29 Steemit Post Types to Attract More Followers & Boost Your Popularity (Part 1)

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Variety - that's ONE IMPORTANT FACTOR that's gonna engage and entertain your followers, new readers who land on your Steemit feed, and most importantly, YOURSELF*.

*Why yourself? Read up the Golden Rule To Blogging here.

But the problem is, even with the tons of ideas to write on, how do you "package" them in a way that's fresh, exciting and fun for your readers?

Today, we're gonna talk about those packaging. Yup, 29 (TWENTY NINE) different kind of wrappers, boxes and ribbons you can use to package your contents, in a way that's most presentable.

And the good thing is, most of the 29 post types are considered Evergreen Contents types. These are essentially information that are relevant even after the time of posting. Think 2 to 3 years down the road, and a new Steemian stumbles onto your post, and still, they are totally engaged and excited with the content. Sure, they can't help to generate payout for that post (since it's already past the 7 day mark), but I'm willing to bet they are gonna check out your new posts, and that's where you'll gain a your upvotes, and perhaps a follower too. :)

Ok, let's get right into the 29 types. Yeah, it's gonna be one long-ass post.

  1. The Origin Stories

    Everybody loves origin stories - from movies to books to comics. People like to know who were their idols before they were idols, what did their heroes go through, the makings on their icons.

    You can write about your personal heroes, or even your own origin story. What are the steps that lead you to Steemit or even content writing? What did you do to build the skills and network? How did you achieve what you've achieve?

  2. Facts & Figures

    Statistics and data are some of the greatest convincers of all time, and it never fails to amaze the shit out of your readers. Haven't you read a statistic piece and say stuff like "Wow! I didn't know they were that BIG!"

    People are generally curious as well, which is why documentaries still sell so well until today. Blend a story around the figures and facts, and you got a Based On A True Story post in the making.

    Also, remember that posts on statistics and research can help boost your credibility and authority, so it'll definitely give elevate your personal and professional brand. i.e. You'll get people saying "Man, this person knows his sh!t!"

  3. Product Reviews

    Ah, the stuff people will read before making their purchase, and they will love the person who gave them the right kind of info before deciding on the sale. Bear in mind that product reviews are also very genre/interest specific, and you will have readers who may know more than you, so make sure you do a good job at it.

    My advice is to review on products in an area you know very well. Though you opinion may be personal, the depth of your reviews and the references that you made will paint a professional picture in the minds of your readers, so be prepared.

  4. Case Studies

    If you've done any research on real life examples in your areas of interest, do know that they make really great posts. Case studies gives the reader "behind-the-scene" info, how results are achieved, some facts and data they may not be aware off and more. Case studies work well if you like to deep dive into topics and uncover the inner workings, and bonus points if you can breakdown the specific steps to replicate or recreate the results.

  5. Dummies’ Guides (How-Tos)

    We are all going through a learning phase at one point or another, and a Dummies' Guide, or How To, type of posts will help your readers who wants to know more about a particular topic. That's the reason who the The Complete Idiots' Guide and For Dummies book series are so popular.

    The few keys to successful Dummies Guides posts are:

    • Be able to bring your readers up to speed on any topic
    • Distill your subject into bite-size, actionable steps
    • Recommend tips, tricks, hacks and shortcuts
    • Give relevant examples and case studies so they can see your steps in action
  6. Newbie’ Guides

    This is almost similar to #5, but these are for the noobs. Beginner's guide posts can sometimes be harder to write because you need to establish points of familiarity, especially when you are introducing a concept that is totally new. Blockchain, RFID, and gene splicing are some examples of concepts that need "bridging" to things the reader already understand. That's critical in the success of a Newbies' Guide post.

    Of course, check lists are also useful to help bring your readers up to speed, and you will be seen as a useful resource because you are essentially saving them precious time and from painful mistakes.

  7. Interviews with Subject Matter Experts

    This is a smart way to leverage on someone else's content, experience and expertise. Frankly, the hardest part is connecting with the subject matter experts themselves, and after that, either arrange for a face-to-face meet up or Skype call for the interview.

    You can include the recordings in the post, or you can transcribe it out as well.

    A new trend of interviews are long form and deep dives, made popular by the award winning podcasts by the Bestselling Author Tim Ferriss. In his podcast where he interview prominent individuals like Sir Richard Branson, Jamie Foxx, Naval Ravikant and more can go up to 3 hours sometimes, so you can imagine the rich information you can obtain from them!

  8. Success Stories

    This never gets old, because everybody loves a success story. It piques your readers interest, excites them to engage with your contents, and sometimes if you are featuring their idols, they may even leave a really good comment as well.

    Of course, you can also feature your own success stories, and if you can, try to include success strategies that your readers can emulate to achieve your results.

  9. Failure Stories

    When I was hosting the Fuckupnights Kuala Lumpur, we were amazed at the number of people who would beat the weather and traffic just to hear failure stories (fuckups) from our featured speakers. The truth is, we sometimes learn more from failures than successes, and it's definitely less painful when the failures are others.

    That's why I personally vouch if you plan on writing failure stories, and keep is as raw and honest as you can. Of course, don't leave your readers in a gloom; give them tips and tricks to avoid the failures, or maybe a lifeline for those who are fighting through their fuckups.

  10. Recommendations/Curation

    If you'd been in an industry or have been cultivating an interest for a while, whenever you're ask about it, you will have your list of recommendations. It can be a curated list of books to read, movies to watch, places to go, food to eat, softwares to install and more.

    You can say that it's a "quickie", list version of product reviews, but recommendation posts does just that - quick, short suggestions to get your readers interest to learn more about them.

  11. Best Practices

    In your experience of doing something, you'll encounter a list of best practices. It can be about your job, your hobbies, a new interest. Posts of Best Practices suggest to your readers that you've been around the block a couple of time, and you know where the potholes are and how to avoid them, and also shortcuts that others may not know of.

    Oh yeah! This is also a great way to boost your credibility and establish your authority as a subject matter expert.

  12. Checklists

    We are generally anxious when embarking on something new, especially if the decision is a big one. Life events like wedding preparation, starting a business, buying a house or going for a two-year road trip can be taunting when it comes to preparations.

    That's why having a checklist will certainly put your readers at ease, because you are tapping onto your own personal experience of having walked the path, and now you are preparing your readers for the very same journey. Hey, you've just became a tour guide!

  13. Lists (Curated, Best of-)

    Same as How-to posts (here's a post on creating effective How-To titles), List posts are one of the easiest to title and get you really good click-through rates. Contents like "7 ways to do something" or "9 books you have to read" or "3 places you must go" always get clicked when they appear on social media (you know you are guilty of some of it.)

    Why does it work? Well, you are promising that by the end of the article, your reader will have X steps to solve a problem or Y things to learn. Psychologically, your readers are willing to invest the time to go through the X and Y because in their minds, as long as ONE of those things benefit them, it's worth the time reading your post.

  14. Book Summaries

    If you are an avid reader, these posts are your ultimate go-to. Almost like a product review, but for book summaries to be effective, you must be able to highlight the key points relevant to your readers, and outline your key takeaways from it. Book summaries are designed to give a snapshot of the content to your readers, and bonus points are given if they can apply your takeaways in their own life.

  15. Anything inspirational

    Image Source

    Chicken Soup of the Soul, anyone? Stories of overcoming overwhelming odds, rags to riches, the underdog, the miracles, the strength of the human spirit… those inspiration stuff that put smile on your face and tears in the corner of your eyes, they work like magic! And regardless of the time, even if it's a recent story or a tale taken from the pages of history, the charms will work on the heart.

    Wow, it didn't occur to me that it will be such a long post, and we've only passed the half way mark!

What, you think I'm jamming too many options and you're overwhelmed?

Ok, let's take a break here and make it a 2-part post… :)

But in the mean time, remember the earlier piece I did to help you generate at least 365 post ideas? Take that list and run through the 15 post types here, and "pin" or "peg" the topics to the types that you think are relevant. It's true that some ideas are better presented in one form than another, but nothing's gonna stop you from representing the same content in different post formats, eh?

Play around with it, and let me know which post types you like best. You can also leave a comment below on any post types that you need help in, and I may be able to whip up an in-depth tutorial on it over the next few days.

To your Steemit Success!

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Nice article!

Wow! 29 tips in just part 1? Thanks man. There's no reason I shouldn't be able to write something interesting at least once a day. I'm trying. Thank you. Resteeming for my future reference as well as to reach out to others as well.

Hey, thanks a lot! Appreciate that.

I like to think there is a book worth of content inside of us. Some say could be enough more than a series! Just need to find interesting ways to get it out. :)

Yeah, doing a series is supposedly a good /effective method at #STEEMIT (so I've read ). And I read that on steemit, btw.

Great, fantastic post !
So I gave u a BIG vote . I Like that 'Chicken Soup of the Soul' remark, & the idea to do 'Dummies Guides', Origin Story, or Lists of BEST/Curated content here @ Steemit

And will re-steem, too. ☻OOPS, will head over to PART 2 & RE-STEEM there ! (as this is
the 7th day)

I finally had the time to get through this.. great great job.. is it advisable to take up one part say "success stories" and focus on it as a niche or combine a couple of these and give your readers variety of sorts..
IMO tho, the variety should be a bit coordinated like, similar stuff consistently for a period of time before going to another niche ratder than having a clumsy blog..

Thanks. I'm trying to learn these things right now as I would like to do Steemitr full time.

Full time? That's awesome! I'm still doing Steemit part time :)

Wait a minute, did you really expect me to read all that? You also need to learn that people hate to read long posts.

Well, you can always not read it, but thanks for the feedback on the length of the post.

You're welcome

Thanx for a lot of Good advice! Bet number 16 is that you should write posts in series.. 😉

Series posts can be tiring!

Haha, I have started my blog om steem with a series of posts...

This is excellent. Before reading this I was wondering what kind of subject matters I should write on. For perspective, I'm wondering this from an ocean front cafe in Federicksburg, St Croix in the USVI where someone is paying me to work for a week. How did I get from being a 12 dollar an hour secretary to being the guy that a 14 Billion dollar company sends to paradise? Of course that's something to wring about....

Wow, that's amazing! I think writing and sharing your personal experiences are the best, because one thing's for sure, it's gonna feel real to your readers.

You're right. Thank you.

Totally refreshing my mind. sometimes I will stuck what to write, when read your post, the idea came back. Magical. lol

see you next week master.

Hey, missed your message. Yes, looking forward to see you guys. @bitrocker2020 told me you guys are more advanced, so gotta show you lots of new stuff! Pressure!

I still in beginning stage, my post payout still quite slow. hope these two days can benefit more.

Great!!! This post probably help the newbies and not so new steemians to improve their posting.
I enjoyed reading it and at the same time learnt a lot more new ideas.

Thank You

Thanks! Glad to know that you found it useful.

Shacks!! It took me 6days to see this post will anyways thanks God I saw it.. I did resteem this post for me to check this guidelines for the near future upon making blogs, this is a good idea and a great guide for struggling blogger like me.. thank you @maverickfoo for this. More power and God bless..

Hi @roselyn028, thanks for the kind words and support!

Your much welcome and thank you for this.. This is a very big help..

Thank you @maverickfoo for this awesome post, I really thought you will list out 29 all of them as I saw the scrollbar is so tiny!
For me I'm interested to read how-to kind of post to gain more knowledge on the subject itself and at the same time I would like to write things on how-to as well to help newbie or help other people with similar problems. I can relate this especially on Steemit platform when I search "how to increase reputation" or "how to increase bandwidth?" or "how to expand my Steemit followers so that they will read, upvote, & comment my post" etc. A lot of existing how-to post are 6-7 months old and I'm wondering are those still applicable? Some yes, some no, so I'm thinking to write similiar post with simplify version and with my own finding maybe.
Besides this, I'm also interested to write a short post on anything inspiration that I read from books and this part I'm still working on it with your "Chunking" technique.

Yeap, some of the tutorials can be old, although less than a year on the internet is consider quite ok lar. As long as the info is timeless you tested it yourself in recent times, I believe it's valid.

Some people would add memes. You can make them about steemit trends, stemians behaviour, and steemit scams.

Oh yeah, some people love memes. Never really got to be good at it, and the animated gifs kind? I sometimes find them distracting because when I'm trying to read the content, there's "something" moving at the corner of my focus. But that's juts me. :)

What do you think about Animated comments? Animated gif text. WOW

Not my area of expertise too, haha. I guess I'm more a wordsmith than anything else. :)

Bravo! This post #winliao. The Go-To-Guide on content creation for not just Steemit but everything on print and web too! Upvoted and Resteem before I ran out of steem and bandwidth

Haha, thanks! Just finished part 2. Probably combined, it's the longest post I've ever done.

This was valuable information. I have generated some ideas while going through this post. I think I should get to the writing. Thanks @maverickfoo. Resteemed it too. I think it is fair that my followers get to know this. Peace

Thanks for spreading the love, @wardedpoetic. Working on part two right now and will probably post it later today.

@maverickfoo, I am impressed that you are never out of topic in writing. How did you do that?

Well, you can check out my previous post on idea generation, (https://steemit.com/tutorial/@maverickfoo/how-to-generate-at-least-365-post-ideas-for-your-steemit-life-and-possibly-never-run-out-of-ideas-again).

Basically over the years, I written quite a lot, so I guess it's also a muscle to build.

Thank you @maverickfoo for always giving us valuable information on lots of things.

Glad you find it useful, @theodora87. :)

Thank you very much @maverickfoo for your info in this article, this is gold information! Content is king, forever!

Haha, indeed content is :)

Very useful. I've been trying to find my niche. Those are some good ideas. I seem to have an opinion about everything so i don't know where to focus. I seem to be engaged in politics a lot... maybe that's a good avenue.

Yeah, no options is an issue, and so is having too many options, eh! Sometimes it's best to just pick one, get the post out and grow along the way. Every successful blogger, if you were to dig through their past, you'll find their early pieces that makes you go "wow......"

Ok ahh .. i was ready to read the long ass post til 29 ... luckily u stop at 15. 😩😩😩😅😅🙏🏻🙏🏻Btw spot on and bulls eye write up !!! Thks again for sharing .. cant wait for part 2...

Hahaha ha, same feeling here too... Suspense betul

Same here 3..Glad that @maverickfoo knows we have short attention span and stop at 15 instead :D

Maybe I should have done it over 6 posts...

whoa... dun lar...we all can go crazy wei...

Gotta learn from some drama queens, eh? Obviously not you. You're in a totally category all together!

Haha, I didn't realise when I started writing that it was going to be so long. I guess the elaboration really adds to the length, but without it, it's gonna be a hit and miss.

Thank you @maverickfoo for the awesome information! I'm becoming a better writer thanks to your tips :)

I have a question, what category would this be?
My opinion and stories on a movie/song/book? Let's say, I learn 1 key thing from a movie, I internalized into my story and share.

Well, there are a few ways you can spin that. Let's take the Greatest Showman as an example.

  1. List - 7 things you didn't know about The Greatest Showman

  2. Review - My honest take on The Greatest Showman

  3. Dummies Guide - How The Dances are Choreographed in The Greatest Showman | A step-by-step guide

  4. Recommendations/Curation - 10 other movies that you should watch if you loved The Greatest Showman

  5. Failure Stories - Why The Greatest Showman's PT Barnum is a dick in real life

So as you can see, it's pretty much how you wanna package it. Surely, one package can be better than another, but it's also up to your preferences too. Do it the way that's most natural to you.

I see. There are so many varieties. If I share things I've learnt from The Greatest Showman, what category would it be?

Coincidentally, I've written life lessons from The Greatest Showman in another blog. Bravo, found another The Greatest Showman fans!

Oh, wait, when you say category, you mean tags?

Your categories like origin, review, how-to, etc. Not tags

I see. I guess the closest would be a review type.

Okay great! This is a good start for me :)
Thank you Maverick!

Thanks for the guides, i should get a few ideas what to write now 😊

Different ways to goreng the same story, haha? Well, in content marketing, that's called "repurposing" a content, where an old content, usually in the form of a blog, gets turn into, say, an infographic. Or a bunch of contents get packaged into an ebook.

as an artist, i’m always thinking about how to get more people to see my work, so i found this super helpful! thank you!

i’ll share my appreciation in the best way i know how: an upvote and my art 🙂


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Thanks man, that's really interesting, at least now I know what is all about # Steem and how far I can frame my work.

Super valuable port. I'm new and looking for this kind of stuff. Thank YOU!

Done ! And keep doing it ! :)

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Wow... Thanks @maverickfoo
Newbie like me actually needed this

Thank you, this is very useful to me!

you are one of my ten that I upvote daily. Congrats! Nice article....the rest of it? Let me know.

This is an excellent post for newcomers that are struggling to come up with ideas for writing! Looking forward to part 2 and whether I can think of any not covered in your list. It would also be good to get a list of post types that are not good for the community to complement this series :)

Amazing, can add insight

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Thank you. Very informative.

Wow. Those tips were amazing. Just on time. Thanks

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