Tutorial on Elliott Wave Counting Lesson 1; by @haejin

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This is the first of a series of Elliott Wave tutorial videos. The objective is to provide background content and real chart based didactic examples on how to count Elliott Waves. It is not meant to be a comprehensive course, but rather a primer for novices who aim to better understand Technical Analysis and become proficient in its application.

I recommend this video be viewed with a paper and pencil for notes and view it repeatedly. Repetition and practice will be the keys to becoming a successful Elliotician.

Please review these Tutorials on Laddering! and Buy/Sell Setups!. These books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends arehighly recommended!


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great. this is what I am looking for.


This is a really informative post! By the way, I've created a Steemit t-shirt for this amazing community. Hope that you like it!



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thank you for the informative tutorial. I have always wanted to trade currencies and this boosts my confidence.

Thank you

Thank you! This is that we all were waiting for! 🙌👍

I wish you MASSIVE profits!!

Thank you haejin. Btw, one more good call regarding to LTC. Just loaded some this morning when I saw it broke $55-56 level resistance. Thanks again!

Haejin, Your beer is from me today. Sent to your LTC wallet! Thanks again.

I wish you MASSIVE profits!

Consider doing same for BTS, ICN, LBRY, STEEM and others.

This is great stuff man! Appreciate the work you put into this; excited to take a deep dive.

Thank you so much for this video @haejin! This is very descriptive, perfect for a new-comer in the world of Elliot Wave graphs. Please keep an eye out for TIMM, I'd love to see involvement from mentors such as yourself.

Thanks for the shout out @mitrin! Great video, really enjoyed this @haejin!

Im a noob, and I just found your Blog! This is exactly what I was looking for :) Teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry again!

Im starting to see how it is possible that people find the coins before their big pump phase. There is definitely a lot more patience/planning involved then I thought there was.

Hopefully with this knowledge I can make more profit and progress from being a Zygote to a fish in the haha.

Thank you for a very informative post, Would to love to read more of these post from you

I've realy apprecieate the use of quantun physic and newtonian physic methaphor to show the difference between trend trading and "market law trading", now i'm studing sociology and a lot contemporary authors who i studied, the most famous, agree that there are no laws that determinate the social behaviours, so the Elliot theory, in their opinion, must be wrong so i wish to ask you if in your opinion the Elliot theory is so helpful because this theory don't focus on the people choice but it focus on specific market "behaviours" because the "market" althought is a social product, don't response at human social pattern but have an intrisic and own pattern

When you talk about fractuals, only started the book but this sounds like the markets have almost a living thing, as if it has patterns that with enough study can be predicted. Of course im going over board a little.

When you say that the markets are independant of news, can they almost on a quantum level sense news before it arrives... very deep stuff i know.

would like to know your view on this?

So I think I am ... certain there are other levels in the quantum field where time and space it's all connected. Check this out:

that are a very knowledge and such useful components that you share more than

thanks a lot this is going on my list of to do this week, wonderful info!

Thx for the tutorial, it helps me a lot. Grüsse aus Deutschland.

Excellent video. Thanks a lot!

i'm really grateful for all your hardwork. keep it up man!

Thank you for taking the time to explain this. I bought the book you recommended as well. I will take a look at your other tutorials as well.

If I did this correct, then big things are ahead for the following coins

VTC- Head & Shoulders but OBV is crazy high
ADA- pending breakout or dive

Haejin.. Thank you so much for these videos. They are fantastic... Mind Blown... Makes sense now!!!

Thanks a lot @haejin.I like your all posts.Waiting for next content.

I wish you MASSIVE profits!

Guys, I am new to this but whoever is making good profits, please make sure to credit haejin and donate eth/btc so we can keep him more focused on his relentless efforts. Thanks Haejin

Subscribed and upvoted! @Haejin thanks for your generosity. Can't appreciate enough what you did to this community! Keep going brother!

brilliant post @haejin - be sure to check out the latest episode of Crypto Nights in which we apply Elliott Wave theory to steem!



Thank you so much! I actually understood it all. Now I just need to practice.

thank you haejin

Thank you very much Haejin, you make it clear and easy to understand!! I am grateful!! Just need to practice!

Thank you Sir!!!

Stumbled upon your blog via twitter 10 days back and i have doubled my position with UNITS/BT2/XVG/RDD.

Specially logged on to Steemit just to thank you. And Upvote as much as possible.

You are awesome!

Thank you for the tutorials

Thank you for the explanation of EWaves. And fractals! I didn't know that.

Great Post. You've managed in 27 mins to explain something that has been hard for me to understand in years

Thank you for this great information. Guys technical analysis would not be the same after you learn elliot waves

Thank you so much!

Thanks for the this !! Really helps

Excellent ! thank you very much... please tell me what you think about my IOTA/ETH Counter


... from now on im following you... great contribution to our cryptocommunity I hope we all could see this as a big chance to change some things in our world and stop only looking at the earnings we gain.


Soy una neófita, y no entiendo de finanzas y tengo curiosidad por saber lo que se puede hacer con las claves que muestras al final de tus post y cómo hacer

Thank you very much for this explanation!

Great tutorials many thanks have retweeted this blog.

Looking forward to seeing all of your tutorials on this...thanks.

Thank you @haejin ! I just ordered the two books as well. I would be interested in discussing a couple one on one sessions once I read the books, could you shoot me an email to talk about that? My email is [email protected] Thank you for everything so far!

hello master :), i have a question! or if somebody else could answer me.. go ahead??!!

after the long nights of study I just do not understand IF or how you can 'foresee' the factor 'time'. the paths of the charts are one thing but how about the angles of the paths (=time). i saw in one of your update vids that you changed the angle of a predicted trajectory (tracjectory seemed right, but angle (so time) was stretched) , so i guess time is the hardest part to foresee? how to be most accurate possible in time?
sorry if this is stupid question but books still on their way :)
thanks a lot for your info!

Looking forward to watching this tonight. About 1/3rd of the way through the Elliott Wave Principle and I'll be looking forward to seeing it's application.

Nice! I also did a post on this - Elliot Waves are a great tool. Thanks for sharing :)


In the spirit of practicing my EW counts and pattern recognition I've made a post on some BCH projections, I'd love it if you could give it a once over. I didn't want to spam your posts with comments.


Elliott Wave Tutorial 1-001.jpg

Hello Sir!
I hope you dont mind but I made a mind map(detailed visual notes) on this article/video as I find it extremely important and good educational material. If you find it useful feel free to use it as you want

I'm trying to learn this pattern and I think this is really helpful!
And Thank you for posting this for us!

very useful, i hope everyone in the cryptoverse is aware of this fantastic tool

Thank you, Haejin!


Very informative, I liked your approach. Going to study further. Thank You.

Thanks for such an excellent video on Elliot waves.

Thankyou for the Great information, This has Saved me from Making more Mistakes, Wish I found it earlier. Thanks Haejin.

Awesome mate just what I needed. Hopefully this can take me to the next level. I am currently new to crypto trading. Only started a few days ago. Cheers for this

Thank you!! So helpful!

All cryptocurrencies are down because of news and events today, because of the Bithumb Hack, I thought the Elliot wave was immune to news and events.....

What is difficult to draw elliott waves correctly! :(

Awesome post! Been looking for a place to learn technical analysis to make better decision on my own.

I just wanna said THANK YOU!!! my friend for this excellent explanation, long time a go I was looking for a clear explanation about the Eliot Wave, and you deserve a prize for this,please if you can share with us more about this and other models that we can use to improve our investments results will be awesome.

Elliot Wave/Long Wave Economics and Kondratiev Cycles are very good ways to analyze graphs of different commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Amazing tutorial. Thank you <3

Very good tutorial, ty

Question...Can Elliot Wave be used in a bear market? It seems it only works within the given rules if in an uptrend.

Thank you for sharing!

very good thank you !!

좋은 글 잘보고 갑니다, 감사합니다~~~

very informative and in simple way you describe the basics, Want to ask a question can we do trading on Elliot wave in crypto because as u know crypto is much volatile ,?


Hi suf

hey suf

thanks man for taking the time to do this!!

I'd been studying Elliot waves for a year now and found it very challenging since I do self study and no mentor to guide me of the correct and easy way to read it..thank you for taking this time in sharing this valuable information:-D

Hi haejin, great tutorials! I have a question though, are these wave patterns following each other closely, meaning is point "C" of the retracing wave usually point "1" of the new cycle? Or are these patterns randomly distributed. Thank you!

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God bless you bro

Great ! Thank You, very very much. Must watch this more than fife times to understand . 30 minutes earlier each morning from bad and it will be fine.
Just I wish to found somehow, the book of Elliott Waves priniciple on my language.
All the best to all.

thankyou @haejin for sharing the technical details....

Thanks for the post

Thank you for your work in this space!

Excellent video thanks. I am quite new to TA and just learning my feet and this helps a lot.

Thank you for your detailed information! I am looking forward to your upcoming contents !

Thanks very much for your efforts teaching us, you got a student from Brazil. Thanks, it is pretty cool to listen for someone with your patience

Thanks so much for these tutorials. Super helpful.

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You're welcome!!

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