CryptoKitty - FREE KITTY GIVEAWAYS!!! (K) Christmas and new year special!

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Christmas is around the corner.....

So what a better way to start off your Christmas other than with your own digital kitty companion!


What is CryptoKitties?

CryptoKitties is one of the world’s first games to be built on blockchain technology (using smart contracts), Players collect and breed their own kitties!!!
CryptoKitties use what they call a GA (genetic algorithms) to create the kitties. Each kitty has unique string of genes for background colour, stripes, fur patterns or facial expressions. After breeding (or “Siring” as they call it) It’s just like breeding real animals!


For how to register and start playing there is a puurrr-fect guide and MORE KITTY GIVEAWAYS! Thanks to @brittuf at:

@lgm-1 is another fellow steemian that is doing free KITTY HANDOUTS!!! stay updated at:


To start you guys off I’m giving away 1 CryptoKitty to 1 lucky Steemer:
1)To the FIRST lucky Steemer to follow, upvote and to comment your CryptoKitty address below.

Meet your first new friend: giveaway.png

2)Missed out? Don’t worry there will be WEEKLY chances to win! =] till (31/01/18) Every week there will be 1-2 blogs title ending in (K). Be the first to comment with your address and win!!!!

3)Not fast? DONT WORRY!!! Loyal Steemer's comments will also be chosen at random for more CryptoKITTY GIVEAWAY!

Help re-Steem and spread the word!

Why play?

I never thought I’d be an online cat person either but DAMN! It’s highly addictive and at the same time you can earn some ETH back!!!
The cats are adorable and siring them just keeps you on your toes! Hahaha! I think I might grow old with a crap load of digital cats!
CryptoKitties developers believe it will thrive because unlike Bitcoin, players will still have the value of their kitties secured on the ETH network, even if the game and its creators disappear.

What are rare attributes?

So far anything with the tagline “fancy” seems to be all worth quite a bit. For other attributes go to:
These are just the currently known traits, there are more to come out soon as this game has only been around for a week!

Important notice: ETH transaction fees ARE THROUGH THE ROOF!!! please watch out for high fees, refresh and try again! Quite a few players have currently halted till the wallet and transactions improve. (as a lot of transaction fees cost more than the breeding/listing!)

Merry Christmas and Happy new years!!!


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Hope to get a CryptoKitty :D

Here is my Kitty Wallet Address


Thanks for that =]
Please spread the good word and let everyone in on the goodies!


would love to get me a cryptokittie! LOL


Merry Christmas @paddygsound!!! hope you enjoy it =] brand new just for you and more to come!
Please help me spread the good news.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hint: next giveaway will be at random chosen from comments in 2 days! =]

Awesome, thank you so much!!!!! and a Merry Christmas to you @zen-analyst

Thank you for the guide. It helped a lot to get a grasp of the concept. Looks like a lot of fun ^.^
Picking my first kitty and about to join in! If you have a spare fried for her - it will be very appreciated. Have lovely holidays everyone!


Would love get a kitty :)

i would love to get my cryptokittie :D :D


Dammit, I know I will never be in the first three... Anyways, kind of you to do this...