EOS Target $3.22 + Analysis Update + Live Real Time Laddering Example...You Don't Want to Miss This!!

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This is a video you won't want to miss as it has a real live example of laddering a buy entry. I also provide an updated analysis!

Below is a chart that shows a Cup & Handle with symmetrical triangle which was breached upside and we are curerntly putting in wave 3, 4 and five towards a target of $3.22. Bullish sentiment couldn't care less about the 2 MIl coin per month inflation! The triangle on the left is a originiator fractal except with a downside breach while the triangle on the right is progeny fractal except with an upside breach of price. Beauty!

Below is the buy ladder completed in the video where I provide full details on how to cast this ladder. Please consider viewing the video in full.

As always, I wish you MASSIVE profits!

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Tutorial on the use of Fibonacci & Elliott Waves
These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended

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Curious what you think the retracement to be? If it hits $3 or so around Dec/Jan, how much of a pullback can we expect?

Same here, any TA on pullback and support levels should things begin to correct?


Palm Beach Confidential: Buy Alert: EOS.IO (EOS)

Great thanks what else is in the portfolio!!

really? what is the proof?

Thanks haejin. I've just watched whole video of this posting. Because one of my friend asked me when to buy EOS again(he sold some yesterday) Your telling and guiding was pretty easy to understand for someone not knowing trade much like me. I really appreciate it. It was really impressive that Laddering guides entry point and support psychology . See you ^^ (I'm from kr community, posting medical stuffs. If you visit, it will be honor.)

Thanks for watching and supporting! Viewing the backlog of videos and the tutorials will really give you a great advantage in trading. And tell KR that @scarlet7 LOVES THEM ALL!

Thnx. @scarlet7 and Kr support you always.

Bullish sentiment couldn't care less about the 2 MIl coin per month inflation!

2 million per day! @haejin.

Thans for sharing!

Yea the inflation is going to future EOS venture capital... not electricity... price will only march higher.

You're a true prophet! EOS is trading $3.85 now!

It really helps!

Excellent video. uprooted & resteemed

hey haejin, does my subwavecount for wave 3 makes sense?

Image of Yaktocat

thanks, did you get my message with my skype ID? hakeem_suf

Over $2 right now. Yippee! Wish I had bought more at .50

You'll be just as glad buying after 50c when it's upwards of $300.

Thanks for the update and initial tip. 👌

Great analysis. Thanks for sharing.

What is with these ridiculous price predictions!?
You clearly don't understand how EOS token distribution works, and should not be posting about price predictions. First get the basics of the coin down. Then you will realize your price prediction is just silly.
As easily as I can put it " 2 million coins distributed every single day will slow down any bullish momentum."

And the price just keep following the laid out path.

$3.22 doesn't seem so ridiculous anymore does it? Price movement talks, don't listen to anything else.

Quite a bit higher now isn't it?


Thank you for your technical analysis EOS will gain ascendancy through strength and superiority .

I'm so happy T.T

I hope it does because I bought some a couple of weeks back, just a day before the price spike!

Thank you very much for this information. I'm not sure if you already have one or not but can you give some information on how you keep your ledger with the various entries and also how you gauge your profit as time goes by.

Can anyone tell me why the first triangle at 7:50 displayed bearish pattern? It is supposed to move upwards, that's what I understood from the "Variations of Elliott wave triangles" that's discussed in Tutorial-3. Thanks a lot @Haejin.

follow and upvote me bro your analysis is spot on like mine. you give more detailed explaination tho.maybe we can team up and shred up a superchart lol

Have to say that I have learned quite a bit from you! Thank you for your efforts! Keep up the good work!

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Great thread, but dated. Let's see an updated chart now that we're back testing $10 after hitting $18 and riding steady recently at $14.

Really great presentation. After 15 years of trading I figured this out only 9 months ago. Your ideas closely resemble the system I put in place to alleviate Fear and Greed from my trades. It makes the emotions fade away.
Great job!


@mrcryptastic, if you continue to support @haejin you will get shit on just like Kim Jong Un shitting on @haejin!

@haejin you make great toilet, just like your TA!

can you dou more posts on how to draw fib retracement?

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