29 Steemit Post Types to Attract More Followers & Boost Your Popularity (Part 2)

in howto •  9 months ago

Yup, totally didn't expect yesterday's post to be so long. When I first listed out all the 29 types of contents, it sure didn't look as long. Then when I started elaborating on each of them, and before I knew it, an hour has passed, and I was only at #15!

But is the elaboration necessary?

Of course. Without it, the post types won't hit home, and you (and the readers) won't be able to visualise how to package the different types of Steemit posts.

Is there one that is better than the other? Yes and No.

Yes, because there are some contents that can be packaged more effectively, and easily, in certain formats.

No, because it is up to your preference as a writer too. Each of us have a different way of processing and categorising information.


Let me give you an example. Say you want to create a post around the latest musical hit, The Greatest Showman. Some ways you can package the contents are:

  1. List - 7 things you didn't know about The Greatest Showman
  2. Review - My honest take on The Greatest Showman, and why I think it's my Greatest Show of 2018!
  3. Dummies Guide - How the Dances are Choreographed in The Greatest Showman | A step-by-step guide
  4. Recommendations/Curation - 10 other movies that you should watch if you loved The Greatest Showman
  5. Failure Stories - Why The Greatest Showman's PT Barnum is a dick in real life
  6. Success Stories - Bet you didn't know what Hugh Jackman's doctor said to him before his audition!
  7. Interview with Subject Matter Experts - One secret Rebecca Ferguson told me about her role as Jenny Lind in The Greatest Showman
  8. Facts & Figures - Records Sales for the Greatest Showman | Monthly Box Office Update

And for those who have zero clue what I just talked about…

Kinda cool eh? Not just the trailer but how one topic - one idea, can generate so many different post types. And if you apply the Chunking Method mentioned in my previous post (How to generate at least 365 post ideas for your Steemit Life (and possibly never run out of ideas again!)… man, sky's the limit!

Cool! Ready to continue the list?

16. Mythbusters

Ah, conspiracy lovers and controversial tale seekers. These kind of posts plays with your readers' natural curiosity, and if you angle the title right, it's a great click bait!

That's because, internally, humans like to be correct. Call it ego or pride, or just plain human nature. So when something we know is being challenged, we will try to disprove it.

Hence the click bait. :)

17. New (Updated) Editions

Some of your contents will need to be updated over time. The sad thing about Steemit (or should I say the best thing :P), is that your posts cannot be edited after 7 days. This is where trending contents work well, because within 3 to 6 months, you will have new info, and it's time for a new post!

A few contents that fits this post types are: consumer behaviour reports, market statistics, crypto-analysis, softwares and hardwares, data of sectors/indsutries/countries and more!

One brilliant example, which turned out to be a brilliant business model too, was Derek Siver's Woodegg. It's a site that Derek started in 2012 when he was living in Singapore, and he wanted to know more about his neighbouring countries. Check it out.

Image source

18. Definitions

If your experience at work revolved around technical terms that the general public do not understand, you are sitting on a goldmine of post ideas! From P/E Ratios to Click-Through-Rates, Coleman Liau Index to FIFO, the possibilities are endless!

Your ultimate value, though, is not just providing the definition, which your readers can just take off a dictionary. Instead, focus on what it means to your readers. Dumb it down for them, to a level that they can relate to. Give them examples that can help them connect the dots.

Now, if you think about it, that's one heck of a post series! And since Steemit is on a blockchain, and new terms are literally created everyday, you should totally do a series on it!

19. Tutorials & E-Courses (Steem Courses)

Kinda like the how-to or dummies guide, but tutorials or e-courses are usually more detailed, step-by-step with videos or screen shots. And remember, you are not writing for experts, because they would already know what you're trying to teach. Think of the amateurs, the newbies, and how to guide them effectively. Make it simple for them, breakdown into smaller steps if you have to, and extend a little helpline where they can reach you should they need more guidance.

Boy, do this well, and you're gonna be Steemit's Most Loved Player!

Oh yeah, if tutorials are your thing, you may also wanna check out what the folks at @utopian-io.

20. New Solutions to Common Problems

We live in an age of technology and various advancements, but we still have same old problems to deal with. Do a quick AnswerThePublic around your topics, and see what questions are being asked about them. That's tremendous insight into challenges others are having, and if you have new, innovative solutions to it, you're in luck!

Psychologically, because it's a common problem, when your title promises something controversial or unheard-off, it's a natural click bait.

A few examples that come to mind are:

  • This mom took isotonic drinks to fix her migraines!

  • How to use Eventbrite to boost app downloads

  • Why Tinder is a great channel to promote your restaurant business

21. Top Things

Fundamentally, this works like a list type or recommendations, but the key difference here is the priority and urgency around your contents.

For example, many would have create topics around travels and lifestyles, which is why contents like "Top things you need to do in Bali" and "Top jazz bars you have to visit before you die (touch wood)" works really well. Your readers already know there are lots of options, and they value the fact that you help them rank it, so they can make better decisions around it.

22. Pros & Cons

Ah, the comparisons. Some would call this post types as the 2.0 of product reviews. Here's also where you expertise on the subject comes heavily into play. If you are able to constructively layout the differences between two competing products or services, sprinkling your personal biases only when needed, your readers would appreciate that. You will enjoy a huge boost credibility, and fans will chime in at the comments section, driving engagement to your posts.

23. FAQ

If writing is not really your super power, and linking sentences and paragraphs is an issue, the this is your lucky break. Especially if you have a wealth of knowledge in a particular area, and is aware of the common questions asked around the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), is basically a simple post packed with a list of questions and answers. It can be a long article, so consider breaking it into different posts if you have to. For the latter, consider using categories to group the questions together.

Heck, due to the nature of the 7 day edit period, you can even combine this with #17 (New and Updated Editions), and have updated FAQs every few months!

24. SAQ

Short for Should Asked Questions, this is a hybrid of a checklists and newbies guide. Because you're a subject matter expert in a certain area, you probably know the ins-and-outs of the industry.

Highly useful before a big purchase or one with a long-term commitment - investments, properties, insurance policies - your readers will appreciate your inside-info because chances are, you're gonna save time lots of time and money, and probably from mistakes too!

25. Series Posts

Kinda like my daily Mini Motivations, this sets a tone of consistency, something your readers can expect from you regularly. It also creates continuity, and chances are, if they liked one of the posts within your series, they will read through the previous ones as well. And if you regularly win their hearts, the Follow Button is just the next natural thing for them to click on.

Of course, you can adapt the proven formula of TV series and employ them in your writing, especially in fiction. Leave your readers in a cliff-hanger as they anticipate for the next post from you. You've just opened up a loop in their minds, and until they "close" it, you and your posts will be percolating in the back of their mind. #sick

26. Seasonal Posts

Ah, the holidays. It's on everyone's mind, which also mean there's probably an influx of posts just like yours, making it harder to stand out.

That's where your creativity comes in.

Personally, I avoid seasonal posts because it has a short life span; it's not evergreen, and you gotta put in extra effort to gain the attention. Still, don't let my personal preferences stop you. If you have an interesting twist to your post, you can benefit from being under the (crowded) spot lights. This is totally a double-edge sword thing. :)

27. BTS Posts

Highly recommended for video, event and music producers, Behind-The-Scene is a great way to lure fans and interested parties alike. The thing is this: people are generally curious when it comes to how things are made, and if it's something they are familiar with - say a short video, trending song or a sensational event - they will be keen to know what goes into the mix to produce it, who are the people involved, what are the challengers and more.

A recommended use is to have a post dedicated just for the video or audio content, and have a separate BTS post a few days later to drive traffic to both pieces of contents.

I'll admit, I haven't done much of these, so if you have a few tips, do let me know in the commends below.

28. Crowd-Source Posts

Image source

This was a post idea given to me by one of my friend, Yasmin (@icehockeyandher), who is a travel blogger and ice hockey enthusiast. She hosted a few sessions of Ask Me Anything (AMA) at AMAfeed.com, where she just posted a little bio about herself (travel blogger, marketer, national ice hockey player etc), and anyone can ask her questions about that her, her job, experiences, expertise everything! It's almost like a FAQ post, but just a lot more interactive, since the questions are from real people. And If I'm not mistaken, she mentioned she got paid for hosting those sessions too. Check out the site, and use it as a means to crowd-source contents for your Steemit posts.

29. Contest Posts

There are many of these on Steemit - from tee shirt design to photography to poetry writing to even an icon design. If you got some SBDs lying around or a decent amount of Steem Power (or delegation), hosting a few contest will rapidly boost up your number of followers, upvotes, mentions and overall popularity. Try to be different from the rest of the contests around though, because nobody wants a me-too. :)

So there you have it. A WHOPPING TWENTY NINE different post types for your Steemit Career! Actually I have a couple more which didn't make the list, but I think with the 365 post ideas, combined with 29 different ways to package it, is probably gonna keep you super busy until 2027!

Heck, and these are just for written contents. You can totally take things up a few notches with videos, podcasts, animations… #nolimits

If you do use one of the post types from here, leave a comment below with the link to your post. Would love to check it out.

Probably gonna take a weekend break after a week full of long form posts :)

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You are so good. Spending a long time reading many of your articles. I'm a failed blogger trying to make it :) I have a challenge because English is my 2nd language. Currently, I'm subscribing following google search alerts: Meditation, Fasting, Vegan and Bitcion. I'm debating should I keep my content only on one subject, let's say Meditation or Vegan. Or it could become borning, perhaps, I should have all those 4 subjects so I can get different type of followers. What's your tips for me? Perhaps, I could never make it because English is always my 2nd language.


One thought -- the #VEGAN category is perhaps a large enough niche that you could concentrate on that a while; and You could (while doing research for "Vegan", which IS a category here ) gather some nice vegan #recipes & publish with the tag "recipe" or "food".

Note that the category is "recipe", not Recipes . ☻

Ok that's my #Tip.

P.S. - Have u done an #IntroduceYourself post yet ?
That can help draw attn to your efforts !



Thanks for your tips. Vegan indeed is a growing trend. Much better than meditation or or fasting. Fasting only popular before the summer time. I did the introduceyourself already. Can people do twice?! So you think it's better to focus on one subject instead of couple different subjects?


Yes, initially. That will help u really hone in on the topic - and You will become known for your #vegan posts (in that category), & in #Food - as that's another Tag u could use (You're allowed up to 5 tags ).

More on tags -- How to use it properly :


Another thing for you to consider (b-4 u begin to post in VEGAN ) is if you'll be a vlogger here & do #video posts - that'd be via Dtube :


P.S. -- In following people in yr chosen niche (VEGAN), really look for the high quality posters to FOLLOW ☻

P.P.S. - When you post, use High-quality images (crisp, not fuzzy). It's very important


Thank you so much. You are such a good citizen, I meant Steemian. People like you make our world great to live. I did put in about 3 video in Dtube so far. Sometimes the video doesn't play and sometimes my upload keep having problems. I guess their server can not keep up with the demand right now.

Ya a lot of those sound really good.


Glad you liked it. Have a nice weekend!

Great post and great ideas. I just wish it was more compact.


Hi! Yeah, when I listed it out, it looked like an average post. When I started elaborating on them, #boom, it grew until I had to break it up!

Lol this post is number 25

So much great ideas. For me I have more ideas than time and so what I need is more time rather than ideas.


Haha, well, we all have 24 hours, eh? Sadly blogging/writing is based reward on productivity, not opportunity (yet). So short of outsourcing the task, there's no way to go around it. I mean, I think you can outsource the research and editing, but the writing is still your essence. :)

Great ideas you have shared. Thanks for the sharing at least a newbie like me knows the “how” now. Grateful for all the details and informations! 👍🏼


Thanks! Glad to know I'm able to help. :)

Damn son...that shit is comprehensive! I just get discouraged and wonder if the only way to see authentic engagement these days is by putting a dozen repost bots to work so some thoughtful human eyes actually fall on your writing once in a while.

I love to write, but I'm not a "write for the sake of writing" type. Without connection and comment engagement, I lose momentum quick.

Thanks for all of the ideas and I hope we can connect more!


Following you now, @tayken. :)

And thanks for the kind words. These are basically a couple of cheatsheets I've used over the years as a content marketer. Realised it's just as effective on Steemit too!


Still just comes down to good writing and attention...Thx, followed back!


WHich is encouraging, actually.
I know what You're speaking of (I've got a few of those, too).

But I think my TOP #TIP for Newbies would be... 'Be sure & use quality images' with your #STEEMIT posts - and, more to it 'EDIT the high-quality image' , put your own Stamp on it .

Well I read yesterday's post from you and found it interesting and helpful. Today's is just as good. You've put a lot of work into this and I appreciate it. Very helpful thank you.


Thanks @jvalentine. Glad to know you've found it useful. Yeah, it took quite a long while to create this post. :)

Series post takes alot if energy

I tried it and it didn't turn out well


Yup, I agree that it takes quite a bit of energy and commitment to follow through.

I did a short series a while back when I started, and now running a daily Mini Motivation too. Day 25 on a streak now. :)

@maverickfoo, very informative post. Time to group some of these ideas and action on it.


Thanks for the tips @maverickfoo! i’m more of a Origin Story type (type #1 in your Part 1). However sometimes I felt it’s harder to get followers / attentions compare to the How-to or the other more focused-topic content, for example, ICO related. What is your thought on that?


The Golden Rule is still writing in the areas of your interest, so you can also try to learn about ICOs or anything trending, and do a piece on it. But if it's a foreign topic, it's not gonna be easy.

I think there's a good mix of Steemians and varied interest. If you look under writing, art, story and life, you can see there are mostly non-tech. :)


Writing ICOs related content would definitely kill me off Steemit! haha. Probably I still haven't placed myself into the correct category yet. Will check out the tags that you mentioned! Thanks again ^^


On Steemit, strategy is just as important as creativity. :)

And also connectivity, because if you're buddy-buddy with the right communities, you're pretty much set.

Hmph, so that just gave me an idea/concept.

Strategy - Creativity - Connectivity


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woao! i like your post so much I would like you to read my post and tell me what do you think: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@johntkd/la-metamorfosis-de-mi-vida-steemians-preparense

Ideas are brewing in the mind. Thank you, @maverickfoo!


Jot it down! Problem with the memory is that we think it serves us well, but actually, it doesn't...

Evernote is a good tool to keep all your ideas synced up, even if it's written on paper. Just take a snapshot of it, make sure you have more than decent handwriting (you are a teacher!), and it becomes searchable!


Okieeeee - gotta jot it down! And yes to Evernote! :D

great post, really!!

Thanks for the sharing my friend ! now please post something in spanish !

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Amazing post, thank you! Noted down a lot of ideas!


That's good! Now you can cut it up into small strips, put it in a fish bowl, and randomly pick one to write on everyday!

Hello there, as you can say around here, I am a "newbie" 😊 23131997_899810403509324_1117363852768131531_n.jpg

I invite you to my blog, your opinion counts for me, I hope I have passed all the steps for writing a good post.
Best regards!

finally i have pinpoint some ideas i have been looking for, thanks for this wonderful idea @maverickfoo

mantap :) vote back yah :)

This is blogging gold. Thank you very much.

What do you think about sex related posts? I saw some success on this field some people made.


Haha, good one. Haven't tried it, really. Just trying to avoid getting into too much trouble. :)


No, no, WITHOUT porn video content, only text, something like "10 ideas for masturbation", "What lube to choose"))


Oh! Yeah, although I haven't tried, but I think it will work.

I have, however, used titles with a little sexual innuendo, like:

This app launches higher than any orgasm will ever bring you. :)


Great)) How to read books fast like a first sex. No, you are better title creator))


How to finish a book before he's done? Haha.


Thanks, I finished))


You can do it slowly or fast))

Great tips
Am actually sitting on a lot of gold mines

thank you

Good post and thank you for great ideas

some really good ideas ... very useful article..I came up with two ideas before I even got to #5 - I'm looking forward to reading your other post about chunking too


With Chunking, you literally can generate a years' worth of contents!

This is really good
What do you think about health related post@maverickfoo

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