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This video could be very healthy for our journey towards Technical Analysis proficiency. I review clear examples using Elliott Waves the buy and sell setups to attain with confidence. I also place emphasis on what materials are needed to help in attaining that proficiency. Please consider viewing the video several times.


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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


what do you think about nushares NSR?

steemit - fantastic.gif Post Haejin!

Fantastic video, I'm not quite finished but thank you for taking the time to give a lesson like this.

As an aside... am I crazy or is VIA coin showing a massive cup and handle on the daily chart here?

VIA coin

Nice! And yet the Similarity Index has risen one more notch!

More like crazy brilliant!

Great work Haejin! I am starting to follow you. ^^

Great video and wisdom, just got the books, thank you!

Looking forward to watching this tonight!

Thank you for a brilliant and educating video. It really helps a lot. I’m still waiting for my books to come. You’re the best @haejin..

Wow, what a wonderful, informative & educational video. I've been bebefiting greatly from your fantistic analysis and have learned a great deal in TA. I cannot thank you enough! Upvoted.

I wish you MASSIVE profits!

always upvoting. really learning a lot and been doing a few successful trades.

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Do you have time to have a look to zen? Is it me or it just pop up for correction?

Hey haejin, I have a 30 min consultation with you.. but I also want to do coaching maybe... how can we get intocuh? Can I just post a spam mail account... and then convert you over to my main email after I get your message?


If you got time could you do an analysis on PIVX? I been trying to do a TA on it and can't seem to really get it. To me it looks like a long downtrend that just barely is pushing out of the downturn.

Will do!

Here is the analysis for PIVX/USD and PIVX/BTC, please use only to augment your due diligence.

Definitely upvoted! ^^

Can you recommend a book on straightforward money management, diversified portfolio, investing, hedge and arbitrage?

Just got the books. Big thanks for your time, your posts, and your videos.

Great training video's! Very informative. By the look of the price they charge for the books you advice, I better invest in those publishers company's too :)

Just stumbled on one of your posts that suggested this one. Excellent material and your calm and measured way of telling people to buy and do the work. Most won't do that. Those who will can build a skill and that skill can have a return on your time invested.

I spend 30hrs a week on my investments and get a lot of my education from the best newsletter subscriptions. At some point, it get easier and you can find your own investments for profit. Thank you for the trading book recommendations. I have not seen the Elliot Wave topic and will dig in.

Thank you Haejin!!! Your generosity is making a huge difference to so many people and the free spirit in which you share your wisdom is the kind of giving that makes the world a better place. Thank you for your example!!

Thank you for this training! I'm going to pick up those books and read through them as soon as I can. Currently I am having difficulty pinpointing the actual points of the 1-5 accurately.

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