Prevention of climate change from nature

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From the time of independence, India's floods were flooding, now it is 8 times more flooding and 10 times more dry area.

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Now the world has become dangerous landscape. Dangerous Landscape means the major changes in the earth from human interference. 

Like food, large dams, large buildings, and industrialization Adding all of these, the face of the earth has become an ugly form. For this reason, the mood of the weather has deteriorated, so the temperature of the weather increased by 2 to 3 degrees. 

There is hot air between the earth and the clouds that do not allow hair to grow. Sometimes clouds coming from both sides collide with each other so there is excessive rainfall.

The result comes in the form of a flood of Mumbai, Chennai or Paris. Its original greed has encroached upon the flow of water. It does not get the water of rain or the place to be gathered. 

In the rainy season when the soil goes away i.e. soil erosion, water does not save moisture. If there is no moisture, then there is no greenery in it, and whenever there are rains, it does not get green, it flows away and whenever there is a shortage of rain, it becomes dry. 

It is not that this is happening now. It was earlier, but then there were moisture and greenery in the soil. Now we are taking a cycle of crops, everything has gone wrong. The root cause of all of these is the deteriorating landscape or the deteriorating face of the earth. This is called climate change in large part. 

To prevent this, it is necessary that we save rainwater. This can avoid both flood and drought. To prevent climate change, it has to be tried and accordingly, crop circle should be adopted. With the development of technology, the exploitation of natural resources has increased a lot. 

If you look at India, then there is a technique to remove water in 1600 meters. Three decades ago, water could be extracted well by 100 feet depth through the well. There are so many resources in nature that it is possible to meet the requirements of the whole world but greed cannot be fulfilled only by one person. The only side effects of this growing greed are in front of us. To combat climate change we abandon greed, save natural resources and love nature.


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in the last 100 years human shot the climate change exponentially up. it will be getting worse if the big players wont do anything against it (they all dont care)

Yes, you are right no one care about it.

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