Honesty is way to Success !!!

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Many folks lie at workplace to grow and to achieve their goals. But they can never succeed for long term or in real essence.Be honest, if you really want to get success at workplace.

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Few things you should focus on :  

Achieve your Targets/Goals

 Try to achieve all your targets/goals set by your organisation or manager at the start of the year. If you are unable to do so ,accept it in your official meetings because lying will not help you for long. Explain in the meeting that why you were unable to achieve the given goals- Were you  unable to understand your goals or did not got the relevant help from other stakeholders to accomplish the same. This is important to discuss with your manager as he/she will only help to grant further help or guidance to accomplish the same. Never hide any work related problems or blockers with your managers.

Grow in your career 

 Always try to grow in your career at your workplace. If you think you have knowledge of some specific skills or you wish to gain some specific skills, always share it with your manager.  Ask your manager to help you gaining more knowledge around the same skill. Ask your manager to assign you work on the same skills and try to accomplish the same on time and with high quality to prove that you are ready for the next level in your career.

Be on time at your workplace

 You should always reach on time to your office & must complete the important & assigned work for the day. Don’t let this happen that your boss reach before you at workplace. If your boss ask you about your office reporting time, never lie him rather tell him the reason of coming late to office if you were actually late to office.

Don’t blame others at Workplace

 While at work , if you have made any mistake always accept it . Never ever think of blaming your colleague for your own mistakes. If you accept your mistakes, it gives your confidence and  you need not be afraid of being caught for the rest of the day. If you lie and blame others, it would also affect your other tasks of the day.

Be ethical 

Never carry office materials or accessories at home & switch off the lights while leaving from office.Be ethical at your workplace. If you see anything which is not acceptable at workplace, always raise the same to your management rather than becoming a part of it & supporting it. Always support what is correct and be honest to yourself. 

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