BoilerRoom 03.03.2018 | Let's Huddle, Hustle & Hack Out Awesome Steemit Contents!

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DATE: Saturday, 3rd March 2018

TIME: 1pm to 4pm (or stay on if you're in the flow)

LOCATION: Cheers Cheese, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya. (Gmaps here)

WAIT…WAIT…WAIT… WTF is the BoilerRoom?

Disclaimer: No one's gonna get boiled alive. That previous event was a joke. :)

You know how sometimes producing your Steemit posts alone will lead you to five and a half words, 74 watched video on your YouTube history and three hours gone?

Yeah, while some of us can get ultimate focus and create awesome Steemit posts in isolation, for the rest of us, well, having a little peer pressure and working in groups help. There's this magical force stopping you from checking your Facebook feed in a new tab when others are hammering away at their keyboards and their masterpieces. #shame #guilt

Also, you may not have the most productive nook at home to write or produce contents - between half-used diapers, that box of broken remotes and folders from work just reminding you of your impending doom (just kidding), which is why a change of environment helps.

Ok. So what's Gonna Happen at the BoilerRoom?

  1. In layman words: GET SHIT DONE.

  2. Please come with ready topics to write on, if not it will be a waste of your time. Come with a few, pick one that resonates the most, and then we may do the…

  3. TheMostDangerousWritingApp Challenge - Non-stop free flow writing in 5 minute bursts (but if you're crazy enough to go the full 60 minutes, we ain't gonna stop you). Totally optional, but multiple 5-minute bursts on this crazy app has shown great results.

  4. If you need help generating ideas to write about, check out this detailed how-to guide.

  5. Try to limit your research per piece to max 25 minutes, because guess what? Research info in your head ain't gonna get you upvotes.

  6. Don't stop at one post. Do more!

  7. Edit and format your contents, but you can post it later.

  8. If there's a curator during the session, he or she may even help you tidy up your work by giving you some sexifying suggestions.

Rules of BoilerRoom Sessions:

  1. DO NOT disturb others! Shhhh!
  2. You may ask the facilitators for help, but if he or she is in the middle of something, please respect their focus and flow. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want me to slap you in the midst of your creative downpour, right?
  3. Bring your own laptop. You can use your phone and tablet, but trust me, it's just not the same when you have the keyboard in front of you. You can rent mine at SBD98/hour BTW.
  4. Nobody wants to listen to your music collection or Spotify playlists, so please use headphones if you need music to get you into the groove.
  5. You can leave early if the "room" gets too hot for you, or you're done with your work. No one's gonna hold you accountable.
  6. Similarly, you can continue on past the 3 hours too.

Is The Event Free?

Yup! Just pay for your drink at the venue. Of course, it doesn't hurt to upvote your BoilerRoom Buddies' posts (or the facilitator's for volunteering their time), and resteem if it's useful.

Image source I Yummers! And I mean the cheese, guys.

BoilerRoom Facilitator for This Session

@maverickfoo (looks kinda familiar, right?)

What areas can he help you in?

Topic idea generation, copywriting, sexifying your titles, formatting your posts for easier readability, ask him* to show you his bag of tools and tech too.

*Man, it's just weird talking in 3rd person. Yes, if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm the one writing this.

How Do I Register?

Just drop a message in the comment session that you're coming. Do bring friends too if they are serious about focusing and creating good contents during the session.


Q: What's the catch?
A: Nothing to catch, but we can play ball after the session if you want. The BoilerRoom Initiative is started by @bitrocker2020 and @maverickfoo (myself), because we want to help Malaysian Steemians produce better quality of contents. TeamMalaysia rocks!

Q: How many people will be there?
A: I seriously don't know. The venue can fit 20 comfortably.

Q: Will there be any whales there?
A: No, since the last time I check, they need to survive in water, not in a cup of coffee.

Q: You know what I mean… Steemians with high SteemPower.
A: If that's the sole reason of you coming for BoilerRoom, then don't. Join the Hunt for Moby Dicks. :)

Q: So there's no actual "teaching" during the BoilerRoom, right?
A: Nope, you can have some one-on-one with the volunteering facilitators, but the objective of the session is simple - create awesome Steemit contents. Let's keep the learning for another day.

Q: But if I really want to learn, how can I do that?
A: I would suggest joining one of our one-day Steemitup Bootcamps, which is like a crash course to 10x your Steemit Success. Check out the latest classes at our Eventbrite Page.

Q: This is pretty much on written posts, right? What if I want to do photography, art, video etc?
A: We're planning those too, so hold your horses. As we get more volunteer facilitators from different background, we'll have a variety of contents to work on.

Q: If I can't make it for this session, how can I be updated of future ones.
A: You can join our mailing list at, or TeamMalaysia's (Epic) Discord Group.

Q: Can I run a BoilerRoom too?
A: Sure, you can. All you need is a venue sponsor, and let's talk!

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  2. BoilerRoom 03.03.2018 | Let's Huddle, Hustle & Hack Out Awesome Steemit Contents!

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This sounds like an amazing event! I need to look into Steemit meetups in my area (southern US). I would love to connect and work together with other Steemians in person like this!

Here's an idea, @keciah, why not you initiate it? heck, you can even copy and paste the event description and see how it works. Before you know it, you could be starting a movement! Let me know if you need help with the write up :)

Sounds like a good initiative! Kudos! I like what you said about the whales needing water instead of coffee for survival... LOL!


Oops, but do they? hehe.

I would have loved to but won’t be able to make this time.... will surely be looking out for the next ....

Sure thing! Maybe #teammalaysiababes would like to host one?

Custodian of #teammalaysiababes @angiechin28 ... take it away....
In the mean time will watch this space to find out more about tomorrow's Boiler Room rendezvous with pretty chic and cheese ... haha

Eh, @maverickfoo ... since when Cheers Cheese hired a pretty chic? So pretty I wanna meet her haha !

lol ... false advertising ! picture taken in 1990s =P

False advertising - pretty chic pouring cheese foam on your drink.

False reality - pretty chic pouring cheese foam on (_______).

Without pretty chicks, how to boil the room? Potong steem lar.

Wonderful. Will try to get my brother to join

Cool! You have my number. :)

You guys should do this too. @danieldoughty? Hold the beer until the writing is done, yeah?

holy crap that's a brilliant idea ... that gives a new meaning to H O D L !

Or hold pee until post is done.

Lol. Will conduct this type of session soon.

Would love to go meet that lovely lady... but alas, I have plans for tomorrow but will make it to the Bootcamp at the end of the month

Cool! Looking forward for that!

Hi @maverickfoo I will be there!! Got to try this!! See ya!

Awesome la! Go confirm can come out with something one. Right now still cracking my head don't know wat to write.

  1. Throw 2 dice
  2. Flip to that page number in the dictionary
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Molest the page of the dictionary until satisfied at a spot
  5. Open eyes and read that word out
  6. Then write.

dear @maverickfoo your photography is a wondarful..& very well post..
I Really love your post..
thanks for sharing..

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