Why did the need to create a ministry of depression in Britain?

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The British Government has set up a separate ministry to deal with loneliness and to combat social isolation. 

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British Prime Minister Theresa has given additional charge of the new ministry to sports and civil society minister Tracey Crouch in her government.The statement issued by Prime Minister Theresa's office said that this ministry has been made in the memory of Labor Party Joe Cox.

Who was Cox?

Cox was a member of the Labor Party. The loneliness commission was formed under her leadership. Cox said that she had to suffer loneliness several times in her childhood. Cox was brutally murdered in 2016.

Nine million people suffer from loneliness:

According to the report of the British Red Cross, Britain's total population is 6.5 million, out of which more than nine million people sometimes or often feel lonely. Nearly two lakh of these people are unable to talk to their friends or relatives in a month.

People suffering from depression will be able to talk:

PM Theresa said that loneliness is the tragic reality of this modern life. The person who has lost a loved one or who has no one to talk to can share his experiences and own mind with the ministry.

Ministry will work with people:

It has been said in the statement that the new ministers will be made to carry forward the recommendations of the commission formed under the leadership of Cox. In it, there will be work to be done by the government's comprehensive strategies, business and commission officials for charity.


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