RIPPLE (XRP) Bullish Explosion OUT of an A,B,C,D,E TRIANGLE! What does this mean? See this analysis!

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When doubt, always remember that Cryptos just LUUUUUUUV Triangle patterns! The below shows how XRP SURGED UP and OUT of the a,b,c,d,e triangle. Not how the left white impulse five circled white waves become the subwaves of blue wave i and how the a,b,c,d,e become the subwaves of blue wave ii. That means blue wave iii is next and it's already starting with a bull vengeance! Target is now $1.03

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Anyone counting waves? I counted 3rd one from iii wave.

Can you do an update on any of the Chinese coins like Metaverse, Bytom, NEO, Hshare ?
Thanks in advance.

I agree, Metaverse (ETP) and NEO seem like they are in Limbo.

ETP actually had some wallet issues. So I'm only cautiously optimistic for the next few months. They'll certainly get their things together eventually. But for a short term trade, I'd rather wait for @haejin or some big announcement with still time to get in. At least I'm geting GAS for my NEO. That's at least something. Same goes for my tiny Waves balance that's on lease.

BYTOM would be cool

glad I didn't sell earlier when it hit your prediction, felt higher was in the charts ;) still not even sure ill set at $1... after that it should do an ABC?

Any thoughts on if how that might look. Market seems bullish so could correct quickly or fall into the hurry up and wait syndrome...

Hahaha long awaited haters regret. HODLers rejoice!
Man I got impatient as it was held up majority. Got gains from other coins but forgot to switch half of it back! Haha oh well a wins a win.

Thanks for your article. Great insight. Problem with ripple is it gets plenty of hype but doesn't sustain for too long generally. Xrp are so fast that there is no need to hold it in stock. That's the only shame.

I really love your stuff man. the studies, I wish I paid more attention to your stuff. RESTEEMED! I hope everyone can support each other so we can make this community grow =]

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Hey haejin, how’s it going?

Man, your targets always freak me out haha. They’re always so optimistic and at first glance I’m like ‘no way this is ever going to be hit!’

But this is crypto and we are living in some crazy times. Keep up the excellent wave analysis. I’m a big fan.

Check out my entry focused Ripple blog here. I think they actually both go together quite well.

$1 Ripple, wow, he's hoping!

I am asking to all the commenters, why to hold this coin that due to his massive total supply grow in a such slow pattern? there is so much out there. jsut pick up a better one. Qash, Siacoin, Dragonchain, QSP come on

Just to sell.

The breakout I was waiting for. And what a breakout!


Spot on! But I believe the current bull run attributes to a bunch of reasons that I've listed here.

Still HODL from last post. 👊 And hope that it is going to do it fast.

Hello, can you please update also the XRP/BTC pair? I got lost where we currently are since XRP/USD is 0.5, but XRP/BTC no big change at all. The 0.000161 (3days ago prediction) seems to be very very far away. I even got lost if I we are heading to 0.00005000 in wave (1) or we are somewhere else. Thank you!! :)

Still holding 50% of my position. Ready for $1 and higher.

Another great call Haejin!

You are great man, I have learned a lot from your videos so far and made some decent profits. I appreciate all the work you do. I would love to be able to see your charts more clearly though. Maybe attaching a link to the trading view chart or if there is another way to post the charts so that we can expand them.

@bennyg1337, you can invest some % from your profits into STEEM, power up and vote for @haejin posts. That way you will give him back.

Thank you for reinforcing the fractal! This helps me burn it into my mind.

Is anybody following ripple right now??

Yep, it's in correction.

80 % today, should we sell?

Long term how far can ripple price can reach??????? And in how many months?? More than 10usd in the next 3 month?

I do not know. But I think that current sentiment is huge and this coin looks promising. But I will try to sell @ $1.3 on 5th wave, just before the correction and buy back. 👊😉

I do not "play" on subwaves, I prefer to trade on big waves. So, I HODL and wait for $1.33 as of latest @haejin analysis.