Fifty-word challenge results and new prompt!

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It was another great week in the #fiftywords world. In this post I’ll list some of the most awesome posts from writers who tackled last week’s Fifty-word short story challenge with the prompt of "spring." And then I'll provide a new prompt for the coming week. I have so much fun with this, you guys! I love to see what everyone comes up with, and it gives me a prompt each week for a 50-word story as well.

If you’re a regular, you know I’m stoking the fire of the #fiftywords story format until @miniature-tiger is ready to take it on again. (I have not heard word yet about if or when, and so I carry on!)

(Image credit: Original image by pixel2013, Pixabay)

The springiest spring prompt posts

First, the #fiftywords rock star of the week

I have to say, @tanglebranch swept me away with her post, Jeffy’s Boots. While I’m a little mad at her for making me cry, as I told her last night she wins the “Jayna’s doffed cap award.” You need to read this piece. It is a perfect example of the power of a well-crafted 50-word short story.

What makes it so amazing is that the entire story is in the subtext, and yet there’s no mistaking what’s going on here. The full story of what has happened in the lives of the two people blooms in your mind as you read it. This is always my goal when I write a 50-word story. Well done, @tanglebranch! A cheers, a 100% upvote and a 1 SBD hug to you.

(Interesting side note: Tangle does not use the word “spring” in her story. The prompt word inspired this piece, but does not appear in it, which is totally fine by me.)

Second, the honorable mentions

There were so many good stories!

Here are some that stood out in particular for a variety of reasons. They pull at our heartstrings, or make us laugh, smile, imagine or reflect. In all cases, they are well crafted and edited, and demonstrate that the author really took the time to make every word count. (Note that some of the pieces went through the editing queue at The Writers' Block on Discord, and it shows!)

  • Spring Rolls, by @therosepatch, tells the story of Daniel who is challenged to support his family with cryptocurrency falling.
  • Procrastinating, by @isa93, cleverly describes exactly what the title would suggest!
  • Free, by @negativer, tells the story of a cat and a mother at one of life’s Big Transitions, and is either touching or humorous, depending on your personal interpretation. (Negativer, how did you do that?)
  • Spring in the air, by @ablaze, makes you want to run right out into a meadow and frolick with the lambs.
  • Neon, by @beginningtoend, is an adorably terrifying bit of micro science fiction.
  • The race, by @adigitalife, is a must-read for its fast pace, humor and surprise ending!
  • A Cruel Game, by @brandonsadventur, tells a powerful story of a clockmaker in a Nazi war camp.
  • The Swiss Spring, by @cizzo, is a clever story about Sally that incorporates multiple interpretrations of the word “spring.”
  • A summer Rose, by @diebitch, tells a poignant story of roses and scarred hearts.

Oh, and I threw my own into the ring as well: The farmers' market.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

This week's 50-word story prompt

As you may know, I love prompt words that can have more than one meaning. This week's story prompt is "mouse." Let your imagination run wild.


Here they are:

  • Write a story in 50 words. (It's especially cool if you can hit 50 words exactly!)
  • Use the #fiftywords tag, and post the link in the comments of this post.
  • Be sure to read and upvote the work of the other participants. It's all about community!
  • Use only artwork that you have the right to use, and attribute it properly. See below.

Proper use of images

Proper use of images means one of the following:

  1. It is your image.
  2. The image is public domain, or under creative commons licensing rules.
  3. If it is not one of the above, you have actual permission.

Be sure to mention that the image is yours, or attribute its source. And if it's not public domain or creative license, be sure to state that you have permission.

I have two resources for you, from my friends at #thewritersblock:

Deadline: Saturday, March 24th

Have fun!

The 50-word story clan

I'm mentioning you here if have participated in the #fiftywords short story challenge in the past. Please let me know if you would like your tag removed in this or future posts.

@ablaze, @adigitalife, @agmoore, @ahmadmanga, @aksounder, @alheath, @andyartland, @anixio, @anjkara, @awhsarada
@beginningtoend, @bentheredonethat, @bhop42moro, @bitsendpieces, @botefarm @brandonsadventur, @bryarose23
@caleblailmusik, @carlosparejo, @charlesmackenzie, @cizzo, @creatr, @curtwriter
@damianjayclay, @deirdyweirdy, @diebitch, @dinavice, @dirge, @divineinyang
@eaglespirit, @ebitularmbert, @elementm, @emwalker, @enjar, @evgsk
@feebie,, @fireawaymarmot, @fitinfun, @freewheel
@godwine, @gonzo
@iamthegray, @ilt-yodith, @isa93, @isufbakaj
@jadams2k18, @janine-ariane, @jakeybrown, @jayna, @joyyrush
@kainos-success, @kamalkennedy, @kingernie, @ktfabler
@ldacey-laforge, @lonestarpoet, @loraine, @lucylin
@Mammasitta, @marie-jay, @mark-dahl, @maxiemoses-eu, @metzli, @mikesthoughts, @mineopoly, @miniature-tiger, @momzillanc
@naquoya, @naso, @navaneeth, @negativer, @niallon11, @nicolexu1337
@paintingangels, @pixiehunter, @poeticnest, @preparedwombat, @prydefoltz
@purpledaisy57, @pyrowngs
@saoirseronan, @sciencevienna, @skoolielove, @spalatino, @stayoutofherz, @sukhasanasister, @superjongky
@thatlovechild, @theblackcrow, @therosepatch, @tiatu, @tibra, @tin-tin, @tony-duke, @tygertyger
@udayakumarage, @upen-srv
@vaitelavicius, @vivek-g
@whitewizard, @wilfredn, @wordsalmighty, @wylde

Thank you so much for participating!


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Jayna, this is just excellent. I love the idea, love this as an exercise, love the results. Micro fiction is, hands down, the best way to hone skills and get the most out of our words. And you are totally rocking this challenge!


Thank you so much, @rhondak. Your kind words mean a lot to me!

I am blown away by the beauty and power of well-crafted 50-word stories. It’s wonderful to see some fantastic entries coming from The Writers’ Block!


Oh gosh yes. I could just sit here and weep with . . .with. . .I don't know. What would you call it? Not pride, but gratitude, or something like that. I'm so humbled by TWB community. I've never in my life seen talent like you guys bring.

Really chuffed with the mention @jayna and thanks so much for getting the #fiftywords show back on the road again.. I look forward to it each week..


You are welcome! I had to look up “chuffed.” I love learning new words!


Class!! I'm chuffed to have thought you a word :o)

@rhondak has already said it. Well done!

@tanglebranch's story is amazing! Oh, and thanks for the mention. :)

I accidentally wrote a fifty-word short.. thingy.

Not for this challenge, but just for fun.
I'll keep an eye out for future prompts, just to see if I can challenge myself.

Love the idea.


It really is a fun challenge!

Congrats to the winners

So much talent here, already learning a lot from reading you guys!


I have to agree! There is a lot of talent, and it’s also really fun to see everyone have fun with this art form!


Thank you for participating in the challenge!


I am keeping my fingers crossed to win this one.


Hi @feebie. I hope people are joining the challenge primarily because they love the fun of writing an entire story in 50 words. 😊

Since it is a “challenge,” not a contest, it’s not really a winning thing. That said, I do plan to pick a top favorite and continue listing the “honorable mentions.” These are stories that have not only a great storyline, but also use every word with care and have excellent grammar.

I would be happy to give you some editing tips so that your story is in top form. And you are welcome to edit the story prior to the challenge deadline. Would you like some tips? And are you on Discord?


You are right, the challenge has improved me a lot and I would love some tips if it's convenient for you. Yes I am on discord


Great! Please join The Writers' Block, and we can chat there. My Discord name is the same as my Steemit name. I am usually available in the evenings, Central time. I look forward to chatting further about your 50-word story!


Okay no problem... See you there.

Hullo :) This is my first attempt at a fifty word story, and my first time joining in the fun. It was definitely a struggle! (I have a rather verbose habit I must learn to quell)


Thanks very much for sharing your 50-word piece!

Here's my contribution. Good luck with writing, everyone.


Thank you for submitting your entry!

I love this contest!
Here is my contribution as well.


Thank you for your #fiftywords piece!


Thanks for participating in the challenge!

Woot! Thanks for the double mention! <3 I look forward to crafting the next story :)


And I look forward to reading it!


You’re good. Anytime today is fine. 😊

I actually struggled a bit with mine too. I always aim for imagery and impact, and sometimes I manage it but not always!

Hi all, here's my entry in this week's fiftywords challenge, thanks @jayna for doing this!
image credit: naobim at
Read at:


Great. Thanks for contributing your 50-word story to the challenge!


Thanks for sharing a 50-word story again this week!

I’ve really missed writing with the fiftywords tag, I must feels good to be back! :) Here’s my entry

While I didn't have time to write a full fledged posts, I had an idea for this prompt so I'm happy that I wrote it. Entry:

You can find my commentary in link above (if you're going to reply pleased do there), but if you're only here for story here is it:

A "Hi" never said

He stared from afar as they talked. Heart ached with every smile.

He wanted to join.
A single "Hi" from him and they'd welcome him back asking what took him so long.

But afraid of hurting them again he stopped. The message was there but "send" was never clicked.

The End

Hello fiftyworders, this is my entry for the contest and my first try at writing ! Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.

Thanks for this contest jayna.

Here's mine

I might send in another when my muse is ready to play. I kinda forced her for that one



fix your link :)


done and thank you :)


Oh good! I found it wasn’t working yesterday, but it works now.



Thank you so much to all #fiftywords participants this week! I'll write up a post late tonight about the successes of the week and a new prompt, as I'm traveling all day tomorrow. If you haven't gotten your post up yet, be sure to get 'er done!

Here's my own 50-word piece for this week: