Saudi Arabia: Women's Rights today's time demand

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Beyond Vision-2030 Oil era, there is a draft plan for Saudi-Arab social-economic reforms. It is only another step of trying to present the answer as a modern nation with the oil-based economy.

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Taking another historic step towards social reforms in Saudi Arabia, women have been allowed to enter the sports stadium. A special entrance for women reached the King Abdullah Stadium where women wearing orange jackets, the security personnel, searched them and entered them inside. 

Earlier few months back,after the protest by society, women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Significantly, this Gulf country is the last country to allow women to drive.

The question is, what can be the reason for the sudden blessings of women? History has witnessed gender discrimination in Saudi. It is coming to see that the same Saudis are now taking women with new recruitment policies. 

All this is the result of the Saudi Vision-2030. Vision-2030 is a format of the plan related to socio-economic reforms of Saudi Arabia beyond your era. It is another step to try to present the answer as a modern nation from the oil-based economy. 

In Saudi Arabia, more than half of the colleges and undergraduate degrees or women have it but it is surprising that only 20% of women are working. This move of the government will encourage women to work and the economy will be much stronger. The sales of cars will increase, the insurance industry will grow. 

Apart from this, there will be confidence in investors that the mission of Saudi Arabia's Yuvraj Mohammed Bin Salman to diversify the economy of the country is on the right track. Gender-based facts for the global image of any nation are of great importance. The status and rights of women are considered as the largest scale of the nation's modern or dacoity. 

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This becomes a special political identity of a particular country. These decisions were taken in favor of women are not related to women's empowerment, but this step is to show the strength and solidarity of power in Saudi. The real change will come when the people of Saudi Arabia actively become part of these changes and will play a key role in governance. 

When the human rights abuses will be stopped, the freedom of speech will be promoted. Simultaneously, women's life will not be run by any kind of patron system.


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