Steemit Success Strategies #2 - Batching + Parkinson's Law

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To succeed in Steemit, and generally in life, you'll need to adopt a few winning mindset. In this series, I will explore and share with you powerful psychological principles and success strategies, and hope that it will elevate your success on the platform, and who knows, in life too.

This is a cumulation of my experience in marketing and also decade long interest and practice in social and organisational psychology. Enjoy!


In layman's term, Batching enables you to manage your time better by group similar tasks that require similar sources together. It's also similar to streamlining, and you usually see them in factories. Each person at each station is supposed to only do one thing.

Psychologically, batching is good because shifting focus will cause up to 20% loss of time. Yup, contrary to popular belief, multitasking is bad because in the process of completing three task simultaneously, you could have completed way more than that. Will do a piece on context-switching in another piece.


Imagine you take 30 minute to fold a load of laundry, and you do your laundry three times a week.

Here's what you do the next time. Assuming you have enough clean underwear :) fold all three loads at a go, and time yourself. You will realise that the time taken to do 3 loads is not 3 x 30 minutes (90 minutes). Instead it may take you lesser than 60 minutes!

Muscle memory aside, that's essentially batching.

Another example is inserting 1000 double fold letters into 1000 envelopes, sealing it and licking the stamps. The time it takes to complete one whole sequence - double fold, insert into envelop, seal the envelop, lick the stamp - is probably 2 to 3 times longer than if you batch the process. That means firstly, you double fold all 1000 letters, then inserting them into the respective envelopes, sealing all of them at a-go, and (yums) licking all the stamps.


Parkinson's law states that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." Psychologically speaking, we mentally pace ourselves to finish a task in the nick of time, regardless of the complexity of the task.

Let's get the examples to do the talking.


Have you ever been in a situation where your boss tasked you a job and gave you a deadline of 2 weeks. I looked at the task, and made the plans to ensure that you could finish it before the deadline. 3 days in, your bosses frantically came to you and said you need to rush the task and submit by end of the day (in less than 6 hours).

What did you do? You rushed like mad, of course. And you managed to finish the task just in time!

What just happened? You managed to take a task that requires 2 weeks and finish it in 6 hours! And you did not do a lousy job at it. You know the quality is the same even if you summit at the original deadline.

That's Parkinson's Law at work! You essentially "expanded" a 6 hour task into 2 weeks, just because your were given that time frame in the first place.

Oh yeah, if you'd ever cramped for any exams before, you're already a master of Parkinson's Law. :)


Let's take the task of writing a post. Essentially, you can break it down into three main areas.

  1. Research
  2. Write
  3. Edit + Format

As a matter of fact, for a post of 500 words, I would recommend adding a time limit of 25 minute to each of it.

Why 25 minutes?


For Research, it's important to set a time limit because if not, your "research" can lead you to watching the trailer of Avengers three hours later! By applying Parkinson's Law, you will have just enough time to draft out the points, by doing some quick research. Essentially you only need to fill up the following "boxes" below. Since it's a 500 word post, you don't have to deep dive into too much info.

DO NOT think of what topic to write during research. As a matter of fact, you should have picked your topic before starting the research. If you need help generating over 365 post ideas, check out this comprehensive guide.


For Writing, adding a timer of 25 minutes is leveraging on Parkinson's Law. The average typing speed is between 38 to 40 words per minute. Let's take a conservative of 35/minute. 25 minute essentially means you can do 857 words.

And my advice is, don't stop at 500 words. In the Writing stage, write as much as you can, because in the editing stage, you will have to trim off some contents to make your post crisp and punchy.



Ok, some may say you can extend the 3rd stage "Edit + Format" to longer than 25 minutes, especially if you want to some fancy images. I think it's ok because the bulk of the work - research and writing - is done.

However, try to apply Parkinson's Law on this stage too, because rushed work doesn't always meant it's bad, and work that you give yourself lots of time on may not necessary be good anyway.


So there you have it. Applying two extremely powerful project, time and priority management into your Steemit Career.

Wait, why's Mav posting on Steemit nowadays?

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I got really big into batching a few years back when I was helping to launch a distillery.

First you put the label on all 500 bottles... then you fill the 500 bottles with alcohol... then you screw 500 caps on... then you heat seal 500 plastic seals on.

The idea of moving around the floor to do one bottle at a time would've been crazy!

Totally agree!

However, sometimes when we're too engrossed in the process, we may not find ways to optimise it. Hence stepping back sometimes can do so much wonders!

Mav, You are so genius. I usually take whole evening to write maybe up to 3 or 4 hours. Now, I apply your technique. I use a timer to buzz me. 25 minutes to write, 25 minutes to edit and 25 minutes working on the graphic. I become so efficient! Take a look my latest writing work and English is still my 2nd language! Yay!

Okay sir,
I'll give it to you, this is just super amazing. Not only are these rules essential to growth and development on the Steem Blockchain, they also help in real time situations.

I'll be going with your advise on Batching into practice, I'll essentially set a timer to know the time difference between the two processes.

Parkinson's law, this is a new one for me and thank you for taking out time to explain the law and it's the truth that once given space, we try to expand the work to fit the time limit and this is where the killer of time (procrastination) comes into play.

So I'll start with the 25-25-25 rule and see how it goes.

Keep the great work going, always glad coming across your blog as it provides for daily advice😀😀

Sorry for the late reply. Must have missed your comment. Had been busy traveling and juggling Steemit time too :)

Good to know you're putting these into practice. Yes, indeed it's powerful and can be applied outside of Steemit too.

Ok, Parkinson's law... Now I finally understand why doing 10 things a day and only 1 takes up about the same amount of my time :)
These were some very useful tips on writing, thank you for sharing them.

While reading your post I concluded that some of your advice I was already implementing in my writing process, like research, write, edit in Mavs format, but Batching, hmmm, no, not really. Maybe I've missed the point, but how to incorporate batcing here? Do more posts, or do research on more subjects, then write more then one post and publish them later? Did I get that right?

Hi @zen-art, sorry for the late reply.

Actually the 25-25-25 is considered Batching. Normally, we would research, draft, write and edit at the same time. Now, we need to break the process down and focus only on one thing at a time, i.e. research first, then write.

Hope it helps.

I'm beginning to wonder if there is anything at all in your life that you don't quantify, measure and analyse! ;D Good post. Great believer in "batching" ever since I learned it from Tim Ferriss and Parkinson's Law worked too. Now need to test your 25-25-25 rule to squeeze more out of time to Steemit~

HAHAHAHA.. i saw ur post and i had a laugh when u say anything at all in your life tht you don't quantify. Not that i agree or not just found it really funny :P Had to say though all these simplified steps and breakdown , it makes it much easier to work on many things!

HAHAHAHA.. i saw ur post and i had a laugh when u say anything at all in your life tht you don't quantify.


No lar... I got a lot of things I don't quantify... Some need to be quantify but lack the motivation, ie food...

That’s true! I do this for Instagram- I sit down and write 7 descriptions and then separately I edit 7 photos. This saves me a lot of time!

Spoken like a true practitioner!

That's true! I know putting this into practise gonna be a great advantage for Me.. Your words are always helpful and meaningful.. Nice bro

You're welcome! Stay awesome!

  1. I read your 365 idea generation
  2. I read this post on Mav's format 25-25-25
  3. Get my ass to start writing!

Nice post and I learn something new about Parkinson's Law today! I'm glad some of the things I do in my daily life already practicing "batching". Thank you for the awesome post!

I think sometimes because of me being lazy, I always wanna find ways to shortcut processes. Well, my mom did taught me to work hard first to learn the game, then work smart at gaming the game!

True, when I start something new I learn to do things one by one or slowly to ensure things don't break. But once I know the processes and how things work then I start batching!

@maverickfoo Thats really good article for newbies like me. I joined steemit last friday. :) Check my latest post too. I did some writing stuff along with photography.

Looks really useful. I'll try this...I guess this is what I need to improve my steemit life here.😊😉 thank you so much for the endeavors made just to help us especially a minnow like me.

Thank you for the tips! When you are new to a platform you do not know how, what or when to just know that you have to do it. Sometimes the time is ticking, just passing by and you cannot really write a single propisition, you are lack of ideas, fortunatelly, steemit allows you to feel free on your topics. This is what I like about it, and with your tips I am sure that I will have good and upvoted content.

I haven't heard before about Parkinson's law but I have been in that kind of situations before, sometimes we need to be pushed to really discover how efficient we can be
I'm doing a series of post touching the same topic (Success in steemit and life) I would like you to visit it and maybe throw me some feedback

This is one of the latest post of the series

this article should be diresteem. good information @maverickfoo

The information you provide helps us a lot.
thanx for your helping post .

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That's true! I know putting this into practise gonna be a great advantage for Me.. Your words are always helpful and meaningful.. Nice bro
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