Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algorithm - Part 47

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Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns
Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends
Part 5: Long-lasted Love
Part 6: Pre-design Battle
Part 7: My Dear Father
Part 8: Video Speech of A Public Enemy
Part 9: A Job Interview
Part 10: The Second Great Attack
Part 11: Big Hopes
Part 12: An Unexpected Disaster
Part 13: Sediment of the Days
Part 14: The Goddess Of Matchmaking, Gülizar
Part 15: Saturday Night Fever
Part 16: Red Alert
Part 17: Writing the Codes of Love
Part 18: Bombastic Folk Singer Ayhan
Part 19: The Drama Of An Ordinary Toy Soldier
Part 20: Phone Call In The Morning
Part 21: The Land of Angry Invoices
Part 22: Last Cliff Before The Bridge
Part 23: The Questionnaire
Part 24: The Cursed Prophet Murphy
Part 25: When Love Hits The Door
Part 26: Among Data Stacks
Part 27: Carefree Souls Gallery
Part 28: Lord Of The Conversation Council
Part 29: The Sound Of Silence
Part 30: The Prophecies Of Bonanza
Part 31: Signs of Love
Part 32: The Last Nail That Crashed Into The Coffin
Part 33: Dance With Death
Part 34: Lack Of Money
Part 35: The Lover Lost In The Bend
Part 36: Big Expectations
Part 37: Pride and Anger
Part 38: A Tough Debate
Part 39: A Dark Season
Part 40: My Brother Bonanza
Part 41: Ghosts Of The Past
Part 42: Preparation for Gulizar's Attack
Part 43: Phone Call In The Middle of Nowhere
Part 44: Aunt Gülizar's Crazy Hostel
Part 45: My Friend's Lover
Part 46: Neslihan, Nurgül ve Gülizar

Part 47: Gulizar's Splendid Defeat

After completing the first leg of our tour, we returned to Istanbul. The promotions that rival apps made simultaneously on television and digital media seemed to have worked. Both applications soon passed the limit of a hundred thousand users, and Gulizar was out of the game. To benefit from the fact that the virtual matchmaking business was on the agenda, the people we interviewed to find new investors to invest in us. No one was giving Gulizar a chance; everyone was discussing which of Nurgül and Neslihan would be Turkey's leading matchmaking site. As a result of our competitor analysis, we concluded that the best matching algorithm was still in Gulizar and that competitors can only make a bad copy of Gulizar. People ignored who found the idea, which was the first application developed or whose algorithm was better. Our opponents had reached out to a broader database of candidates thanks to the widespread advertising campaign they were doing. Hence the matching algorithms of the rival applications were relatively weak; users could easily find the candidates that fit them via Nurgül or Neslihan thanks to their vast pools of candidate data. Our ideas were in power, but others collected the money. The revolution had eaten its children as usual. It didn't seem meaningful to invest more in Gulizar. Savaş Demirkol and Berkan won, we lost. We conceded defeat and started looking for a job. We hoped that our experiences during the development of Gulizar would help us in the continuation of our working lives.

I changed Bonanza's setting to not speak without being addressed, with Tuğ's support, releasing him to talk whenever he wished. Contrary to my expectation, he did not use this permission as an opportunity to chat with me. He rarely used this opportunity, and the conversation he initiated was usually in line with my current agenda. The more time I spent with him, the better I understood why Tuğ liked him so much. He was following my agenda very tightly through cyber binge and offering me spot-on advice on my business, cultural activities, entertainment, and everyday affairs. It was understood that he allocated the limited capacity of the server to the works such as filtering the information on the internet, placing them in order of importance, following trends and arranging the results it reached in a way that could be presented. He could not be said to have neglected his responsibilities to be a good companion. He warned me about consumables ending up in my hostel room, which made me feel like miserable characters in Dostoevsky novels, and he immediately notified me when a job advertisement fitting my profile was published in any source on the internet. I was taking a pretty active stance on my job search, jumping on all the job interview opportunities I found. While I have a very valid profession, because of the tens of thousands of young people who have entered the AI field over the years, employers didn't seem eager to hire me. Maybe they were sensing that I wasn't too willing to do a routine job, that I was looking for this kind of employment because of financial imperatives. I wasn't worried about not finding a job yet, as I had reduced my spending to the lowest level. The money I got from my aunt would be enough for a long time.

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