Steemit Success Strategies #1 - The Law of Requisite Variety

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To succeed in Steemit, and generally in life, you'll need to adopt a few winning mindset. In this series, I will explore and share with you powerful psychological principles and success strategies, and hope that it will elevate your success on the platform, and who knows, in life too.

This is a cumulation of my experience in marketing and also decade long interest and practice in social and organisational psychology. Enjoy!


I first heard about the Law of Requisite Variety from my time promoting Neuro Linguistics Prorgamming, or in short NLP. There are many definitions to NLP, but if you ask me, it's this:

The instruction manual of your mind that wasn't included in the package you came in this world with. :)

If you look at successful people like World's #1 Success Coach Tony Robbins and Celebrity TV Host & Entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey, they credit their success to NLP. Hey, if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for the rest of us.

But we're not gonna be talking much about NLP today. It's one of the "presupposition", or principles of it, and of the many mindset strategies, one that I find more facinating - and lacking among new Steemians - is the Law of Requisite Variety.

The law states that the person with the most behavioural flexibility will be able to control the outcome. In a language that both you and I can understand, it simply means that while you need to be firm with the goals you want to achieve in life, when it comes to the how (method, plan, path, strategy), be flexible.

Interestingly, this is also the first law of Cybernetics.


Say you ARE in Singapore now, and want to head to Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok, thus, is the goal.

And you know there are so many ways to get there from Singapore.

  • You can just head to Skyscanner and look for the cheapest flight there. Or,
  • You can pamper yourself with a business class ticket from Singapore Airlines, complete with the lobster thermidor and 5-star service. Or,
  • You can take a slow drive up through Malaysia, stopping for great food along the way, making it an epic road trip. Or,
  • If you're the adventurous kind, go by bicycle! Or,
  • No one's gonna stop you, but you can totally walk all the way too!

Each option can potentially bring you to Bangkok, but the transportation and path you choose, will determine your level of success. Sure, while the flight is the fastest, you may miss out the thrills of a road trip. And the XXXKM walk is a great bar story, but there's also a chance (touch wood) that you got knocked down by a reckless driver or bitten by a poisonous snake (which also adds to the great bar stories:p)

Notice that I say potentially? While all those methods makes perfect sense, and others may have even used them, it doesn't mean it will work for you. Heck, if there are guarantees in life, no one is gonna be on Steemit; they'll be at the casinos! You just need to find the method that serves you best.

Ok, so now you see how this principle works, time to roll up your sleeves and apply it to your Steemit career.


If you'd been on Steemit for a while, and are not happy with the results you're getting, it means you're simply not using the right methods to build your success.

And the Law of Requisite Variety means you just need to find other methods to achieve your goals.

Ok, for most "motivational speakers", they are gonna stop here. Because they've given you the Law - the theory, the concept - and its now your job to go figure it out on your own.

But lucky for you, I hate those speakers who dangle the possibilities and sprinkle false hope all over it, and just leave me hanging.

So, for the rest of the post, I've gonna show you a few tips and hacks to expand your toolbox of methods, and perhaps you'll find one that works for you, spearheading your success to become a Successful Steemian!

And for that to happen, firstly, we need an evaluation, because:

What you can measure, you can improve.


For you to evaluate your progress successfully, and also to know if you methods are working, you need to know where you are (Point A), and where you wanna go (Point B).

Start by filling up your info in the table below:

Present StateGoal/Target
Number of Followers
Quality of Followers*
(scale of 1 to 5)
Steem Power
Average Payout/Post**
Total Payout Since Day 1***

* Do note that the number of followers is a quantitative approach. Frankly, it's the quality of the followers that will determine your success. Use a scale of 1 to 5 for this one. You can check out the quality of your followers at Hint: Purple trumps Blue. :)

* Head over to, click on Content Insights, and scroll all the way to be bottom. You'll be able to see details such as posts per day, average revenue per post, average votes per post etc.

** Head over to, and looked at TOTAL PAYOUTS. Do know that it's not real time, as the snapshot is taken usually a few hours ago.*

So, when you look the table of info, and you are quite happy with your progress, then stop here. I mean, you've achieved your goals, right?

But if you're unhappy with data, here are a few tips that may give you some ideas on those key areas. Remember, the Law of Requisite Variety means that you need to be flexible with your approach, so testing out is the best way to know what works and what doesn't.

Also, do note that I borrowed a lot of strategies and hacks I used in my digital marketing work, on mature platforms and channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and email marketing. Due to Steemit being at the infant stage still (less than 2 years old, but feels so long!), it's not gonna be a 100% guarantee. Just treat these hacks as suggestions and try them out yourself.

Oh yeah, before I forgot. Depending on your active time and goals on Steemit, you may want to check on those figures in the table above every week or two. Remember, the more frequent your check-in points:

  • It will be easier for you to make course corrections
  • But it will also mean you may not be allowing enough time for your strategy to take effect before any course corrections


I realise when it comes to increasing your payouts, applying the 80/20 Rule (identifying the 20% of input that generates 80% of the output, full post here) tell us this:

By focusing on the quality of your followers and the view count of your posts, we will be able to generate better results.

So, let's work on these two areas for today.

  1. Improve the Quality of Followers
  2. Increase the View Count of your Posts

Note: This is assuming you have quality posts. If you don't, focusing on these 2 areas ain't gonna work.

Hacking the Quality of Your Followers:

  1. Check the "quality" of your followers ( Let's call the Purple ones your Class-A Followers.

  2. Identify the Top 20 Performing Tags of your Class-A Followers. This will give you a hint of the their areas of interest. You can view this info at https://, then click on Content Insights.

    Image Source

  3. Using the simply principle of "birds of the feather flocks together", you can start following the followers of your Class-A Followers (try saying that fast 3 times).

  4. Additionally, you can also comment of some of the recent posts of your Class-A Followers, because this essentially will allow you to expose yourself to their followers too.

  5. With reference on the same principle, you can also start scrolling through the posts under those categories of interest.

  6. Look for Steemians with decent reputation and followers, and comment on their posts.

  7. Because of the total transparency model of Steemit, you can also apply the same strategies to "stalk" other Steemians (who are not following you yet) in your category too. Due to similar interests, their followers, or even themselves, may potentially follow your posts too.

  8. NEVER BEG FOR VOTES OR FOLLOWS. Instead, comment something Honest, Helpful or Humble, and end with something like "Man, I just found our that your previous posts are interesting too, so I'm just gonna follow you so I don't miss the new ones."

  9. BONUS TIP: You can also go to, then enter your Steemit ID. Click on Posts, click on the icon highlighted below, and go through the list of people who upvoted you. Look got Class-A and Class-B Supporters. Hint: Orange > Purple > Blue

Hacking the View Counts of your Posts:

  1. Because of the Law of Reciprocity - when you do something nice to someone, you will deep-root a psychological urge in them to do something nice in return - using the above methods may drive some new traffic to your posts.

  2. Which is why you constantly need to produce good, value-adding contents, because your feed is gonna serve as a snapshot of you to your visitors.

  3. If you have some SBD to spare, you can try out Resteeming Services as well. A few that you can check out are like @ebargains, @carlobelgado, @hottopic, @steemvote and more.

    I usually set aside 30% of the SBD payout of each article for resteeming services. I.e. if your current payout is $10, 30% of it will be SBD1.125 (37.5% of $10 is SBD3.75, and 30% of that is SBD1.125).

    Tip: A quick estimate is 12% of your total payout.

  4. Participating in Discord Groups like whaleshares, buildawhale, steemgigs (freelancers) and writersblog. Make friends there.

    Image source

  5. If you have a local support group, like us in teammalaysia (yay!), reach out and make friends too!

  6. Volunteer as a curator or moderator in some of the groups. Get yourself noticed!

  7. Note on vote buying: I see some Steemians use bid bots to raise their payouts per post, so that they can trend well in their respective categories. Truth is, this is a costly move, and a risky one as well. Plus, some Steemians I know will not support posts that had been upvoted by bid bots, so be aware.

    I did a case study on Bid Botting, and you can check it out here.

Remember, embracing the Law of Requisite Variety requires you be firm on your goals, and flexible with your methods. From the hacks mentioned above, pick one, implement it for 21 days, lay milestone checks every 7 days. At the end of 21 days, decide if you would like to continue, or try something else to achieve your goals.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.
~ Albert Einstein

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I am currently apart of a bootcamp called #dolphinschool by @markrmorrisjr. I am trying to learn how to be a better earner on steemit. Something he showed me that you may be interested is the site:

I like better but always fun to see new tools to view payouts. Thanks.

Oh yeah, I heard about the bootcamp. You're in good hands.

Yup, I know about too. But usually just to use it to check my pending payouts. What do you learn to use it for?

Exactly what you said. To figure out payouts and visualize how different users have different ways of earning. Some have few posts but earn a lot of rewards for each post while others post a lot and each consistently the same amount of rewards.

Good info, great post!

Thanks for the post @maverickfoo. Really enjoyed it, and agree with your logic. I wonder if you have any tips for someone like me who is specifically posting about a topic that has overall very little attention. I am very new and write mostly neuroscience related content. When I go to the trending in neuroscience tag my posts are usually among the top ones there, but it seems to be a very small pool of writers. Thanks!

Hi @ngans, thanks for reaching out. Have you tried tags like education and psychology? Those are quite profitable tags.

I have a daily report on tags on Steemit, with the latest one here. Try to see which of the profitable tags can be linked to your content. Hope it helps.

Awesome! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

every time I try to use one o these pay to play strategies it never works out for me. nothing beats some good hard work it's been working for me so far

Hi! Can I know what do you mean by those pay to play strategies?

buying upvotes from minnow helpers. trying to generate votes from liking others pages it seems counter productive the platform should be based on real merits not just your ability to boosts others's a short coming the platform needs to focus on good content rather than just money make schemes

Thanks for this advice but yeah don't compare yourself to others as we had our own uniqueness or individuality we can be successful based on how eager are we to meet our goals and how competent are we to break are present goals and strive for bigger. But as of now I need to find my sense of direction in life as I seems to be a lost soul in this world who only goes with the flow

Normally when friends and clients ask me personal questions such as directions in life, I'd ask them these:

"if money is not an issue, what would you be doing now?"

"What's one issue that always get to you, that you want to fight for?"

"After you're gone, what will you want others to remember you by?"

Hope that helps, and all the best to you, @lovelycolorado

The link: doesn't seems to work after I replace @your-steemit-ID with my own account ID. Did I missed out anything?

Think that function is broken since this afternoon. Sometimes it works, but other times, you'll just get a server time out. :(

Never seems to work anymore. Do you have any alternative ideas to get that kind of data? Love your posts by the way!

Nah. Seemed permanently dead to me :)

bah! Lol. Okay thanks.

I am a new memmber in steemit, your tips describe is very useful for me and newbie. and now action..!!thanks so much @maverickfoo

Yes, learning is one thing, but taking action is when the rewards come in BIG TIME!

Nice one! Thanks for not leaving the readers hanging. Very detailed guide and walkthrough d.

Thanks chief! Nah, I hate to be left hanging too, especially when at the ledge, they put a signup/paypal form. :)

your ability to write just never cease to amaze me

Thanks man. I guess we all have our talents eh? You with the camera...

True.... Looking forward to your training again this Sat...

Currently working on content / idea generation stage and looking for quality followers as well. Well i guess at early stage 80/20 rules not gonna apply eh? I spend almost whole day today in Steemit to know more and list down idea from your previous 365 idea post :)

Hi @williamsyee. Yes, for 80/20 to work, you need data. Of course, you can always use other people's data, i.e. study their behaviour and results, but usually, the results may always be accurate, because what they do in the background, you will never know, and that will affect your data.

I would suggest starting with idea generation and start producing contents first. After a consistent streak of posting, you will have better set of data to analyse.

Thank you for your suggestion @maverickfoo! Sometimes I just get distracted by other things like upvote or followers.

This is a very helpful strategy @maverickfoo. It really helps.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for the support!

I like what you say about the 80/20 rule and quality follows. I think I'll read this a few times as a reminder.

Thanks! Glad you find it useful. :)

Good write and lessons and tips here. @maverickfoo Thank you cikgu

Thanks you thank you :)

One written post per week, Cat?

@maverickfoo.. am encouraging myself to write alternate days if not every day.. Even if it is just a quotation. I feel guilty when I am not doing any writing this time. I love the Most Dangerous Writing App...
Thanks cikgu.

Motivated by pain ah? Hehe, like me

Ya lor... have to admit.

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I joined steemit about 6 months ago, I am yet to earn, maybe I am doing wrong in some area.

Nice tips buddy, useful to me as beginner in steemit, thanks

Thanks for your efforts dude. Very big value. Keep it up.

so motivating . i really do appreciate ur care . thank u so much . i wish success for everyone

@maverickfoo, another new learning today. And it is still interesting to read your post everyday. That's impressing, still a long way to learn, unlearn and relearn.

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Your experience is very interesting and should be learned. this is an inspiration for me. thanks. please I posted

Bermanfaat sekali postingan anda @maverickfoo, ini membuat saya terus bersemangat, thank you very much

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