Tutorial on the Use of Fibonacci Ratio & Elliott Waves

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This video contains a detailed tutorial on how Fibonacci ratios are used to determine the target heights of each of the waves in an impulse and the requisite a,b,c retracements. It's a lengthy video and viewing it with a pencil and paper for notations is recommended. Also, all items covered in this video except some of my personal assessments are contained in the book Elliott Wave Principle by Frost & Prechter. This book is highly recommended to always have on your desk for study.

The take home also is to fully understand that these guidelines were made specificy for equities. We know by now that cryptos have certain wave-personality traits of its own e.g. extended 5th waves, "hurry up & wait" syndrome, propensity for expanded flat corrections, etc. Thus, these fibonacci guidelines are not always applicable to cryptos and so some care must be taken for variance. I hope this is helpful and as always, I wish you MASSIVE profits!

Please review these Tutorials on Laddering! and Buy/Sell Setups!. These books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends arehighly recommended!


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hi ever body
To investors in the currency market here are some tips that may avoid you big loss and give you a lot of profit

1 - Avoid margin buying and short selling because the burden of losing it exceeds your capital and lead to bankruptcy if you missed your expectations.
(Do not trust your expectations very much, because they may let you down)
2 - Do not believe the rumors, because the effect is imaginary and not real.
(Rumors of how much money was wasted, and lost of times)

3 - Do not risk everything you own, when you decide to sell or buy.
4 - Do not rely on one income method, invest to create another source of income (do not put eggs in one basket)

"hi ever body," I like that. Mistakes are lovely.

A good method is know what you are willing to lose. For example, for every $100 you make you make if you are willing to lose 25% or $25 for every $100 then you will be in a good position. In this will you won't have to risk losing the whole $100. Always keep a ratio of losing to winning.

Well said, wise minds , thanks for sharing.

In other words: 'Do not try to make money'
Good advices though ;-)

Wonderful Haejin, thank you. What if the 4.236 extension of ETH wave 3 is showing us the eventual target of wave e, following extended 5th. In the quantum, the target is both 5 and e, and the pattern is the emotional charge. A particle in two places, and a wave in between.

I think you've got it! But allow for variance as precision hits to fibs are not always.

Thanks, Coach.
Following your blog is the highlight of my day.

I wish you MASSIVE profits!

so if I am reading this 'interaction right' --- you both predicted the breakout for Eth going from the $300/$400's ... to where it's sitting now; in the $600-700 range -- ?

thank you so much!!!

thank you for another gift to the community <3

I've been blessed with health, wealth and a wonderful life. I'm giving back.

Thanks @haejin!!! I'll be coming back to this video quiet often

Thanks for the video

@haejin, thanks a lot.. been waiting for this.. the video seems to have not been uploaded yet..

It's done uploading now. Try it again please.

thanks ..its done

A lot of time and effort went into this video
Thanks so much @haejin

Yes, lots of time and effort goes into the posts. It' s my way of giving back to the community. My blog's aim is to help and do no harm.

You're the man Haejin thanks a lot!!!!!

Like your user name!

wow, now that's some golden advice and explanations, as usual I should say. Thank you so much once again for the time you dedicate to us, your followers. Resteemed & upvoted

I wish you MASSIVE profits!

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