Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algoritm - Part 3

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Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes

Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns

I liked the dancing girl hologram located on the counter at Pan Cafe. It was a little hologram; technically it was no different than its counterparts on the market. I wondered who the girl in the hologram was, searched the internet, asked the owner of the place, Fuat, and I couldn't get a satisfactory answer. Fuat Abi bought the device on a trip in the United States when the holograms were not spread in Turkey. It was not possible to change the content played as with the new ones, or Fuat Abi did not know how to do. Pan Cafe was the only local business to compete with chain coffee shops around. It was a place close to home, and I often visited to drink coffee and work on the love algorithm.

Twenty minutes after the proposed meeting time, Berkan hadn't been there yet, so he hadn't changed a bit since high school years. “I'm close, brother, I'll there in five minutes," he texted. Of course, I didn't believe the lie he told; there was a long time for him to come. I turned around and looked at the dancing girl again. A girl who danced gracefully with a piece of music we didn't hear in her red dress, as a dream consisted of light, she could take me to other lands. It was essential to be able to address imagination, I was not a love expert, but I learned from what I read that the imaginary qualities attributed to the loved one supported the formation of love. I opened up my four-fold mobile computer, and I started reading a scientific paper about the dynamics of love. I understood anything, but I continued to read it persistently, thinking that if I read it to the end, I would catch the main idea. As I continued to read the article, Berkan who walked in the shop looking right and left like an idiot came to the coffee shop. I raised my hand, he saw me, and he turned to the table I was in.

“Wow, look at my handsome brother. How are you, lion?”

He was a type who knew how to make people love him; he was able to repeat the irresponsibility of being late for his appointments all the time using this quality. I said, “I'm fine, thanks, I got a little bored waiting for you, but when I saw you, I got through it.”

“Brother, what a good thing you've called, there's nothing like old friends, we know each other's foolish times, let's break the waist of two words, the environment is filled with coyotes, you can't tell everyone everything.”

“I hope there's nothing wrong with you, is there?” I asked.

“I'm so bored with work; are we slaves, are we robots, give the data in and let the data get out, they are taking control of every step.”

“You are troubled.”

“I try to get something out, I want to say I have salt in this soup, and I added something to this work meaningful, but no, three sentences describing the work falls on the screen, and you guess what you want from these three sentences, and you try to do something. We are always on the last page.”

“Did you talk to the people at work, what do they say?”.

“Always empty promises, my brother, how many times have I spoken. Anyway, let me not bore you with my troubles, did you see that woman on the left, life should come to me with these. She looked at us?”

“Pretty girl, she didn't look at us, and I don't think she would dare, we're not handsome, and we don't have a lot of money.”

“You're such a serious man that you don't even make people dream; you looked at the definition of life from the encyclopedia when you were born, right?”.

“You're right; I'm in business. I'm going to start a company.”

“Look at what my brother has done. What's your company's business, selling lemon in the market?”.

"I'm developing a love algorithm. My goal is to make people find love through the platform I'm going to build.”

“I would be great. It is gratifying. I'll be your first client. I'll give you all the money you want.”

“I need someone to write code. Yesterday I spoke to an angel investor. They want a prototype. You're a man of life; you're not a bookie like me, if you prefer, we can work together.”

“Wow, friend, I get a job offer from a friend I love when I have troubles about your job, what a coincidence. If those cannibals consider investing, it means it's not empty. I am a person of love."

"So you're positive about it. Or at least that's what I interpreted. Let me make my offer. The usual and common rate of such things is 10%, but I'm offering you a 15% share of the company. I need another partner, and if I find someone with the profile I'm looking for, I'm going to offer him 15% of the shares. From the day we start, we're all going to get a minimum wage from the company. Our salaries will rise as soon as we start to make money. We'll see what happens next. Of course, the determining issue is the company's annual profit share or the premium that will occur if we sell the company rather than the salary. I suppose you have followed startups that made enormous money in the market; you are a vigilant man, you know these things,”

"You speak like a businessman. I still can't believe it. You're a serious man, my brother. How much angel investors will give in the first stage, do you have enough capital? Let's say I broke up with you. If the investors don't give us the money, we'll explode. We may not be able to breathe, what is our meat, what is our ass.”

“You don't quit your job until investors give us the money. A month later, the result will be clear."

“My brother, believe me, my heart is trembling as a beautiful woman looked at me with a mouthful of laughter. We've graduated from university, we have the experience, but the technology company partnership is awesome. Okay, let's say I don't leave the job, the market is bad, you know because the new job is in the lion's mouth. How do I write your codes while working? I think of it”.

"Can you take a month off?”.

“Look what you've been saying, I've got permit rights laying on the side like a lamb, and if I use two weeks of it, I will solve your problem. I have something in mind. I don't like you suggesting the same stock to your high school friend and a foreigner you don't know right now. And obviously, I'm going to be in this before him. I say that if you raise my stock share and we have a difference with the other.”

“I want our third partner to be very proficient, even if I don't know who to be. He should be better than both of us so he can pull us up. It will create a problem if you have a high share compared to him.”

“I didn't understand why you said it, and I wasn't convinced by fifteen percent. Let's just say it's okay for a start. We'll see about that after we get a little bit of work."

“Well, let's have a drink to celebrate. We are the boss today. Look at this job, what for I'm coming here, where the conversation goes, it's amazing" Berkan said.

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i like this part of your home..very cool

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