@haejin's TA Book Recommendations for Elliott Wave & Chart Pattern Recognition

in #bitcoin6 years ago

For Elliott Waves, please consider studying:

For Chart Pattern Recognition, please use:

Full Disclosure: I receive NOTHING for recommending these books. I used these to learn and am hoping it can perhaps help you as well. Of course, I had much earlier editions, but these are real gems.


you are THA man! thx

great man, thx for sharing!

not available? thanks

the eliottwave international website has a free ereader version online when you sign up to their newsletter. bonus :)

@haejin for the Technical Analysis book, do you recommend reading the whole thing or just certain sections?

Thanks for sharing...

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@haejin, what's your opinion on LTC? We seem to have completed the fifth wave but it is also tied to BTC. Do you think it can go bear independent of BTC? Thank you!

I will be purchasing these shortly and thanks for the heads up.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for being so generous.

Just made a purchase of them. Found them both on Triftbooks for less than $100 : ) -Used but waste not want not.

Master @haejin Thanks for the recommendation.I have been going through your tutorial and it's been very helpful. I would just spam every where to thank you

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