Essay: Is Technical Analysis a Quantum Event?

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I'd like to share my understanding of how and why Technical Analysis works. It's a comingled effect of my training as a scientist, business executive and musician. So, yes, it's a perspective through my set of unique lenses and just perhaps, our lenses could have some "phasic" overlaps.

The basic tenet of Technical Analysis is that sentiment drives all price actions. Simply put, price is a reflection of sentiment. This sentiment is an aspect of duality composed of Fear & Greed. These are opposites of each other and each alone can not be in this world. Both move in waves or cycles and all according to the Fibonacci Golden ratio. Nature's biology to the spirals of the galaxies and even the helix turns of our DNA strands abide by this Golden Ratio. Sentiment is no exception as its ebs and flows occur according to Fibbonacci sequence.

We are all familiar with Einstein's special theory of relativity or the below equation which states that mass and energy are the same. It is the energy mass equivalence principle.

To me, this equation embodies sentiment. Allow me to explain. In the equation, C2 is speed of light that posseses the photoelectric effect, and the basis of all life begins with light and this is undeniable. Plants converting light into energy using water and CO2 is an actual application of Einstein's equation. This way, energy contained in light can be converted to mass, in other words transferred. This is also why water, light and magnetism are essential for a planet to harbor life. Mars has light and water...but it's dead in magnetism and thus will never harbor life.

Having said the above, sentiment is an expression of energy that is chemically conferred. All biologic material absorbs specific light frequencies. The amino acids have an aromatic molecular ring that are designed to absorb uv light of a specific frequency. What happens when your skin absorbs sun light? It gets warm. There is no difference at the molecular and atomic scales, when light is absorbed, energy is gained. This is called the photoelectric effect for which Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize. This is why AM sunlight contains more UV-a light and has significant impact on your hormone homeostasis while PM sunlight is more rich in UV-b which activates your vitamin D synthesis as well as sulfates cholesterol. Water is the most dielectric molecule and thus essential for life and broadly absorbs light frequencies to attain the third state of water called the Exclusion Zone (EZ). This EZ coherent structures allow water to have semindocutor like properties that surrounds every protein in our bodies. When water takes on EZ structure, it has a plasma crystal feature and acts similar to a semiconductor which is paramount to enable interaction with photoelectric effects and magnetism. A bit complex and your head could hurt with all the quantum physics. By the way, getting a good dose of AM and PM sunlight is critical to good health. Sunlight in your eyes and sunscreen needed.

When hormones absorb light, it is a quantum event. The gain of energy in a living being in effect reduces entropy. If entropy is allowed to go to equilibrium, then you have a dead body, a non-living mass. So, thoughts and feelings are quantum events. To me, this means that sentiment has to follow the laws of E=MC2.

I had earlier indicated that sentiment is another form of conferring energy. For me, the bottom line is that not much can come before sentiment except thought and before that is Perfect Thought. There is a famous saying in the Plato's Republic Essay: "what are words but symbols of symbols; hence twice removed from reality." You might also be familiar with Plato's Allegory of the Cave which too has the same rationale.

So, thought is expressed as sentiment, a form of conferred chemical energy, which is reflected and expressed in duality: Fear and Greed. For cryptos, such expression is seen in its price actions. This is also why measuring price movements can't be perfect as all techniques are twice removed from "Reality". This is why Elliott Waves need updates and edits with new price action data as it only measures the reflection of sentiment.

It's important to remember that no Technical Indicator is less than "Twice Removed" from reading sentiment. The only object that can be "once removed" is called a Crystal Ball and unfortunately no living being possesses that. This is why experience is so vital to enhancing the accuracy of TA. More specifically, failure experiences. I'm a firm believer that failures teach better than successes. A novice pianist will always be poor compared to a seasoned pianist. A novice in Technical Analysis will always be poor compared to a seasoned Technical Analyst.

I humbly state the following: As a Technical Analyst, I thought I was pretty good after five years and really good after 10 years. Now, after 15 years, I've realized that I'm still improving.


Fascinating stuff. I love to learn new skills thanks for teaching us all your knowledge and letting us all improve.

Same dude. Very insightful. Thanks, Haejin.


Haejin... Now you talking! Great deeply insightful and intelligent post. Each of our coin holdings is a perfect reflection of ourselves. I'm currently in a big correction myself after a huge climb that made so much money I couldn't truly comprehend what had happened (since January). Subsequently it exposed my complete ignorance and then exposed my inner fears as everyone of my decisions seemed to go in the wrong direction. I now humbly accept and realise I'm not a trader and don't aspire to be one either... I'm now in a consolidation phase as I make peace with all the fuck-ups I made. Time to step back, stop fiddling and let my true value become manifest... Thanks again for your inspiration and wisdom. You are a rare and humble human being... it is a privilege to have found your blog! Cheers my man!

It's all a learning process.My mistakes have been very hepful in teaching me valuable lessons.
I wish you MASSIVE profits!

I'm looking forward to the moment I am able to pop some of the alts 'popcorn wealth' into one of those wallets of yours to show my appreciation and gratitude!


So, if TA is a quantum event, would it be correct to imply that entanglement could be also be applied as a basis for price movement? What i'm suggesting is that the charts of one asset, BTC perhaps, could theoretically move another asset in a similar way, due to the quantum entanglement of the sentiment expressed by investors.

Maybe this explains the direct correlation to BTC that we see in so many other cryptos. If a certain sentiment (fear or greed) is expressed or emitted through thought, that sentiment could cause multiple different assets to perform similarly through the quantum entanglement produced in the perfect thought of their origin.

Or maybe i'm just shooting in the dark, hoping to hit something tangible in a world of abstract illusions. Either way, thanks @haejin for the thought, its nice to get a break from the "lambo" sheep.

Wow - this is really great. I stumbled upon your blog and I really was a sceptic until certain fractals kept reappearing in some test analyses. I then realized something bigger was at work and that I was but a small bit in it. Thank you for sharing what you know and being generous with your posts! Wishing you massive profits, haejin!

A fascinating read, even after a full day of teaching and my head ready to explode! Upvoted and resteemed.

Is that Willy Wonka

Hahaha :-)
Actually it's a very old photo of me! :-)
Thanks for asking and my apologies for the late reply. I just haven't been doing anything with Steemit for a while. :-)

Thanks for the in depth description. I did about 10 charts on TA this morning. I'm gonna keep them for a few weeks and compare for my accuracy. I find it a little hard to place the abc on the down trend sometimes, especially when there is a lot of sideways movements.
If you ever run across a chart that is in a downtrend and move sideways quite a ways, would you do a video on that showing the abc placements?

Yes, they are the combination corrections.
WXYXZ types.

Interesting post

I wrote an article yesterday stating that people that don't know anything about this stuff should stay well away from trading - I include myself in that group, and to be honest I think it applies to most of the Steemit population, despite the obsession with charts and so on

It seems that you are one of the few that really gets it, which is why I started following you recently - not to track what you are doing, not to trade anything, just out of curiosity while I continue to buy and hold onto my various investments

I hope it makes you money!


Thanks for your read!
I wish you MASSIVE profits!!


Nice piece haejin..thank you for the essay...i've been getting more sun in the mornings on my walks before the gym...i finally got some color instead of my normal pail looking self....i already notice the benefits..thanks friend...cheers

Great! Check out this video:

thank you very much @haejin! this has been an eye opener by any means!

Wow! Great video. If this is true, it turns much of medical thought on its head. I want to learn more! Thanks Haejin!


I would like to learn more about this.

This video is powerful. This is amazing. I

This awoke a memory where I tried sun gazing several years ago. I didn't have the discipline to follow through the routine as described here: . I may attempt it again though after watching this video. I believe!

Decided today to try to stay off of Steemit as much as possible, to reduce the negativity. Part of that decision was also to use the time to read and watch all of your training pieces at the end of each post.

Really glad to have done this! Enjoyed the above video very much, and am currently in the market for blue-blocking glasses!

If you know where to get them, I'd appreciate a pointer. Currently following links from

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