Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algoritm - Part 11

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Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns
Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends
Part 5: Long-lasted Love
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Part 11: Big Hopes

To celebrate our victory at United angels, we decided to meet as three prospective partners at a restaurant in Kanyon. I could not attend the meetings late even if I wanted, so I was the first to come to the place. I invited Tuğ, which I accepted as my family member, to this dinner, but he refused my invitation by saying, “your company, your dinner.” I wanted to share this joy with him, because he supported me financially and spiritually, but it seemed that my offer coincided with the ox zone in Tuğ's brain. In some cases, he was a man who was behaved just like all ignorant people who were unaware of their ignorance. I comforted myself by saying that he had been with me in my bad days.

Deniz came to the restaurant at precisely the time we set, and when I stood up to meet her, I realized she looked up at me like she was my mom. She was taller than me with her high-heeled shoes. It annoyed me that she took scissors off my cheek, saying that the suit suited me very well as if it wasn't on me at the presentation that morning. So even though she was a year younger than me, she never considered me as a man. Deniz had become a girl a man would want to go out, with her one-piece dress and the makeup of big bright eyes. But she came and took scissors from my cheek like she loved a primary school kid. It was evident that he didn't look at me as a man who could be her boyfriend, that she could easily embrace me. Though I did not like her in that manner, because of the nature of sufficiently complicated business relations and the issues of love were able to return it to the Arab language when they were involved.

On the other hand, it was a little chance that people who met in business would like each other. The work environment caused the loss of people's charm and their fascinating features to be cloaked. During the necessary activities of business life, the people who had met each other could only have a brotherly sense of compassion. Were there people who meet at work and start dating? Of course, there was, but there was every kind of human in the world. When we think about Berkan, for example, it was clear that he was going to be late, but it was not possible to know the level of delay. I wasn't worried about him being late, wondering how he could be so comfortable.

Deniz was not a girl who would endure time gaps between sentences, so she began to criticize the morning conversation: “We had a wonderful morning conversation, partner. I was pleased at first, but then I get nervous. We sailed for the unknown, and now I am with the crew. I gave my resignation petition, and on Monday I am in the service of love and its algorithm.”

"I've been in a gap all morning. I was hesitant to celebrate success or to prepare for a more difficult future. Then I sit down and do my homework. I've worked on business models in digital media, how people make money in digital, how our algorithm will turn into money. I've been through all the resources I could find on the internet. Moving forward through the membership system is not a realistic goal. The system must include as many people as possible so that we can feed the data to our algorithm and make the right choices. If we ask people for money, we'll limit the target audience. Filling our platform with advertising is not a solution. Advertising creates a poor image where it is. Then how do we make money? Are we going to tell them to give us a share of wedding jewelry? I decided the only solution was to find a strong sponsor. It could be a jewelry company, for example. Let them be the sponsor of love and contribute to this happy expedition. Isn't it, though?”.

“I was very impressed with you to work on the business model right after you took the job chasing for months,” said Deniz.

“I'm glad you're impressed,” I said with pride.

It was 45 minutes past of dinner time when Berkan finally came to the place with a smile that was never missing on his face.

“Welcome on board, Berkan, and we were just preparing to get up.”

“My brother, relax a little, enjoy our victory today. Thank the friend who writes the application frontend in less than a month, appreciate him," said Berkan.”

”Welcome, Berkan, I'm Deniz, pleased to meet you, Samet has mentioned you in praise."

"That pleasure is mine. Samet doesn't know how to have fun, so forgive him,” Berkan said while he was sitting in his chair.

Deniz said “I'm on your side. ”

“You buried me to look nice to each other. This is usually the case, no problem, shoot this friend as long as you get together.”

”Is the food from the company, it looks like it's expensive, " said Berkan.

“For you everything is expensive, yes, meals are from the company, but order cheap things, we have a few shots of gunpowder.”

“I mean, I've never worked like this in my life in the last month,” said Berkan.

“One of the two pillars that keep the order alive is the thought that if someone works hard, he will get rich,” Deniz said in a considerate manner.

“And the other pillar?” I asked.

“One day, good children will see the Smurfs, and they will go to heaven after they die,” said Deniz.

“Deniz is as serious as Samet. You two will save the world. Get married," said Berkan.

By combining my fingertips like Buddhist monks, I asked Deniz “Will you marry me?”

“You're not my type, and I'm going to save the world by myself,” said Deniz in a theatrical voice.

I nodded my head and said, “My heart is broken right now.”

Deniz took my words seriously and said: “Are you serious, I didn't intend to say that."

I said “You broke my heart,” with an exaggerated attitude to show her that it was a joke.

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