SteemFest³ Updates - Introducing SteemFest (Bear) Bowling Cup - New names announced!

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Kanonicza by magro_kr on Flickr

Here I am typing this update on saturday morning, actually sitting in the venue of the first SteemFest in Amsterdam, 2 years ago. I am attending the Bitfest (Bitshares) v1 in the Tobacco Theatre today, but work on SteemFest goes on.

Past week was mainly dedicated to tickets, tickets, tickets, as last night's price hike was coming up! I was just now analysing the ticketshop data, where attendees can decide to leave their origin and noticed we are already at almost 40 origins coming together in Kraków!

And then obviously this week saw a little "break" in the Steem chain which took away a full day of SteemFest work, by sitting glued behind the computer for 18 hours straight (8 am - 03:30 am :P) helping fixing, running patches and replaying. I am looking forward to the upcoming hardfork paving the road forward. I have my nodes on v20.2 running in sync with the network, and will switch shortly.

On a private note, we are still waiting for our lil' hardfork 2, which is really due any day now, so who knows what will be the situation next week :0

I want to urge anyone who bought a ticket and considers staying in 1 of the 2 hotels to obtain your hotelroom coming week, as by 30 september, any leftover rooms (should there be any) will be going back to the general market and will see a price hike due to low availability.

New names added to!

  • (US): Creator of Partiko, founder at Bit.Study
  • @travellit (Planet): Digital nomads, public speakers and travel content creators
  • @starkerz (UK): CEO Oracle-D, Co-Founder Promo-Steem
  • @anarcotech (UK): CTO Oracle-D, Co-Founder Promo-Steem

Introducing SteemFest (Bear) Bowling Cup 2018


Are you ready to spare some strikes? Did somebody pee on your f***ing rug? Did you get rekt in the bear market? Digest Conference Day 1 during the first (will it be annual?) SteemFest (Bear) Bowling Cup 2018!

SteemFest has rented out a 16 lane bowling club! I encourage you to start forming teams consisting of 3 people and join the informal but very serious competition!

The SFBC '18 will be a laidback competition with quick rounds so you won't be glued to the bowling lane all night and sweat away in those fancy bowling shoes. There is a bar, a dance floor, a relax area and some other games as well. It will be fun.

So come to SteemFest, find 2 teammates and get ready for some strikes, spares, turkeys, and watch out for the gutter!

Reminder: Art at SteemFest looking for your best work!

Just like the previous two SteemFest editions this year Art At Steemfest is going to happen in the weekend dedicated to works by the arts community. It is a pop-up art gallery with artworks by Steem-users. This year the venue is a multimedia expo room on walking distance of both hotels. By using this 360 degree projections sphere there will unfortunately be no actual prints to be made, but the upside is that we have virtually unlimited place for artworks thanks to this rotating all-around-you animated projection gallery!

If you have a (digitized) artwork (photo, painting) you want to be considered for the Art at SteemFest pop-up art expo during SteemFest, please follow this form to share your work.

Click here for the Art at SteemFest submission form

Ongoing SteemFest ticket give aways

  1. Last week ! SteemFest ticket raffle:
  2. Till HF 20 @pharesim is giving away 1 free ticket to Steemfest:
  3. @steemfestdreams is running a contest and you can still participate:

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from Amsterdam,


Get your SteemFest ticket at

Ticket prices increase in 27 days!
read more about the price increase algorithm here

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Thanks for the updates Roeland, although I'm extremely bad at bowling, still it should be great fun. Looking forward to it.

This post is featured on my news show today :D

I'm all booked up, but I do suck at bowling :)

Here's hoping the hardfork goes smoothly. It was much discussed in Lisbon and it's great to see it finally happening.

See you in Krakow!


yes, find some good teammates and take care of the drinks for them :P

SteemFest 3 will be amazing, wish I could make it @roelandp. I did make a steemwallet review post like I said I would though. Here it is if you would like to take a look 🙂


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Bowling, Yay!!
Did you organise Bitfest as well? ;)
And does “Lil hardfork 2” mean what I think it means?


ha no, bitfest is by Bitshares Blockchain Foundation.

Hardfork = daughter.


Aah, congratulations!! 💜

Thanks for the update, most importantly good luck and hope all goes will with your "lil' hardfork 2"!



< beer >Bear-Bowling</be er> that's sounds for an epic evening with lots of fun! I'm not under 100 my guys and aiming for a highgame =)

Cheers, see you there!!



What is the deadline for submitting artwork @roelandp? 😊


lets do to be safe 2 weeks in advance?


Excellent. Thank you @roelandp.

I might get a bit of a poll going among my followers then, as to which one I should submit. 😊

@roelandp, thank you for the update on the SteemFest!
I hope to see many fellow Steemians at the SteemFest.

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steemit has lots of wonderful artists.I am looking forward to FEST👍✨

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SteemFest 3 is going to be great with lot of fun.

Are bear suits included in this deal, or are they just optional? ;)

Its a moot point as we will be just arriving when this is all happening (Thurs eve).

A shame we cant make it, but we will be there for all the rest including the closing dinner. That looks a bit posh, if its anything like Lisbon.


this evening event starts after dinner about 9PM. Would you be able to make it? Try hard! don' t know from how far / long you are travelling and how tired you would be ofcourse.


We will see, how far from the INX Design Hotel is it? We are travelling from the UK, so its not a huge journey.


10 min by car

Did somebody just say bowling?


Just kidding, I have no bowling skills whatsoever. But, I can enjoy a good whiskey for sure. See you there. :)

Good Information Like It
Hope You Have Great Success
Enjoy Steeming😀

Wonderful update. Steemfest³ will be great this year for sure. Stay strong

Great idea with the bowling competition, the Steemfest3 will be a lot of fun again! 👏😎👍

really looking forward to it and appreciate the info, i prepared early and i am set but really getting excited seeing posts about it coming closer and closer

Sounds pretty sweet!

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Keep the fore burning.

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Thank you for the information

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@ roelandp very niceeee

Hi @roelandp, you said that the price will rise 20% at the 21th of september, but they rised by 40%.


"rise 20% of costprice" it is stated everywhere. Costprice = 555.55 EUR, thus the rise = 111.11 EUR. If you hover over the prices on you see how much every price is as part of the costprice.


Oh ok, I missunderstood this then. I wrote you a message on

Thanks for the update roeland
I hope to meet ned their i heard he's coming and will love bowling too 💯😄

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Excited for the announcement

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Steemfest is ahead, best of luck

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Good post sir, i wanted to be a part of it but I can't , will try next time sir , enjoy the steemit fest👍👍🍻🎊🎉

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That image feels like a cs: go map lol

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Was very excited about 🤗

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kmn aso

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Wow ! It will be really amazing to participate at bowling contest ! Great
Maybe a French team or a cleanplanet team to go to the top.
See you all !
@yann0975 @french.fyde @cleanplanet

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