Copywriting Magic for Steemit: "List Type" Post Titles

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Want to know how to craft sexy title that readers love to click on?

In the last post, we talked about how to use the How To type of titles to capture readers' attention.

Today, let's look at another variety, almost similar, and equally as effective too. And that's the List Type post titles.

Same as the previous one, to use this post title hack, you gotta first master the art of identifying benefit statements that are appealing to your readers, and that your post can fulfil.

What are benefit statements?

Rather than me going into three full paragraphs of explanation, let me just use some examples to show you:

  • Boost your intelligence by 80%
  • Captivate your audience and get them hooked onto your every word
  • Create a dining experience that your partner will talk about years from now
  • Eliminate your distractions and master your productivity
  • Reduce carbon waste by 120% in 6 months
  • Encourage your kids to spend lesser time on their phones
  • Increase your charisma and lead your team effectively
  • Dominate your marketplace and leave your competitors way, way behind

Familiar with those statements now? You've probably seen marketers and advertisers use them, and you may have even fallen for them before. Is ok, we all have, because seriously, if they put it that way, how can we resist?

Simply put, benefit statements are punchy direct phrases that highlight, well, the benefit of reading your post! It promises solutions to your readers, and you've probably brought to their attention something that had always been on their mind, something they are actively looking to overcome or master.

With my clients, I normally use the BENEFIT STATEMENT CONSTRUCTOR below. I've broken down a benefit statement into different components, and all you need to do is fill in the blanks, and you've got yourself a few benefit statements.

>>> Download PDF template here.

Let's go through it, shall we?

Column #1 - Verbs

As per the examples given above, the verbs would be boost, captivate, create, eliminate, reduce, encourage, increase and dominate. I've even got a post, a cheatsheet really, of 114 verbs that you can pick and choose from.

>>> Link to Post

Column #2 - Nouns

This one, you got to fill in yourself, because it could literally be half the dictionary. In my examples, the nouns are intelligence, audience, dining experience, distractions, carbon waste, your kids, charisma, and marketplace.

Basically, what are you measuring in your article? That can easily be your noun.

Column #3 - Measurables

Are your benefits quantifiable? If they are, mention them. In the examples (not all has measurable), they are 80% and 120% in 6 months. The more specific you are, the more compelling the title is going to be.

However, I understand not all things can be measured, like skin tone, pitch, confidence and attitude, for example. In those cases, then this measurement doesn't apply, and it's ok, because you have the next column, which is…

Column #4 - Benefits

So, what your readers gonna get by reading your post? Become smarter, prettier, stronger?

With reference to the examples I gave above, they would be get them hooked on your every word, that your partner will talk about years from now, master your productivity etc

And then you just combine each column together, and BOOM! You got your statements there!


Ok, now that you have created a few benefit statements, let's get into crafting those List Type titles.

Crafting List Type Titles

List types usually start with numbers, and over the years of testing, I realised a few things:

  1. 3/5/7/9/10 are better than 2/4/6/8 - I'm not really sure why, but results had always favoured the former. My best guess? 3/5/7/9 are odd numbers, and odds always tend to stand out, while 10 usually signifies complete. Again, it's my best guess, and even as I reread that explanation, it sounds like ton of BS. All I can say it, if I use the former, my titles get clicked more, my emails get opened more too.
  2. It works best in front, not at the back - Let me give you an example to illustrate:
    • A - Win Friends and Influence People with these 7 easy steps
    • B - 7 Easy Steps to Win Friends and Influence People

​ B sounds catching, no? Again, I don't know why. :)

Now, let's look at a few types of List Type post titles, and get your Benefit Statements ready! You're gonna need it soon.

#1. # Ways/Methods to [benefit]

Ok, it doesn't get easier than this. Just take the benefit statements you've created in part 1, add a number that corresponds with the items you have in your post, and add that to the front it.


  • 3 Ways to Boost Your Intelligence by 80%
  • 5 Exciting Ideas to create a dining experience that your partner will talk about years from now
  • 9 Methods to encourage your kids to spend lesser time on their phones

#2. # Ways/Methods to [benefit 1] and [benefit 2]

Heck, if it works with one benefit, why not slap another onto it! However, for this to work, your benefit statements gotta be short to begin with.


  • 7 Brilliant Ideas to Boost Your Confidence and Nail that Promotion
  • 3 Sure Fire Ways to Get What You Want and Want That You Have
  • 5 Easy Tips to Score more chicks and Impress your friends

#3. # Type of [Tool] to [benefit]

Here's just a little modification to the first one, but you add a tool or item to it.


  • 3 types of apps that can help you maximise your productivity
  • 5 types of household items to kill that nasty migraine
  • 7 types of cars that will impress the shit out of your date


Is this a marketing trick, Mav?

Well, you can attest that it works, because let's be honest, you've clicked on those titles before, right?

Ok, ok. Let me give you three good reasons.

#1. Direct value proposition

At just a glance, your readers know they are going to learn something from your posts. You literally highlighted the benefits to them, so it's hard for them to avoid it. Unless of course, it's a problem they do not have, then yeah, it wouldn't work. It simple just meant they are not your target audience. No biggie.

#2. We all love useful tips, quick hacks and cheap tricks

Are you looking for better ways to get something done? Do you search for solutions to your common problems? Have you tried looking for more effective ways to complete something you're working on? Guess what, so are the rest of us! Anything that can add value to your readers - save time, save money, save relationship, save headaches - is worth reading. That's why self-help books sell so well!

#3. If just one of it works…

So in the post titles, you mention 3, 5, 7, 9 or 10 ways to get something done. Psychologically, your reader would think, "Wow, so many ways? Man, if just one of those ways work for me, it's worth the time reading it." You've thoughts like that too, right?

But don’t take my word for it. (Even though over the past 10 years, List Type posts and emails still get me one of the best results). Try it yourself in the next Steemit and let me know how it works.

P.S. Here's the link to the previous post of Copywriting Magic for your Steemit Posts, using the How-To format.

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Always a nice reminder to use the format for me

flipping valuable piece of copywriting content. Totally nailed it again Mav, I'd do double thumbs up if thats allowed. No actually I will hit the love button. Your style of writing - love it man. Well done !

that's pretty cool to know....

Thanks @maverickfoo. Good stuff. I always have utilized number and measures. Like you talk about. i.e. the three best ways to increase your Profits at Steemit.

Things of that nature.

Again thanks for the post :)

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Good to know you've utilised this hack for your Steemit success!

Great and instantly applicable tips
for any Steemit blogger, thank you!:)

Thanks @inspiranka! May you have a great day and Steemit Success!

Thank you, same to you!:)

Great info! Thank you for sharing!

Really complete guide mate ! Cheers for the value provided. +1 sub.

''Comment on other people's posts'' What do you mean by that ? How would you make money commenting a post ? Exposure ?

Yeah, when you comment on other people's post, and it's being upvoted, you can make money from it too.

Of course, commenting's primary reason is to get exposure, tapping on the content that others have created.

Now I know why I click and read your every single post @maverickfoo!
Thank you again for this awesome tips on creating post title that is sexy for my readers!
Another new area for me to explore and experiment! :)

it's so helpful information. Thanks for sharing with us @maverickfoo

I am so gonna bookmark this and use this "cheat sheet" in the future!

Catching people's attention and convincing them to stay reading is gold for whoever wishes to get better at blogging—heck, even selling!—.

I noticed that with the last post that I wrote in Spanish, In the first line I wrote:

"WARNING: vulgar words were used in the creation in this post, NO FILTER". I dared to write in a different manner I'm used to and it showed a noticeable difference in the people who has read it so far!

Techniques for copywriting are numerous and I will definitely keep coming back to this post to remind myself of the ones you've written.

Thank you! n.n

Some good tips about posting. Thanks for the advice, @maverickfoo.

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