Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algoritm - Part 9


Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns
Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends
Part 5: Long-lasted Love
Part 6: Pre-design Battle
Part 7: My Dear Father
Part 8: Video Speech of A Public Enemy

Part 9: A Job Interview

At the Pan Cafe, I was sitting at the table in front of the dancing girl hologram, waiting for Deniz. It was a good sign that the plaza crew, who were in the cafe for breakfast, left the table empty for me, where the dancing girl was seen most comfortably. A little glitch could disrupt the magic of the day. I believed in the importance of that mysterious thing called luck, fortune, or destiny. The tall girl who saw me through the door came to me by finding the table where I sat without my help, unlike Berkan.

"Welcome, your name is Miss Deniz, right?" I said, standing up.

"Hello, Deniz is enough. “

“I'm Samet, nice to meet you. What would you like to drink?”.

"Can I have a big cappuccino if they bring it to the table?”

She was a girl with a bright face, and I liked the comfort of her manners. I ordered the cappuccino to our intellectual waiter Özgür.

“I don't have much experience with such negotiations; I wonder where we should start talking.”

“You can start by telling the story of your venture, and then I'll tell you my story, okay?”

I told Deniz what our job was and what it offered, the meeting I had with United Angels, the interview with Berkan, how I looked for a partner, without hiding anything, including my lack of money.

“Thank you for sharing the situation with me open heartedly. I did not hear this kind of words in corporate environments,” Deniz said.

“What do you think about the job?”

“I guess you have to try and see. I've been a graduate of Business Administration, but I've been close to technology ever since, you know, there's a consulted computer guy in every circle of friends, I'm the one. I've been working at a holding for four years, and I appreciate my managers there, but I can't get used to the environment. I started to turn into another person there; people spend their lives in places wearing thick masks, then those masks become real faces."

“I understand very well. I've worked in a big company before, so why do you want to take part in a startup, most companies are sinking in the first two years."

“Instead of saying that my company is likely to sink, you can say I don't want to be a partner with you,” she said smiling.

“On the contrary, I would love to work with you, your resume is perfect, you are a decent person for this job, I was just trying to be honest in order not to get into trouble afterward,” I explained.

“I'm gonna need some time to think about it. Do you know where the office is, or do you have any garage in your apartment?”

Deniz was a cool girl; I liked her. At first, though, she did not seem to have the aura of a beautiful girl. The light of her face was due to her broad forehead and large eyes, and she had no distinguishing features other than these. I was mad at myself for examining Deniz like an aunt who looks a bride to her son, so I guess if it would be a guy who applied for a partnership, that would probably be the last thing I would focus on. Deniz was busy sipping cappuccino, unaware of the evaluation I made about her, licked her lips when she finished sipping, and apparently she loved cappuccino very much.

“For now, our office seems to be Pan Cafe or my home hall a few blocks from here. Anyway, I guess we mostly work from our own homes and communicate through teleconferences. Do you think you'il take the offer?”

By connecting two hands holding up a love sign, “I imagine the headlines such as; young people unlocking the secrets of love and happiness...Love algorithm goes abroad. I've been interested in artificial learning ever since. If it works, it'il be great. If not, I'd lose a lot of time not only to reset my Penny Savings. Can I get a job after an interval like this? I have to think for a few days. I have the phone; I will call when I decide.”

“Well, by the way, let me not have a new interview.”

”Thank you, well, let me get up," said Deniz smiling.

She took her jacket and left the cafe quickly. I turned around and looked at the dancing girl hologram. I thought it was an ordinary hologram.

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