life? Hee hee. ;-)

Haha, that's just pure BS.... or is it...? :) Have a nice weekend.

Good post. I have worked online for the last 10 years and understand the importance of titles - many of the things that work online also work here on steemit, but some things don't.

10 years, wow! That's a bag of extensive and expansive in experience!

I think as we have better data on the behavior of Steemians, we'll be able to identify better techniques to engage them. It's like the early days of Facebook. We only have limited data points now, but in time, I think we'll have enough to start connecting the dots. ;)

wait till I add in machine learning....just need to find the time

Looking forward to that :)

woahhhh...😆 Thank you for this one @maverickfoo This is such a big help specially to a newbie like me. Im sure to apply all your tips.

Awesome! Let me know how it's working out for you. :)

yeah sure i will.

Yes, just what I need. I'm still learning and try to get the hang of it.

Trying to get a hang of Steemit, or crafting catchy titles?

this will surely BENEFIT me since I have some difficulty creating a captivating title. Enhancing the title will get readers more interest to open and see your blog but make sure to meet their expectation. thanks Love it. :D

Hi @robiney. Yup, a good title and a good first paragraph will win you the first few seconds, but end of the day, it's the content quality and the value it brings to the readers.

Hope the hack will help you in Steemit.

Impress a girl so much that she will be asking for your number instead

Yes the goal is to get many women to want me. Oh wait this is steemit lol. No the goal is not that, douh!

The "how to" approach I must try. I usually write it in first person titles. Maybe if I convey to readers my title helps them out in some way shape or form I can get more attention. Thanks.

Actually, if you want a quick tip, putting "you" or "your" in the title will attract more attention.

A. How I increase my followers to 1000 in a week!
B. How you can increase your followers to 1000 in a week!

Statistics show that more people will click on B because it is more "inclusive".

I will have to try that with my next post ;) Thanks.

Good article maverickfoo! Very well written and a good tip for fellow writers!

I also like your usage of the image! That's another way to attract people to read your post. Maybe you can write another article on that. ;)

Upvoted you 100% for this interesting post!!!

Thanks. Yeah, picking the right photo is important too!

M glad you agree ! :)

It's always fun to write something completely new. Gives a good feeling of creating stuff.

I just wrote my first article on steemit. Do follow me and check it out. I would be glad to hear some expert comments to improve myself! :)

Take care mate!

We can't turn out badly by doing what Dale Carnegie instructs. Warren Buffet gains from him all things considered!

I never knew "HowTo" is a piece of copywriting. Truth be told, up until today im still confounded in the matter of what duplicate written work really is and what hesitant scholars expound on.. care to share?

Don't quote under that you last part.

what duplicate written work really is and what hesitant scholars expound on.

THIS IS LIT. I mean I swear, I had been writing for a decade already and coming up with a title has always been a problem for me. Titles are also important because just by looking at it alone, it can make or break your entire post.

Yeah, as an email marketing, the title and the first paragraph can literally mean success or failure for a campaign. But so far, "how to" posts still get good click-throughs and engagement.

Applying some of those marketing tricks to Steemit too. :)

I don't know man.

Honestly I would disagree these are benefits. What you describe feels much more like features to me.

I personally prefer the FAB formula.

Feature, Advantage, Benefit.

Such as transforming your "Increase your email open rate by 203%" into "Increase your email open rates by 203% using this still unknown technology to leave no money on the table".

  • Increasing open rates is a feature. A middle-point between the action and desired outcome.
  • Still unknown technology is an advantage - nobody else has this.
  • Leaving no money on the table is the benefit of having the feature (i.e. outcome).

Same with "Improve your health with this 5 minute exercise". That's a feature. Exercise improves health. The benefit might be "so that you can last longer in bed", for example. Or "so that your heart doesn't just give up when you hit 50".


Well, you can, but it'll just make the title too long. Useful for paragraphs or long-form writings, but as our attention span is always in short supply, I learned that shorter and punchiers headlines and contents work better.

I guess there's a format designed for different peeps on the bell curve.

I tend to follow Don Miller's advice from his If it takes a prospects twice as long to read and comprehend something, then it's gonna half the chances of them actually doing something about it.

I think that's largely the reason why the largest hype publications (Agora Financial, Boardroom, etc) don't use "How To" headlines.

Have you seen the recent X Marks The Spot promotion? It's pure gold.

No, I don't think I have. Got a link to it?


BTW if you remove the /Full part, you can watch the VSL. I always prefer text, personally.

besides the title, i gotta admit that your appealing thumbnail picture is appealing and it certainly attract readers to click in.

One thing my marketing coach taught me early in my career - sex sells. On an ad, guys will look at pictures of girls, and girls will also look at pictures of girls. Girls admire other "successful" girls. Guys, well, you know...

Informative, well-written and useful! Well done. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Glad that you've found it useful :)

Maybe you need a how to cite images in your post tutorial also?

Hi @abh12345. Even for stock photos that I own and paid for, do I need to cite sources too?

Yes I would certainly mention that you paid for the photos you use. I'm not sure if you receive a code that you could use - If not, just state at the foot of the article that you paid for the images.

Good luck!

Thanks! Have a great day.

I really want to join the sndbox community. But i do not know how .. i want to write useful things and can socialize with sndbox comunity.If i can be honest !! I can not find any information at all through the communities in my country indonesia.This is be one big reason I. Because the steemian friend outside the area more friendly, Can anyone guide me? Thank you very much @maverickfoo

thanks. Your writing is very informative and an important reference for writers in steemit. regards

Very interesting. I have been thinking on how to capture attention from my title alone. Thank you so much @maverickfoo

Great to see how we finally managed to turn Eddie Bernais' grim legacy around. Why should only people with bad intentions use these psychology hacks?

Also: If your content lives up to the title it's not clickbait ;)

Great article maverick,
followed <3

I like your post my friend thanks for sharing

I am very happy to see your post. And I am very inspired with the pictures you post. Please vote on me yes. Because I'm still a beginner

thanks for the tips... will try to write better titles

Excelente publicación y de muy gran ayuda! I sent you 10 SBD was only trying to send one can you please resend the 9bback to me

good post...i like your post..
thank for dear....@maverickfoo

Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.

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very good post friends, I like.

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I am very satisfied to your each words written in this post. Awesome & Superb. Followed you and will continue... Keep posting...

wow! its really worth reading post

Thank you for showing the way. This article have too many good things. Very attractive indeed.

Hi @maverickfoo
You wrote about the structure "how to".

Though I liked this, I started reducing the use of this line after reading copywriting survey in 2014. According to the survey, Non-"how to" posts get more views and reads than "how to" posts.

Of course, we cannot completely leave it for some cases, but just my thought we can avoid in many cases for better stats.

Have you heard of it?

Nice!! Alright I couldn't help myself, I went and edited my first blog post on steemit (non introductory that is). And fingers crossed. ;)

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