Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algoritm - Part 6

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Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns
Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends
Part 5: Long-lasted Love

Part 6: Pre-design Battle

I called Berkan to let him know I was in front of the apartment, and he didn't pick up his phone, even though I insisted on calling. I thought he was asleep and walked in through the open door. When I realized that there was no elevator in the building, I climbed the stairs smelling of mildew and roasted onions. I tried to guess who lives in the apartments that I went through, using hints such as shoes left in front of the door, the names on the bells, the quality of the mats and the baskets on the wall. My tactic worked, and I got in front of the flat I thought Berkan was sitting in quickly. A woman who tied the burgundy headscarf under his chin opened the door asking “Whom you called?”

“Hello, auntie, is Berkan home?”

“I don't know Berkan; come on in; let's look inside.”

“My friend Berkan gave here as an address; I wonder if there was a mistake, " I hesitated.

“Berkan was that computer guy, right, okay, he's in.”

I went inside following the aunt, there were two young boys wearing virtual reality glasses in the living room, playing games, and they didn't notice us. A young girl came out the door on our left, and she walked in another door, which I thought was a bath.

The pensioner woman said, ”he should be in this room." We opened the door and went in. I found Berkan sleeping in the bed with his mouth open as I predicted.

“Are you a relative of him?” she asked.

“I'm a friend of his from high school, and he fell asleep waiting for me. He said he was waiting for me on the phone when I left the house. He didn't answer when I called outside the door.”

She left the room saying, “Ok, I'm going then.”

I said, “Get up, stand up baby, we're gonna play marble.” When he didn't wake up, I grabbed his shoulders and started shaking, and he woke up in horror. I sat on the shore of the bed and asked: “How are you, old friend?”

“I've been waiting for you,” said Berkan.

“There are people everywhere, what a house this is. Is it rent or what?” I asked.

“The Gulizar aunt has created a mixed business model, and she does not waste a square meter of her eight apartments. She's almost going to take people to the bathroom. About fifty people are staying in her apartments. A very successful businesswoman, she knows everyone by name, and prices are appropriate.”

“Girls stay around here, I think, maybe we can use it as a research lab.”

"There are varieties where girls, men, and girls and men are living in the same room. Aunt Gülizar is creating wonders by dividing the place with plaster. You're surprised, aren't you, if your brother goes into action, there's a reason.”

“It's because you don't like spending your money; you're stingy."

“Your head is straight, you're a typical goose-head engineer,” said Berkan as he stood up.

I said, “Let's wash your face and have breakfast, and I brought coffee and muffins.”

After we had breakfast at the little round table in Berkan's room, we opened our mobile computers and placed them on the table and started working. How would people use the love algorithm? How they would be involved in the system, how they would maintain their relationship with the platform? What would our customers experience during the time they used our platform? When social media and messaging applications were taken into consideration, where exactly would our platform sit, how would we relate to these applications? It was essential that we distinguish from the sites on the market in a radical way. No other platform promised people to find the love of their lives as a point shot, of course, other firms also benefited from analytical capabilities, but their algorithms were not deep enough. It would take a long time for people to understand and appreciate the quality of the algorithm. The bad thing is, paradoxically, the increase in the quality of the algorithm required a lot of users. There was no chance of any analytical platform which could not exceed a certain critical start-up speed. “If we are going to revolutionize love, our platform must be brand new and fresh.”

"How many days have you been on the platform? I'm not a visual designer, horse-head, and how can I know where to start?” said Berkan.

“When we sat down and worked on it, we learned where to start. We'il design it first, and then we can code it. You've learned how useful it is to start with, haven't you, my sleepy Smurf?”

It was possible to ask potential users how the platform should be without producing a preliminary design, but I doubt that we would get satisfying responses from people. “Suppose you are a young person looking for the love of your life, following the agenda from the urban dictionary on your pocket computer, looking at the social media, communicating with your friends, expressing your stupidity, praising yourself and expressing your wisdom. By the way, you are jerking off by looking at pictures of nude celebrities, or by watching the sex scenes on porn sites where all kinds of bad acting are exhibited.”

”Don't you do that, asshole," said Berkan.

So my findings were accurate, though we should not forget that these determinations only apply to men who would make up half of our target group-the most optimistic estimate. In addition to the need for sexual hunger and praising itself, the male nation had another essential feature, such as laziness, which should not be overlooked. Testosterone hormone-induced empty self-confidence prevented men from tolerating the effort to obtain information about their goals before taking action. They didn't want to make much effort when they were looking for love or when they were looking for mating to satisfy their love needs. We have to develop a solution that would satisfy these male lions who live in the vast plains of Africa and want to spend most of their day lying next to each other. So the man should have had three or five clicks to fill out a questionnaire or something. If such an efficient process could be created, of course, the women would benefit from it. Although I didn't know women as well as men, I knew that they were considering the issue emotionally and that they were thinking more about matches. Although they are not as aggressive as men, I have read that they widely evaluated their potential partners and are not always going where their hearts are taking them. The ground where women were found was more slippery than men, as quantum particles could be in multiple places at the same time, and at first glance, they could have various orientations that seem contradictory. On top of that, these tendencies could be distinguished in short periods according to the mood they were in. Our platform should meet the need for detailed information for the woman who loves to focus on details.

"We will re-use all of this information by combining it with other data available on the internet so that users can access the information they share on the social media."

“So users won't have to fill out tedious forms when they sign up, and they'll be able to register with any social media accounts. love can be easily exchanged with knowledge" I said excitedly.

“Come to me with such concrete ideas; how will the design be?”

"You can imitate any application that's pleasant and easy to use, and we probably have more time to beautify the design,” I said.

“We have a lot more to do,” said Berkan.

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