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Here is a very detailed tutorial on how to ladder in your buys and sells. It is an effective de-risking technique that can help eliminate buyer's and seller's remorse. How often have you bought all coins in a single transaction and almost always see the price creep below your buy level? As price goes lower and deeper, the emotional and pyschological pain causes the well known buy high sell low syndrome. This laddering technique can help avoid such horrible situations.

The below chart is a completed ladder buy entry for STEEM. The video explains the didactic details. In summary, the ladder consists of 10 buy rungs. Each rung has a dedicated amount of coins to buy. This type of scaling in of buys allows one to be emotionally calm, serene and disciplined. I strongly recommend you watch the video to its entirety.


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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


the first time you told me to ladder in i bought all at ones, i later understood what you meant. i think you should add this to the footer of every post you make. Thanks

The ladder tutorial link is at end of every post. Thanks for suggestion!

What if someone ladders into a coin or stock, and it just continues to crash. I get the benefits of laddering, but the risk of buying something that is in correction and free falling is that in some cases, it never recovers.

Using patterns and EW, and Cycles I identify the most probable phase that would be the terminal end of a correction.

I also ladder my ladders. This way even if the first ladder was wrong, you have funds to cast another ladder.

Ladder in buying and selling is the way to go.
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Ladder is power!

This is fantastic! I always hear you mentioning to "ladder in" and "ladder out". This is exactly what I needed to see. Thank you so much for this information. You are a true asset.

HitBTC market just opened a new order type that they call "Scaled" ordering. Essentially, it is an automated laddering system with parameters that you can adjust, set, and forget. Very Useful addition on a trading platform.

Read about it here:

Thank you haejin for sharing your wealth of knowledge! In a short time I have already learned so much from you that I can apply to my knowledge and research of crypto. I look forward to reading/watching your other posts. I came to you linked from another investor column, now I am also a big fan of Steem and Steemit. Can't wait to see where it goes.

Great instruction and approach to dealing with the volatility and sometimes remorse with large positions. Nicely done and explained!

It’s awesome! Thank you for your very helpful information.

This is amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing. Do all ladders have the same weight in terms of number of coins?

Powerfull saying/explanation about patience, this should be the way of life. 9.50min.

Fantastic video. This is great information for anyone interested in trading. It makes
perfect sense. I am learning so much from you. Thanks for the education.

thank you very much, once again your tutorial is gold.

@haejin this is a wonderful lesson. Thank you very much for sharing. In case of STEEM, would you set your exit rungs at, say $3.98 and $13.87? Would you exit anytime in between? If you did, would you get back in and work dynamically with the chart?

GREAT! Emotion is the enemy in trading, this strategy will help filter it out.

I have always wondered how you position laddering in buy rungs. Haven't watched the video yet, but I am looking forward to it tonight. Thanks for what you do for the community!

Please feel free to post your ladders and I'll comment.

I just watched the video. For clarification, when laddering, are you running your rung across the bottom of the wicks too?

I'm going to watch this video again and study. Thank you again for posting it.

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Is laddering possible in I couldn’t see it.

How would you go about lattering in on bittrex, where STEEM only sells in BTC, as BTC is not that stable currency??

You can still ladder in using the /btc chart. Same method.

That is a wealth of information sir. thanks for sharing it. I will be resteeming your post and be following you. Hope to read more of your articles regarding buying and selling strategies. Bookmarked this post in my browser as well:)

I wish you MASSIVE profits!!

Thanks for this tutorial! Makes sense now.

Haejin, I am so glad I found your page. You explain things so thoroughly and succinctly, that even some things I thought I knew from my own experience of trial and error, make so much more sense now...Thank you Sensei!

I wish you MASSIVE profits!

Great post as always haejin.
I have a little question for you if you don't mind . It there a bullish wick ongoing for steem . It's below the 90 cent so ? .

This makes all the sense in the world.

nice your post

Thanks for this. I've been able to get into some good positions without the emotional ups and downs.

This video is a Must See for traders

Good Information bro :)

Thank you.
I am gonna read all tutorials.

When you decide to ladder in some altcoin that is sold in Poloniex, you draw lines in Tradingview to see the potential price levels and then put those ladder prices in altcoin exchanges?

Yes, that would be so.

^^^ this is how you contribute to Steemit? You talk about doing what you do for the community. Then you post obscene graphics like this? It is quite disgusting and will certainly not enhance the reputation of Steemit as a platform to use.

Go FUCK YOURSELF!!!! You support a SCAMMER!!!!

thank u for this great lesson, senpai!

Never heard of such entry points before, a real eye-opener. Thanks.

Thank you very much for this tutorial Haejin, I found it to be very informative, and will certainly use this technique moving forward.

Is there any "simple" way for person who don't know about support, resistance and such trading terminologies?

Great! Thank you. I searched your postings but couldn't find a sell latter.
Pretty sure it works the same, but when do you sell? I'm asking about the timing or position to put the sell latter, after having a buy one. Do you move the sell one based on the latters hit by the buy? Tnx!

What software do you use to do this?

Thank you very much for these tips. I had heard others mention laddering but I had no idea what they were talking about. This will help a lot with both buying and selling. I have chased prices a few times now and this would have prevented that and I have also sold everything out at to low a price so this would help with that as well.

Thanks, I'll be practicing this soon. As everyone else is saying, your tutorials are appreciated.

Very informative. Most importantly this technique allows so much more peace of mind. It's fun to be ahead of the world with this incredible opportunity in Crypto, but the stress and obsession we probably all experience at some time or another can be greatly alleviated with this technique. Thanks H!

If you have the time, any quick updates even if brief on EOS / SAFEX would be rad!

For Safex there is most likely one more lower low needed:

what a great gift, an excellent video. Great didactic and psychology.

I love the part of "I'm gonna buy that crap" lol

Thanks @haejin

As a newbie to crypto trading. I am absolutely loving your videos. Thank you for sharing

incredibly good - tutorial ! :)

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You need to keep your emotions locked in a box when trading, but that doesn't mean that you achieve it by using laddering. It will lower your returns from successful trades as well as lower your losses from unsuccessful trades. We know that to be a good trader / investor your successful trades have to be higher than unsuccessful trades.

So, basically, you are lowering more upside potential if you are decent enough investor. Please practice something else for managing emotions while trading (e.g. meditation, quotes on the wall etc.), IMO using laddering for it will cost you lot of extra money.

Great video and great post! I can't wait to put these techniques to work!

When casting the ladder how much should i split or ration on each ladder?
if i was laddering $10,000, Should i increase or decrease the amount casted as the price goes up or down?

great video! I have a silly question. How do I set a buy order above the current price in Bitfinex? On Limit orders it buys automatically? Thanks!

Those have to be done manually if the exchange doesn't offer if this then that buy options.

Thanks @haejin I just bought the books! Thanks for your enormous time answering the newbies like me.

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