Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algoritm - Part 10

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Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns
Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends
Part 5: Long-lasted Love
Part 6: Pre-design Battle
Part 7: My Dear Father
Part 8: Video Speech of A Public Enemy
Part 9: A Job Interview

Part 10: The Second Great Attack

At the waiting hall of United Angels, we were making the final preparations for our presentation with the coffees we brought from Pan cafe. Neither the beautiful assistant girl nor the young boy was there yet. Since the first company to make a presentation was ours, we arrived a little earlier than the interview time. We didn't have an officially established company yet, but it probably wasn't a matter of concern. Important issues were the idea, the product, and the presentation. After interrogating me in detail about the first interview, Deniz offered to enter the second interview together. It was such a logical suggestion that I was angry with myself why I didn't think about it before. Our previous agreement was still valid, and if United Angels were willing to fund us for the development program, we would continue our way together. If United Angels rejected me, I would also be dismissed by Deniz. The same was true for Berkan; I had put all the money in the same box in the roulette game called life. Berkan would never like me taking Deniz instead of him, but he had to explain that when I called the other day, why he didn't answer my phone and then why he didn't come back to me. Did he have to know that I joined the meeting with Deniz? It was inappropriate to conceal this situation; it was as bright as the day that Deniz was much more capable and responsible than the Berkan; he had to get used to it already.

When I was about to have a crucial meeting, it didn't make any sense to think about a secondary issue like Berkan's possible demoralization. My thoughts, especially when I was stressed, began to flow freely by announcing their independence. It was an advantage for us that Deniz had been involved in marketing at her previous company, and we could have made a good impression if we conducted our presentation synchronously. Her high self-confidence created a sense of confidence in the people she was interacting with, at least she had a positive first impression on me, and it was very likely that she would have a similar effect on the Great Leader and his friends. As Sun Tzu described in his book The Art of War, no matter how prepared we were, the chance factor was always useful in the battle.

“Samet, are you okay?” Deniz asked.

The free, spontaneous attitude of Deniz amazes me every time; she was sincere with people; this was true for me. I did not come to express the content of my thoughts. I said, “Let's rehearse once again."

“Yes, of course,” she replied.

The seating positions of the Great Leader and co was the same as the previous interview. This time, Mr. Önder had taken this style one step forward, he seemed like a member of a French royal family from the Baroque period, and he could be noticed a few kilometers away. Pomegranate-red handkerchief located on the side of his jacket, carefully combed hair painted black, and vests of Orange Blossom were the details that drew attention.

Mr. Önder welcomed us by saying, “Hello and welcome. Let's see what you have prepared for us.”

“Thank you for welcoming me warmly, since our last meeting; I have had a hard work-out tempo to put my business idea into the bone. I started by incorporating two friends who shared my enthusiasm for my initiative into the team. My friend Berkan has joined our team to write code for the design you ordered, and he is a talented software programmer who knows a lot of coding languages. Today, we decided to present our product with Deniz to provide a fluent expression, and if you wish, we could introduce Deniz to you at this stage.”

“Hi, I'm a graduate of the Business Administration Department of the University of Koc. I did a master's degree in marketing at the same university. I have worked in the marketing field for four years in a holding company, met Samet's business idea on the internet, joined the team because I liked the idea, in today's presentation, Samet will tell us who will be the target audience of our product and how to reach that audience.

“Is the preliminary design ready, I can't wait to see how lovers will reach each other in a flow,” said Mr. Önder.

“We didn't have time to work on visual, so I'm just going to ask you to evaluate the design in terms of functionality and flow. We named our platform Gülizar and made sure that every message given to the user was humorous. ”

"They are aiming to create a platform in the style of romantic comedy, " said Sibel Hanim.

I showed the team step by step how easily users are registered on the platform, how easy they are allowed to access social media media, how funny the poll is, how few users are asked to fill in, and how they are quickly viewing people who are willing to be loved after they have been granted permissions and have questions answered.

“Let's say I like a young man you showed up there, what's the next stage?” asked Sibel.

"Users are sending a message to the side with one of the options such as ‘a glance,’ ‘blink,’ ‘send greetings,’ ‘gentle impulse,’ ‘transmit what you want to meet,’ ‘look into the eyes with admiration,’ ‘shake hands friendly.’ If the other party approves, they allow each other to communicate, make video calls, or come together in a virtual reality environment.”

“You are giving me hope, young people,” Mr. Önder said who seemed to have lost leadership to Sibel Hanım.

“Ideas look good, but do they work at practice? Horizontal integration through application programming interfaces with many social media and messaging platforms were considered. Even if there will be a problem with one of the applications that were integrated horizontally, the process would be intervened" said Agent Smith.

Berker is negative today, I think he's getting a little too critical about the issue," said Sibel Hanim. So Agent Smith's name was Berker, who was a sugar-like man at the previous meeting, was our chief critic, and Deniz seized it: “horizontal integration of mobile applications is a concept that has a long history of melting each other in a sense, so I see no problem due to horizontal integration, but of course we can check it. Thank you for pointing out; you can be assured that we will consider this early warning in the architectural design phase.” How did she learn to speak like a 40-year-old politician? Well done, Deniz, go on, I said to myself.

Mr. Önder moved the conversation to another area by asking “what do you intend to do about the introduction of the application?”

” We agreed with the singer Ayhan, he will be the face of our brand," said Deniz. It was a scandal that I had learned such a development at the same time with the angel investor's delegation; how did you do it without asking me, calm down Samet, now is not the time to get angry I said to myself.

“Are you sure that the singer Ayhan is a figure compatible with your target audience?"Agent Smith asked. Come on, answer it, Deniz, pray this doesn't get any worse.

“Technology freaks people out; there is a need for warm, humane touch to support the use of the platform. We want to make the adventure of finding the love people are looking for fun. When evaluated like this, no other celebrity is a suitable person for our brand identity, who is from Urfa like me and who can be accessed through familial connections,” Deniz said smiling. The girl's self-confidence was beginning to irritate me; on the other hand, I hoped that the evaluation committee did not share the same feelings with me and found her sympathetic.

As we reached the end of the time allocated for us, the Great Leader began to explain the outcome of the meeting: “it is time to make a decision. You managed to leave us in a tough spot like last time. Because honestly, I was looking at this interview as a formality. There were eight companies to be included in the development program, and we didn't have an additional quota. But you've worked very well. If your hand is empty you out of here today, I can't sleep at night. What about you guys? Can we convince sponsors to add another company to the program?”.

“Our young friends deserve their support,” said Sibel Hanım with a confident tone.

“I agree with you, we'il take care of it somehow,” said Agent Smith.

“Good friends, say hi to my brother Berkan who is not here today. We'il deposit $ 20,000 as the first investment into your company's account. I would like you to participate in the development program without any disruptions. If we can't make the sponsors accept your company, we will collect and pay for you among us.”

We both thanked him at almost the same time, and we walked out of the room with our mouths on our ears. As soon as we got out of the room, Deniz jumped over me like I was a soccer player, and congratulated me by hugging. During this embrace, I realized that despite her long body and broad shoulders, she was not as heavy as I thought. My anger for her was lessened because of the hug.

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Thank you for providing great stories to us all (and free of charge). Looking forward to learn what Berkan will be up to next!

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