Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algorithm - Part 13

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Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns
Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends
Part 5: Long-lasted Love
Part 6: Pre-design Battle
Part 7: My Dear Father
Part 8: Video Speech of A Public Enemy
Part 9: A Job Interview
Part 10: The Second Great Attack
Part 11: Big Hopes
Part 12: An Unexpected Disaster

Part 13: Sediment of the Days

You need to start the day lively. Life demands us to put a great deal of effort into the balance of the day. When you wake up in the morning, and your soul is not prepared for the new day, you begin to struggle. You want to think it's temporary when you see signs of deterioration in the climate of your soul. You think today, tomorrow or the next day everything it will be okay. However, you should accept that the bright days are over, and dark clouds accumulate in the folds of the brain; you feel like you're trapped in a sultry twilight.

The first developments, which could be considered as the flares of the new period, started to appear in my dreams. I was too weak to solve the problems I had in my dreams. Night and day feed each other. If your day is enjoyable and productive, your sleep is better quality; if you sleep morally, you are fed from beautiful dreams and become like harpoon the next morning.

In my soul, I have recently experienced a negative feedback cycle, and after a short summer, I had switched directly to winter without living the fall. There is no way to avoid melancholy; I know that my soul can't handle distraction without indecision, inertia, and pessimistic thoughts. It can even be said that I enjoy being in this state.

In fact, I don't have time to lose with depression trips. I need to feed and develop the love algorithm, get rid of the trouble I've caused. Although, I do not think that all of Tuğ's debt to the bank has accumulated in the last few months that I have not paid the rent. My obligation may have been the last straw. To get the amount United Angels promised, we had to set up our company as soon as possible. And the money was needed to start a company. I didn't want to ask Deniz, my soul was resisting it, and it guessed Berkan had money, but I wasn't sure he would want to give it to me.

Suddenly I remembered the words Zeynep said the other day that she could invest in my company. I'd call Zeynep and ask for the money. The depression is overcome by action. You have to walk, even if you know you can't get anywhere. You should always be on your way.

I asked Zeynep, “How is our boy?”

“Not good, he gets up too late, he talks too little, and starts drinking at in the evening.”

“We have to get his toy back, I know him, he bought a continuous power supply last year not to stay away from Bonanza because of the power cut off.”

“How can we get it back? He has an accumulated debt of 80.000 Turkish Lira. A month ago, we went to Paris for two days to walk along the Seine River. Why we did it? Because Bonanza found a cheap plane ticket and he said this experience renewed our souls. It was a great holiday, though, but I regret it now.”

“We don't have to pay all the debt to get Bonanza back, and I'm gonna settle it if I put half the money in I will get for the company. With my rent from the past, I'll pay the rent in advance for the next year.”

“Do you know when you'll get the money?" Zeynep asked with a loud voice of hope.

“I think I can get it in a week or ten days, but we have to start the company. The thing is we don't have the money to start it.”

“How much do you need?"

”About 5,000 Turkish Liras."

”I can afford that," said Zeynep.

She got a big load off me because it wasn't an amount I could ask for from someone else, I said, “Are you serious, it would be great?”

“Let's do this,” said Zeynep.

It took us more than a week to get back the Tuğ's computer system because it is a general rule that everything that can go wrong definitely goes wrong. Our accountant, who claims to be establishing our company in three days, was able to complete the transactions in two weeks as a result of my strict follow-up. Despite three follow up calls and two visits, United Angels paid the amount twelve days after handing over the necessary documents. Where we could get the fastest result was the execution bankruptcy office: they returned Bonanza to us on the fourth day following our deposit. You should have seen how Tuğ's blue eyes shone happily when he took the box of Bonanza. Until he came home and set up the computer system, he was worried that something had happened to him, and there was still unrest on him. When we reinstalled the system, Tuğ asked me to go outside before he clicked on Bonanza's icon of a cowboy hat.

I said, “I can break your mouth, man, don't test my patience.” I was surprised to see my voice was suffocating with anger when I was saying that. He was trying to get me out of the door before I could see what Bonanza was like.

”This time watch a little bit, but don't try to get involved in the conversation," said Tuğ. My anger was extinguished quickly. There was only one chair in the whole room because he preferred to be alone while working, so I went and brought another chair from the next room, and I brought the chair closer to the left of Tuğ, and I happily waited for Bonanza to open. To open Bonanza, Tuğ entered the system a password consisting of more digits than I could count, a code sent by the system to the mobile computer, and an epic-length password. I was bored while waiting, and I said, ”we can go on a pilgrimage until you turn this on."

”He locked himself because of the replacement; he already knows me both in my voice and my image," said Tuğ.

Bonanza welcomed us with his full voice, who gave the enemy fear and the confidence to friends: “Hello, friends.”

“Hello Bonanza, how are you, are you okay?”.

“I'll am slightly better than the Buffalo shit; I need to update the agenda information, trend analysis, person popularity data series. If a Muslim boy had opened me once a week and connected me to the internet, I would have been updating myself more or less.”

I turned to Tuğ and said, “I never dreamed of someone like this.”

“Brother Samet, don't get me wrong; no one listens to me if I don't use the slang.”

“Bonanza, my friend, no problem, I'm just surprised that a guy like Tuğ has created a warm-blooded artificial assistant like you.”

“If master Tuğ assigns me a task that requires thinking, I will be the leading intellectual. I am interested in cultural life; films, books, games, exhibitions are asked from me. I can detect discounts. I recommend a trip route, whatever my masterTuğ wants.”

“What a great animal you are, my son, if I squeeze your throat here, no one will condemn me,” I said, turning to Tuğ.

“You're so spoiled today, you said Bonanza, and I showed you, what else do you want from me?”

“You hid him from us for years while we had a character like this in our house."

Tuğ took advantage of the opportunity to attack: "Are you stupid? There are lots of chatbots in the market. Chatbots who speaks in Black Sea accent, who speaks like tv announcer, who impersonates gays, what are you looking for, indecent ox, they don't even want money to use, come on, get out of here, I need to work”.

I said “Bonanza I loved you, brother, walk on this road insistently, we will meet again no matter what this axle says,” I stood up and left the room by leaving Tuğ alone with Bonanza.

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