Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algoritm - Part 8

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Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns
Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends
Part 5: Long-lasted Love
Part 6: Pre-design Battle
Part 7: My Dear Father

Part 8: Video Speech of A Public Enemy

When the message “Your friend Tuğ is Live on Facebook” appeared on my mobile computer, I was looking at how other matching platforms worked. As my mind worked like a sharp knife, I perceived how competitors operate their processes and understood the logic behind the arrangements. While my mind was so bright and I was so full of work, I hesitated for a moment to open the live broadcast of Tuğ. Then I said to myself, when it comes to Tuğ, you should not miss the opportunities. Since he was not so pleased with the digital world, he would not have his live video uploaded on the internet.

"There is very little space in the attic of our minds, my friends," he entered the word. The background of his video was quite dark; the light of the display device was only enough to illuminateTuğ's face and his yellow shirt with cave paintings.

“If we fill the attic of our minds with unnecessary junk, we can't do anything worthwhile. We're living under a massive information bombardment. We have been drunk of information. When the messages come pouring down on us like torrential rain, we see ourselves as believers blessed with mercy. What do we have on the essence of life? Mobile computers have become the most important weapon the government and corporations use today to control you. Don't carry them with you. You'd better carry a poisonous snake in your bosom, believe me. Incoming irrelevant messages will blow your mind, and you will feel tired all the time. Only those who live a simple life can be at peace. Society is the insidious enemy of a creative man. They want to take you in and tame you, to make you look like them. They give tasks to you and try to get you out of your way. The conscience created by imposed tasks are shackles, slowing your walk. The ticks of the clocks used to be heard, and now the time is flowing like water without making us notice. This video will wait to be discovered in a dump called the internet without being noticed like a colored pebble in the distant seas. We live in an age where everyone is a photographer, actor, writer, philosopher, critic. The number of celebrities has increased so much that no one knows most of them anymore. This speech was intended to inspire friends. If you reduce the range of your life, you can proceed with your course. Turn your backs on society, friends, please try this. If you refuse to converge to the average, you will go far further. I am an enemy of society, so be it. There are people I love as individuals, but I can't stand the spirit they're building up together. It's like I see some uncle and aunts waving their fingers at me with an accusatory expression on their faces. They say 'I wonder why you are against society, are you trying to justify your irresponsibility and immoral tendencies in this way? And I say 'Go away and mix your own dump.'

You're not going to carry mobile computers with you, are you, and don't even wear watches, the time has become the cruelest dictator in the world. Science, art, and technology have always risen on the shoulders of brave individuals obsessed with a matter. Deep thinking and concentration are only possible when you are alone. Please lock yourself in your room. You can't be everything. You shouldn't be with everyone. I do not recommend that you live in constant isolation, but that you interact with a small number of people. Dear friends, what makes you think that your friends should be your contemporaries? You can interact with the greatest thinkers of all time through books. In this video, I'm not recommending you to live in your ivory tower with thoughts. Life has to be nurtured.

Don't fill your brains with junk. The human thought is so fragile that continually focusing on the wrong things is a daily routine. How will you be aware of the beauty if your mind feeds on the wrong sources? If you have to make a choice, choose to live beautifully. Get rid of all unnecessary items in your homes and don't buy new ones. Your choices will determine who you are. How are you spending your time? I'm so sorry about you, don't do it, do not look at your mobile computer screen. How many times do I have to tell you not to take it with you? Choosing is not an easy task, dear friends. I've been trying to formulate how to make the right choice for years. I can't say that I have achieved remarkable results. My work shows that the right decision can only be made by mimicking the choices of intelligent people. Do not leave yourself at the mercy of the masses about the decision. If you make your choices by following the masses, you will have an ordinary life and an average mind at best. Individuals who don't care about social prejudices can do great things. However, many of our friends, who walk against the social winds, fall into the nihilism trap or the narcissistic swamp. Allow your mind to make splashes and sometimes enclose your goals in parentheses. Our concern is not to speed up technological or social developments. History is already flowing in its bed. Let us make the right choices to support a free and beautiful life. Stay away from black crowds and take care of yourself, my friends.”

I wanted to write down my thoughts about Tuğ's speech under the video, but the audience were prevented from writing comments. The live broadcast was seen by more than three hundred people, which means that Tug had a broad audience most of whom he met on the internet. I thought he was seeing some of these people face to face. They met at home, office or cafes and exchanged views on art, technology, and social events. In addition to their publications for contribution to society, they also provided consultancy services to each other through a forum-like structure they created. Although Tuğ did not want to mention it, these were the results I achieved by combining the tips I took from Zeynep with the research I made on the internet. They were trading information through a structure where the money is not valid and where they traded time for each other. Such infrastructures have existed for a long time, technology and processes have developed over time, and there have been ways to establish quality and mutual trust in communication. People who were members of the platform made special crypto money by consulting, and they spent the money by receiving advice. Basically, with a 10-minute consultancy, one crypto was made, and of course, the opposite was true. More popular members could demand higher coins for Unit time. The receiving party gives a satisfaction score to the other party, and if the scores were under the average or they were removed from the system. Tuğ, for his improvements on Bonanza, received consultancy without having to pay. I could have used that source to develop the love algorithm, too. I didn't have any credits, and I'd have to spend a lot of time trying to win. Time was a tyrant; it was running so fast as if it wanted to make life difficult for me.

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I can see your understanding that love actually is a combination of algorithms

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