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Digital Note (XDN) is very interesting because it isn't unique in how it's currently consolidating. The very common a,b,c,d,e triangle is quite apparent from a forward discernment perspective. This indicates that the uniformity of sentiment across Altcoins is quite smooth and lends support to my earlier blog post on Something HUGE is coming to the Cryptosphere. In that blog post, I had discussed that an exponential price explosion was imminent. We are now just seeing the beginning stages of that.

Here is a longer term perspective of XDN/USD. Such a birds eye perspective allows one to discern the forest from the trees. If you're wondering how I place the waves and how high...please consider reviewing my tutorial videos lined at the bottom of this blog. The projected target is $0.279 or higher!

Below is the XDN/BTC. Check out the fractals of downward pointing symmetrical triangles...this is quite bullish! The massive needle like explosion is quite indicative of XDN being ready to make higher highs.

The below is my primary count for how XDN/BTC could traverse the Elliott waves. The Jaws of Wealth barrier has also been drawn to show and delineate the next steps. The target is 939 Satoshi; IF these Elliott Waves are correct.

The below is my alternate count for XDN/BTC. The fact that price hit the top of the Jaws of Wealth broadening pattern line, there is likelihood that price could wind downward and first hit the lower line prior to making orgasmic lunges upwards. However, this only speaks to the fact that there are many paths to enlightenment; all with the same destination. You also have to understand that in order for any /BTC pair to increase; it often has to have demand that exceeds the rate of increase for BTC itself. This is often the reason why the /BTC pair lags the /USD pair. Consider this for a moment and I think you might agree. This is also the reason why I don't understand why so many want to trade to the /BTC value so as to gain more BTC. Well, you are doing the same by trading to the BTC; except with a leading indicator. I'll write another blog on this at a later date with more details and examples and actual mathematics to hurt your heads!

Please consider reviewing these Tutorials on:
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Laddering and Buy/Sell Setups.
Laddering Example with EOS
Tutorial on the use of Fibonacci & Elliott Waves
These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
@haejin's Trading Nuggets
Essay: Is Technical Analysis a Quantum Event?

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Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**



I like That target! I hold more BCH than I do the original. Thanks for sharing :)

OMG are you serious ?

Do you have a timeframe
Either phasic with BTC on this run, or non-phasic, when BTC corrects at 23k

I look forward to your future post with details and mathematics. I'm an engineer, so bring it on!

Me too...and math's all in the numbers!

Dear Haejin,

As one of your new followers, I would like to say thank you for introducing me to the world of technical analysis (TA). I will admit, I was pretty skeptical at first. I thought, "Man, all this guy does is draw arrows pointing straight to the sky!....and then the price inevitably goes to the sky!!" Of course, with these crazy profits you were successfully predicting, I had to come to a better understanding of what was going on here. At first I thought, "Jeez, seems like you can buy just about any coin and it's almost guaranteed to go 10X!!" Then, as I learned more from your tutorials, things became more and more clear, like I finally connected enough pieces of the puzzle to see the bigger picture. The reason for all of these crazy upswings is none other than--and you have said this many times--SENTIMENT. The coins may be different, but the sentiment is all the same. People LOVE crypto right now. And that's why there's so much bull energy behind pretty much every coin.
And I hope everyone is able to realize that Haejin isn't simply running all these charts through a simple, repetitive Elliot Wave machine that churns out the same answer no matter what you put in; he's taking the time to recognize the PATTERNS... that just may happen to be the same across the whole crypto space at the moment. And he's doing it for FREE, for which I am grateful. Especially as a noob to all of this, it really helps to compare my analysis against someone with years of experience. And before I finish, everyone please remember that Haejin is not a psychic, he’s not a time traveler, he’s a TECHNICAL ANALYST, so understand that when you come to this blog, you will be getting TA, not a no-risk ticket to crypto millions. I would also like to remind everyone again that we must strive to use all the tools (TA and whatever other techniques work for you...I know Haejin just uses TA and that’s fine!) available to us to come to a better understanding of REALITY (which I’m guessing Haejin might say is most synonymous with sentiment), and if you have a better understanding of reality, you will invariably increase your PROBABILITY of predicting the MOST LIKELY path forward. Once again, thank you, Haejin. And I am glad we have been able to put the disputes to rest for the moment. Lastly, keep evolving well my fellow steemians, do your homework, and I wish you all MASSIVE profits(;


All the best to you too Tim!! I can't believe I read your entire appreciation post hahaha. I think the mindset most people come in with is wrong though. Treating crypto like stocks may not neccessarily be bad for your wallet but I think it's the wrong kind of mindset.

just wanted share, summer last year i saw digital note, i saw promise but the dev team didnt seem to active. i was gonna put $1k into DN at .005 which at the time was pretty much the ATH. ended up only putting in $250. during the alt crash my investment was worth as low as $90. now today its worth $4400. crazy. well hope the project gets most updates from the dev team and some marketing it could really make a move.

WOW, this is hilarious, this is what I found about this price spike:

Can't help, always looking for more whys, and fully agree with that guy who said

such a raise should be supported with some news about the development...

In this case, it is a huge pump and dump group, 32K members in telegram!

thanks @haejin, got not just 100, got 200 steem and upvoting much as i can!

would love to see an update on Decred (DCR)!

upvote if you would like to see DCR Update aswell!


@haejin, XDN price just went up 50% in 40 min since you made this post.
The number of people following your advice has been going up as fast as some coins you have recommended, hence I am starting to believe that your recommendations have an imminent impact on the price movement of the coins you recommend. What are your thoughts on this ?

The @haejin memes are killing me lmao—


NOOO WRONG HAEJIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Haejin,
I have been following you for about a month now, well, since Nicehash has been hacked and over 4700 bitcoins stolen including over $7000 worth of my BTC.
Found you on youtube, in somebody's review of 5 best traders. Watched all your tutorials several times, reading the book now.
Armed with your technique, I was able to almost fully recover now, even though I made a few mistakes.

Please allow me to ask couple of questions regarding the last paragraph of this post.
Like many, I have troubles understanding the necessity of USD pair and this is because to me and those whose primary currency is Canadian dollars, Russian rubles, Korean wons etc. it is just an additional “middlemen” currency, which we will eventually need to convert and lose certain percentage on exchange. So, trading in BTC allows us to skip this extra step.
Another reason is that my goal for 2018 is to accumulate as much BTC as possible. Being “Prime” currency I believe this is where the future is. At least until humanity finds something better.
Will be waiting for your post regarding this subject.
Best regards, Alex.

This one looks quite a bit more obscure. Looking for more guidance on the $BQX project.

I like your alternate of xnd/btc because it's the 2nd triangle of a fractal of the first 3 little triangles. Or maybe I'm just really pessimistic and I see all charts going down :-)

Thanks @haejin! I was looking at this coin. How about RLC? Could you analyze it?

@haejin Thanks for your everyday TA !

Haejin, I've been following you for months and have just now registered in order to comment. I am incredibly grateful to be a student of your skillset, and wish you and your family a prosperous life with all of the profits I imagine you've gathered.

One coin I see tremendous potential with is QASH. Could you provide an update? Curious to see your take from a TA perspective.

Can you please explain why it has potential?

Fantastic TA!

Haejin i love your work honestly but geocoin is actuing weird bro

Great post again! Can any one please explain how to trade using USD? Is it to first BTC and on any exchange buy USDT and then buy coins using USD?

To trade in USD you use Tether (USDT) which is a pegged "cryptocurrency". Do your research, I think there has been a few questions raised about is being inflated or something, I dont hold it so was not paying close attention.

thank you haejin, pls can you do an analysis on ETHOS. Regards

Good write,
you can help me and resteem my posts? please

salam kenal master, posting a very extraordinary, very interesting deserve extraordinary appreciation, best regards friendship from me user aceh steem Indonesia, please give directions for us in order to manage steemit well and true

great! cannot wait for it; I'll write another blog on this at a later date with more details and examples and actual mathematics to hurt your heads!
it will be another great reading!
gratefully thank you!

Thanks for your good work


I have been trading in BTC, am I doing it all wrong? I like the idea of getting more BTC but I understand that it is one more indicator down the stream of price discernment.

I'm also doing that ...

I think @haejin is saying that BTC clouds your judgement on future price discernment since the leading indicator is the value in USD (sad but true)

By the way, do you think LTC is about to breakout?

Any second...

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 7.59.28 PM.png

Awesome Master...Bought XDN at the early stage because of you...
When it comes to cryptocurrency, you are the GOD...

Master...Can you do TA for Expereince Points, COLX, Campus Coin, Espers?
GOD Bless

Hi Haejin! Thank You very Much. I really enjoyed reading your insight & thoughts into XDN. I have found it interesting. Have a Super Day!

Thank you for your hard work!

Would love to read more about xdn, time for an update? keep bringing it!

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