Auto Daily Payout of 43.8% APR for Steem Power Delegations starting from 100 SP Only...(Partly used to fund open-source projects)

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Fellow Steemians,

As a part of our open-source initiative, we have decided to distribute the maximum returns possible (43.8% APR) for your delegated Steem Power. At first, we thought why not offer just the best price on the market which is 39.5% APR ( but then we thought what will be the difference between us and the rest of the money-centric world. So we thought let's give it all or atleast the best we can to our fellow delegators. And we calculated our server costs and the bare minimum expenses required to run the bot & decided to share the rest with all delegators who support us in our initiatives.


Every delegator will get 12 STEEM daily for 10000 SP delegated to us i.e. 0.12 STEEM daily per 100 SP for many months or for as long as you want (0.12x365 = 43.8% APR). The best part is you can delegate as little as 100 SP and you can cancel any-time if you wish.

Also with the STEEM price forecasts to breaking all time highs, your returns will get compounded to give you mind boggling ROI on your Steem Power.

How to Delegate?

Delegating Steem power is very simple! Thanks to @justyy for creating this delegation tool.
Click on DELEGATE to go to the tool.
In the optional delegator ID field put your username without @ and in delegatee ID put therising. Fill the amount you want to delegate, select SP in dropdown and click on delegate with There sign the transaction with your username and private active key and you will get an instant confirmation.

For any questions or issues in delegation, kindly contact us at


If it is true, good chance, I guess.
Is there any competitors for me to check.

If there is no competitor, it can be dangerous investment.. ??

wow! what a nice post it is!! thanks for sharing... upvote and resteemit done!

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What if you want to undo delegation later? is it possible?

Yes...that's the best can cancel your delegation at any time you want.

Thank you.

There is no resteem option so I presume you don't want this post being resteemed. Is that to keep it to a select group?

You can only resteem within 7 days of a new post

Thanks for heads up

I just sent you 4.00 steem after checking the bot tracker in the last 5 minutes And oly got maybe 1.50 upvote !?!?!? Please refund my money !! Heres my link :

It all depends on the bidding round. After your bid, some guy transferred a higher amount which resulted that particular round not being profitable. I will add a round limit feature soon enough to the bot which will guarantee a profitable bid or atleast breakeven to all bidders. Till then, that's the way all the bid bots work. Please don't comment on posts. You can contact me on discord for any further issues.

I only have problems useing discord , but thanks for the info .this seems to happen all the time with all the bots they always drop below 0 in the last 5 or 2 minutes so none get anything .

You have your delegators and bidders in mind. Respect!
Delegating to fund open source projects is a sure plus.

Hi, I wondering are you still paying out 43.8% APR?is this sustainable?

As per our last payout, the current APR is around 36%. Regarding sustainability, it purely depends on the market