Quality Images in your article or post enhance readers experience

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My love to steemit As part of steemit social network, where we can write articles, blogs , post images and can do lot more things. Steemit makes us feel proud , as after spending some time on it , we are going to love it. Many testimonial are there ,where we can see many responses for this love.  

Every one want to write articles, but don't aware of the fact that what readers are thinking about their article. Few are writing a long article without any images and loosing readers attention and makes article less entertaining.  

This is why articles with expressive images gain more attraction and have more views then without image articles. In above image first image,I mention some facts a writer should know. This is how our brain reacts after seeing a article with images and without images with only long text.

Today I am going to make some lite on "How to find images and make custom images"

Problem: We are facing major problem as images are expensive and for novice writer its difficult to hire graphic designer to crate quality images for them. And for that reason in beginning we need to learn how to make our own custom images from our self. How to create custom images will be my next  article. 

Here I am providing solution from where we can get quality images for free.

Use  Public Domain Images and low cost image sources 

To create our custom image we can use free public domain image source available online,which I am going to mention below.

One more thing I noticed that google images are free,but can't take any images from google because it might be protected by copyright laws. Even if you accidentally take an image that you thought was free to use, you could still get into trouble. 

The public domain refers to images that are available free for use by their creators. These images are old and their creators release them to public space.

You can use many public domain search available, few I mentioned below.

1. Pixabay : All images on this site are free to use, just skip the first row of sponsored images in every search you will make.You can find some decent and good quality images for your use, search for what you are interested in.

2. Morguefile :  Morguefile  is another popular free image site. All images are free and require no attribution.Use the search box and find what you are looking for.

3. Public Domain Pictures :Public domain is one of the top search engine for public domain images.Even it doesn't have the most creative name. Same as above you can search images here for your use.

Images should be a main feature of all your blog posts. They improve your readers’ experience and make them feel connected with you. 

                                           Please leave your thoughts and feedback below!  

                                                               Thanks for reading!     


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