Build your body language with confidence

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Belief in any human relationship is at the core. This belief is also necessary to strengthen the relationship between you and your customer. 

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Now it is not necessary that this belief is developed by speaking only. Often when people say - believe me, then they are seen with the most suspicion. So there is no need to say every time. You can also believe without speaking, that is, even your body language. Such beliefs inspire people to believe in you.

Compliment with a smile: 

If you are embracing someone or praising someone, but if there is no sense on the face, then there will be no special effect. If this is the same thing you will bring a smile to your face with enthusiasm, then the positive message will be sent to the front.

Frank smiled: 

If you meet anyone smile freely. Your smile comes from the message to the front, 'You can feel safe with me.' If you have trouble smiling, practice it. Thinking that you are meeting your old friend after a year and then what will smile on your face? You should keep this smile on others too.

It is important to have a sense: 

It is not right to listen to a speaker without any reaction and absolutely speechless. It seems that you are somewhere else. At the same time, if you shake your head after hearing about the front, then it is sent to the message - yes you say, I am listening. The same feeling can be brought on the face of a sad message like this. Something funny said, smiling, of course. The person in front of such sentiments will feel confident about you and believe on your things.

Join hands and eyes: 

If you meet anyone, join hands with warmth. In the meantime, not only the hands but also your eyes with their eyes. It should not look as staring at. It should reflect your self-confidence and affinity. After this, join hands while taking the fare.

Eyes speak: 

If your attention is going somewhere else while listening to a person, then it becomes very uncomfortable for the speaker. He will feel that you are not interested in his talk. To avoid such a situation, make sure you have a contact with the speaker.


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Eye contact is so important. Shy people, well, they shy-away from eye contact without realizing it's the first step toward good relationships --in business and personal.

There are times that I find myself looking around the room to see who is there while having a conversation with someone. I hate that I do that though. Thanks for the tips.

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