Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algoritm - Part 12

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Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns
Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends
Part 5: Long-lasted Love
Part 6: Pre-design Battle
Part 7: My Dear Father
Part 8: Video Speech of A Public Enemy
Part 9: A Job Interview
Part 10: The Second Great Attack
Part 11: Big Hopes

Part 12: An Unexpected Disaster

If there's anything worse than the phone ringing when the air isn't fully lit yet, it's the knock on the door of the house. Early in the morning, when the door is knocked, you can easily predict that an unexpected disaster is at the door. It is, of course, your right to hope that those who disturb you will apologize by saying they came to the wrong door so that you can return to those happy moments that you've just been asleep. It may be a better scenario if you don't hear the door being knocked or pretend you didn't hear it. I would certainly be better if one of the households would open the door without you waking up, but given the depth of Tuğ's sleep, that possibility was zero. When the door was knocked for the second time with a more brutal insistence, I had to get out of my warm bed.

When I was walking down the hall, I began to think of possible catastrophic scenarios, and I didn't think of a possibility, except that a relative was seriously ill or died. It was a critical question, of course, why they relied on the door instead of calling the phone; instead of evaluating the possible answers to this question, I chose to open the door. There were a cop and a man with a tie looking at me.

“I am officer Osman Hacısalihoğlu. We're here to foreclose, can we come in?" said the one with the tie.

“Do I have a chance to say no?” I asked him.

"Despite the official notification of the bank, you did not pay your debt,” said the confiscation officer.

I thought I shouldn't annoy these people for a possible compromise and said, “Let's talk inside.”

When I said that, I thought I had to wake Tuğ urgently. Our guests sat down in the hall trying to detect expensive, bulky goods to be confiscated with their eyes. When I left, I said, “Let me wake up my roommate, and he probably knows about the debt.”

Tuğ must have felt that there was an unusual situation going on, and as soon as I entered his room, he jumped up. While trying to get in her pants hastily, “what happened?” he asked.

“Because of our debts to the bank, they came home,” I said. I could imagine that the debt was due to Tuğ's credit card, but I should consider the fact that I had delay my rent, so I preferred to call it “our debts” instead of “your debts.”

”They couldn't bear to take their precious money three or five more months later, " he said contemptuously. He went into the living room saying ”I'll talk to them now."

I looked after him before I could recommend wearing a t-shirt. When I came after him quickly, I was relieved to realize that the police officer and the foreclosure officer were not surprised by the fact that there was a naked young man in front of them.

“If you had taken the notifications into consideration and contacted the bank, it could have been solved before it came to this point,” said officer Osman.

“We can probably live without our things,” said Tuğ.

“We don't foreclose on necessities, we take that screen on the wall, and look inside the rooms.”

When it comes to looking at the rooms inside, Tuğ's body was shaken by a wave of panic and his face was white. This reaction caused officer Osman to think that there were valuable items in the inside rooms and accelerated its steps.

“There is nothing precious inside,” said Tuğ.

Tuğ stopped the officer by holding him on both sides of his jacket and said, “you can't pass.” The police officer and I were simultaneously thrown out to prevent a possible fight and entered between them.

I said, ”We have to let them look in."

“You can take everything in the kitchen and the living room, there's nothing in there that has material value, respect our privacy,” shouted Tuğ.

If he hadn't just been caught, Osman would have given up, but he was angry now: “I will put you in jail for beating a state official in charge, don't get rid of me, get out of my way.”

Although the police officer did not intend to interfere, he did not like the intervention of Tuğ, to back up the officer, “Be smart, or I will handcuff your arms,” he said.

Tuğ was not affected by the threats, so I hugged him with all my strength and pulled him aside to prevent the escalation, and the police and the officer passed by and went to the rooms inside. He tried to get rid of my arms by saying, “Let me go, I won't leave Bonanza to these bastards.” When he couldn't get out, he shouted, “Let him go!”

I said, “Please shut up, trust me. I will take care of it.”

“Look at the bastards, they don't understand my words,” he fell and started crying like a child.

Tuğ's fear had come to reality; officer Osman said "we will take the computer and the screen inside," on the return.

“Dr. Tuğ Canberk is one of the most important smart systems experts in Turkey. His doctoral thesis was published in a very prestigious International journal about a month ago. We're people working late at night, and we're not used to waking up when the air is not illuminated. I attach my friend's earlier impulsive behavior to the drowsiness and the concern that the scientific work he's been working for over the years will be damaged. He is a gentleman when he is not under stress. The value of that computer as a server remains nothing next to Bonanza, the artificial advice engine that is built on it. Do not advise us to get a copy of the software because this particular AI agent can only work with an exceptional combination of hardware and software."

I tried to explain the subject to our uninvited guests by continuing, ”Take a look at my roommate who is sitting here half-fainted and you can see that every word I say is right."

“We will almost be convicted because we were beaten while doing our duty,” said the officer Osman.

“I'm sorry for my rude behavior, I was panicked,” Tuğ said without raising his head.

“It is impossible to compensate for damage to the computer or the information in the transport, how do you think we can solve this problem?” I asked.

He responded by asking “Are you able to make any payments right now?”

“Unfortunately, we don't have any means of paying right now, but within a month...”

“Then I have to take the foreclosed goods we have identified for today. We pay attention to the computer; there's a separate storage place where valuables are stored, we put it there. If you bring us a tooth-touch sum, we will give you back the goods that you have taken. But if you miss the goods until all the debt is paid, you will go to jail.”

The men who were summoned by the officer Osman first wrapped Bonanza in protective nylon, then put him in a big box with a hole in white foam. After Bonanza, Tuğ cried like a mother whose boy was taken away. I stripped him off and put him in the shower to ease the nervous breakdown. I called Zeynep. In the following days, Zeynep stayed with us, because comforting Tuğ, who had been deprived of Bonanza, was not a job that I could manage on my own.

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