What is the world condition including India in healthcare?

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Things are bad in countries with more than half of the world's population.

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Today I am going to show you some data on healthcare system of countries which have more population and less services. And also compare these with Indian and other developed countries. There are few figures that I taken from research reports and mention details about them.

Five countries with the best health facilities-

Luxembourg is number One:

The first place in healthcare facilities. The average age is 82 years. The government also raises the cost of admission to medicine, tests and even hospital. Healthcare facility is available for 99% people.


The average age of this country, with less than one crore population, is 86 years. There is both government and private insurance arrangements. Compulsory Medical Savings Program, called Medicine for Medicine, is run.


The average age is highest in the world. The new average has won 84 years. There is also the Universal Health Care System. Here in the treatment 30% of the money to spend and the rest 70% is borne by the government.


The primary health center in Cuba has 3 floors. There are patients on the first floor. The residential facility of the doctor and nurse is on the second floor in the same building, which monitors the patients for 24 hours.


The private hospital is equal to none in Norway. The government carries expenditure on the biggest disease. 9.9% of the total budget is spent on health. Government raises 85% of medical treatment.

India is at 100th position:

Qatar, Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, America, New Zealand and Israel are also in good condition in health. In the same case, India is ranked 100th in the list of 149 countries.

Based on the 10th annual global index of London based research institute 'The Legatum Institute' ...

Healthcare status in India compared to other countries-

Not spending much on Healthcare in India:

According to the I-CAG report last year, 428 machines and equipment of 30.39 crores have lost the same in districts and villages.

In the 27 states, the condition of spending on health at the Center and states level is poor. 

In 2011-12, there was no expenditure of Rs. 7375 crore on health services, in 2015-16, no expenditure of 9509 crores.

Despite being expiry, medicines are given:

According to the report, medicines are given to patients without seeing the quality and expiry date in 14 states of the country.
There are no essential facilities, such as medicines required in 8 states, Vitamin A and B tablets, Contraceptive Pills, ORS packets are not available.
In the 236 primary health centers of 24 states and Union Territories, there are only 1303 nurses, while the requirement is for 2306 nurses.

65 million people become poor annually in the treatment expenses:

In the absence of financial security, about 630 million people lose their lives every year in the treatment of diseases. 22% of the total primary health centers in the country and 32% in the community health centers. 50 percent of people travel more than 100 kilometers to get some kind of treatment. 70% of the health services in India are located in the top 20 cities of the country.

5 minutes for patients with doctors:

A study conducted online at the 'General BMJ Open' found that doctors around the world give the patient 5 minutes time in the initial screening. But it looks different on the basis of economic conditions of the countries. 

It has been said in the report that in the countries where more than half of the world lives, doctors are less than 5 minutes of the patient's investigation.

There has been the debate about primary healthcare services around the world. Giving less time to the patients by doctors is a matter of concern. The results of this study have been done by the Institute after studying many research papers that came up during the year 1994-2015 in its research.

Up to 20 minutes in developed countries:

There is a long time abroad. In the US the doctor gives an average of 20 minutes on a patient, while in Britain the time goes up to 10 minutes. It says that in the coming years this time can be up to 15 minutes.

This is because:

According to the study, the time of the investigation is seen in weak and middle-class countries. One reason is that population growth can also be considered. The same is the reason for the rising competition of pharmaceutical companies and making more money by the doctors.

India has just 2.3 minutes:

In countries like India and Pakistan, medical services are better than neighboring Bangladesh. In India, a doctor gives an average of 2.3 minutes each patient. That figure is 1.3 minutes in Pakistan.

All time low:

According to the study, doctors in Bangladesh spend less than a minute in the initial investigation of a patient. Here are about 48 seconds of patients who are the lowest in the world.

The most:

In Sweden, doctors give leisurely 22.5 minutes to their patients, and that are the most in the world for investigating a patient.


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