The road to Steem Fest continues after the HF20 | Meet other Steemians!

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The road to Steem Fest continues and we are a bit morethan one month away from the biggest Steem Related event of the year.

Remember that the Steem Fest ticket store is open now! You can buy your tickets in

Also Check out @roelandp´s last Steem Fest update

For this eight week the topic was Business or Pleasure?. It lasted a week more due to reasons we all know, but that was only a good excuse to get to think more about the next topic. I´m not sure if I´m including everyone who wrote about the topic because I think the tags are misbehving, ifyou are not here and you wrote about Business or pleasure, let me know and I´ll include your post here.

Oh right, the main idea of this dynamic is to get to know each other a bit more before meeting in person and then, when we actually meet it won't be awkward and we won't have weird silences but instead, it will be like two friends meeting after a long time of not seeing each other.

If you are almost certain you´ll be there or are making everything to attend, feel free to join us!!

Next week´s idea...

Free time and after hours

Talking with @coruscate she came up with a great topic idea for this week. We know most of our time in Poland will be about Steem but, that doesn´t mean there´s not going to be spare time and free moments during the week. I remember last year we had lot of free time: Friday and Saturday night and Saturday and Sunday morning. This means there will be a lot of time to hang out with each other so... what better way to plan ahead than to share what our interests and perhaps plans for the weekend are. Remember that @roelandp is asking everyone if they want to go to Auschwitz on Saturday so there´s añready that.

I know I´ll want to hit the bars with you guys, maybe play some poker like last year, perhaps hitting a club with my crew and see what the night has in store for us etc.

So, tell everyone reading what do you want to do in your free time, perhas you´ll find someone with the same interests and you´ll be able to hang out together!

Anyway, these are the posts from week number 8 - Business or Pleasure - don´t forget to show them some love with votes or better yet, with comments, remember we are all meeting in just one month!

Also, @rubencress came up with a sick banner that we can all use in our posts related to Steem Fest, check it out here

@abh12345 - Business, pleasure, or both?
@tarazkp - Business or pleasure?
@elizacheng - My visit to Krakow, Business or Pleasure?
@misslasvegas - Am I going for business, pleasure or both?
@daveonarrival - Buisness or Pleasure
@jeanpi1908 - Business or Pleasure?
@rivalzzz - Business, pleasure, or both?
@louis88 - Defnitely both!
@eveuncovered - Business or Pleasure?
@guyfawkes4-20 - Business or pleasure?
@sobberchops - Business or pleasure
@jrvacation - Pleasure
@raj808 - Business or pleasure?
@soyrosa - Im going all in on pleasure!
@escapist - Work or joy?
@llfarms - Business or pleasure?
@betamusic - Business or pleasure?
@coruscate - Business or Pleasure?
@honeydue - I´m going to SteemFest!
@wandereronwheels - Business or pleasure?
@anomadsoul - For me Steem Fest is pure business
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Amigo mío, me alegran 2 cosas:

  • Que Steemit haya vuelto a la normalidad(y recargado)
  • Que los preparativos para el SteemFest marchen tan bien
  • Lo noto en tu buen ánimo, sé que estás muy interesado en asistir, espero ir a las 4 edición, me lo pongo como un reto, quizás sea muy, pero muy difícil, pero sé que no será imposible, espero conocerte allá, puede que falte un año, puede que dos, jajaj pero lo cierto es que haré todo mi empeño para ir a este tipo de encuentros, por lo que nos cuentas
    SOn experiencias únicas

    Gracias por todo, compa

    The best thing about this event will be the number of people you can rediscover to talk about business and new people you can know interested in your projects among other things! The closer the date is, the more I want to see how everything will be


    I really can't wait for November!

    I´m not sure if I´m including everyone who wrote about the topic because I think the tags are misbehving, ifyou are not here and you wrote about Business or pleasure, let me know and I´ll include your post here.

    Misbehaving tags or wrong usage by myself of the tags? Don't know it, but this was my post.

    Don't forget to mention the bowling together, and form a team with fellow Steemians to win the Bear Bowling Cup 🏆.


    Oh damn, the bowling part! Yes, I think I'll try to bring that cup home hahaha, thanks, I'll include your post, sorry! See in Krakow mate


    It's ok no worries! 🤙

    So you're kinda passionate in playing games? Looking forward to see that spirit 😎

    @anomadsoul, Last topic was really effective and both aspects are equally important, but literally speaking you gave an funny face to your post, and literally it was fun time while reading it. For sure hope and wish that you will going to have both aspects effectively.

    And yes, no matter what and wherever we go, we will going to hold the Spare Time and these are the time when we have to do what we like and our passionate things because, without fun in life, is like world of Incompleteness.

    Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

    Looks like there will be more attendees this year and this is fair compared to the increase number of users.

    I'll stick to the fun part of meeting people and create networks for a better Steemit experience.

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    First year there were like 100, last year around 300, I heard that for Poland there's already 200confirmed and we are still more than a month until the event kicks off so I think you are right, there will be more people this year :)

    Thanks for another steemfest3 incentive. I'll be up for writing about this one later in the week :) No poker for me though thanks.


    Oh man, I was looking forward to beat you on the tables hahaha


    You would kick my ass, take all my money and then I wouldn't be able to buy more STEEM. That just wouldn't do. A good reason to keep away from the tables methinks.

    i think this would be a great steemfest,and i believe that 5 rooms from last year is not enough is that 5 rooms last year or i mistaken i think 4 or 5 rooms..

    SMT is coming this could be the start on steemi to launch SMT.


    Say what? 5 rooms for what?


    last steemfest was seperated to the other room right?

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    Thanks for the shoutout! Getting more and more excited now! Got my Steemfest ticket and air ticket. Renewed my passport too. So left with place to stay and also prepare clothes to keep myself warm...

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    That's so awesome! Sounds like you are almost ready to hit Krakow! Yes, the weather will be somewhat cold, better be ready!


    Yup... @aaronleang booked our apartment last night. So left with the clothes... Gonna go shopping with @joannewong sometime soon... See you in Krakow!

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    Que bueno que ya volvio a la normalidad todo, se extrañaba los escritos y la mùsica.@anomadsoul.


    Ya todo está perfecto de nuevo :D

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