Inspirational story to change life perception from negativity to positivity

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This is real story of a girl, who 4 years back lost her both kidney. She shared her life changing story with me, and I want to share it with my Steemit Community. 

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Four years back, her life most painful days, when got to know in medical reports that her both kidney are damaged. That time she was in senior school higher class (means last year before college).  

She had many dreams like others for her life and were so happy in her life. One Medical report changed her life miserable. When she got to know that her both kidney were not working. 

This all happened because of a medicine high dose. That impacted her kidney and she had loose both kidney. 

Now real struggle started for her to fight with it, mentally and financially in day to day life. Treatment is also so painful. Even we were afraid of small needle and in dialysis entire blood is take out from body and filtered it back to body with such a big needles through our body veins. That’s not enough even patient can’t drink water more than 250 ml per day and that is also very high levels.  

This process made her life very challenging and slowly she entered in depression. Doctor gave her tablets for sleeping, she didn’t get sleep after that pills. She went in big depression and don’t obsessed to live more. She always hiding herself in a room. 

One day she was sitting idly and suddenly she planned to watch video. And accidentally she got an interesting motivational video. And she start feeling positive environment between that negative thoughts. After watching that she started to watch more and she found a leader to success to come out from her dark situation.  

She start following path of that grace person and start fighting with her situation. Now her life getting completely changed, she got energized to fight with her depression. She started to do thing in positive manner and changer her perception about life. Now she decided to become strong and fight with the problem.    

She keep saying to herself 

What happened to me nothing, only my kidney are not working, but rest body is okay. I can do anything for living a better life and why I am feeling so negative, it’s okay and let’s fight like brave girl.

In next few days she took decision to start coaching classes in house and start earning for her living. She want to become independent in her life. Now she completely changed her perception to view the life.   

Before this she was like moving to hospital from house in car and now situation completely changed. She didn’t want to make burden to her family and started to move hospital for treatment alone.    

Now in last 4 years she changed herself drastically, even she start travelling in public transport alone. Now she live her life in freedom. When before she took tablets for sleeping, now she is sleeping anywhere she felt comfortable. Previously she was struggling to make herself happy and now she is doing work with happiness. 

Now she also started learning vocal music and doing singing also, not to get success, but to feel the life. 

Now she is totally independent. Now her life is so wonderful, her words 

If something happened to me then also I have no complaint with anyone and happily say goodbye to life 

She got confidence to fight with life, that all happen after seeing one motivational videos that changed her nature and perception for life completely. 

This kind of story also inspire us to fight with situations with positive thinking in our life.

Don’t live in future, live in present. Do whatever you are doing by involving in that work completely.     

                                               Please leave your thoughts and feedback below! 

                                                                     Thanks for reading!    


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